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- g, OCTOBER, 1957
ilk- Vol. IV, No. 6 Idea
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not reduced to a 'split infinity" by wars, tax
who offer to sell him what he already has.

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WHICH END OF "The more I concrete mockTELESCOPE IS study and learn, ings should be
USED ON MAN? the more I dis- over-flowing?
cover how small And what o
and insignificant man is," the that should be
visiting minister said, as he man's goodness
squinted at the original draw- staffed by pre
ing of last month's ABERREE ture, week
cover. sinfulness of
"Are you talking about any story of Adam a
particular man? or Man as a impulse which
whole?" we asked. disobey an all"Man! Man! " he said,'sonor- apparently got
ously. " The microcosm of the at his knowing
macrocosm. A pimple in God's most too ridicu
great Universe, performing on peating -- yet in
his tiny stage for but a frae- the -foundation
tion of a second before he fa- tribulations ha,
ces his eternity! " We wonder We suppose these were phras- were Man to tak
es the good minister had picked himself, and r
up on -his rounds, and was cling- an insignifican
ing to because he thought them ed to damnation
impressive -- but he was talking possible hell- f
about God's prize creation , forever (Amen)
made in His Own Image! And with Were he to get
such forensic marvels at loose erase the imag
to belittle and make a mockery old Judge "nil
of life, is it any wonder that froth the few
Man looks at himself thru the tale pictures
large end of the telescope? around in his is
The power of man's mind to FORGIVING HIM
create has been almost univer- he needs for&
sally accepted by any and all convinced that
dabblers in psychology and its jails, prisons
myriad tentacles. If you want mental institut
it, see it -- we are told. "Mock a retreat.
it up!", "Know that you have it "Run out an
and be thankful for it!" Do not sure but vin
these bits of advice sound a lot of bosh.
familiar? the command c
Does anyone know how many with the so-call
jails and prisons have been cording (engrain
built to house our fellowmen ing of guilt
who are EXPECTED to commit when he lies do
crimes -- and who will be put tor's cot. Tell
away for punishment and public and it'll be
safety because we are convinced Dianeticists.
that, if allowed to run loose, command one fr
those who commit one crime will Or does one
commit others, if given the op- subconsciously
portunity? er need feel u
What of the hospitals that thin fieTiasn
are being built to care for at for lo! thew
those medical statistics tell us Man was crea
will be sick and injured? Is it of God -- complel
any wonder that with such a like power of
Seer wh g_i
font Voice of ,.The " s1n' -- if a "sin" -- iS
tea" for Earth, Man, in his the ward of
n, Pluto, Venus, and religious p that he's
dokumzruskehen. a pimple is *!i's great Universe, perib his tiny
stage for but a of a
br0. u. end July- second before he faces eterU.S.A. nety !
le copies. 254 Let's start today to put
creative processing iz wort, But
Postoffice first, let's re-create Man as