Volume 4, Issue 6, page 5

Those Who 'Remembered' Built
Symbols to
pyramid , for that matter is built over an
exact idea. Hence, its
lasting power. The idea,
brought into form from
use of physical substance,
is to express this exact
idea to man.

The base assumes and realizes materiality -- matter
in terms of space and energy and time -- matter going
into form and differentiation. As the pyramid decreases toward its tip, it
concentrates i t s matter,
pulling all mind substance
toward a concentrated point
for use.

The base structure is
all kinds of particles,
ideas -- diffused but in detail rather than concentrated. As the pyramid ascends,
the particles are drawn to- Theta
gether, and become more usable as they
assume a definite position. These particles couldn't be examined too closely,
since they are condensed. At the top,
there is the completion of the ultimate.

The physical of which the pyramid is
made is, of course, merely used to express how mind acts in its outpouring or
out-expression as related to how it acts
on its return to complete self when not
controlled by matter.

All pyramids were built on this basis.
They were built with the idea of symbol
for man to see himself, a putting of a
symbol in matter, this being done by
those who really remembered, and had the
complete knowing of how mind acts.

Man has a dim recall of self as he
was. He tries to introvert; he tries to
find this completely working and workable
being he knows he really is. He feels
there must be a center somewhere where he
is supreme. He introverts on something
like a plane, going straight in and not
up. He becomes more and more insane as he
follows this method. Then he learns not
to hunt for self like that, but to rarefy
his mind essence, at which time he is
slowly ascending the pyramid. This is a
gradual ascent, concentration and management of his own mind clearing out the debris he has accepted and agreed with, and
learning to adjust his emotions to aid,
not hinder, his mental workings. This
amounts to practically a physical rise of
mentality, as the pyramid suggests, to~- t_ r+ n n r *