Volume 4, Issue 4, page 16

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guest for the five necessary did in his
meals and overnight at our Lost Wisdom
house. Nine people enrolled Masters. An
for this one and we had a ter- no t read
rific time. I have NEVER had Sphinx', get
an intensive roll along as im- find where
pressively as this one, or get God and wh
as many good and immediately when the chu
visible results. As far as the -- G. R. Clement
house-party end of it went,
our place looked extra-special "About my
with the pomegranates bursting canism' in
into bloom, and the roses and apologize . . .
galler daylilies also putting nothing to
on a show. The weather also except in the
cleared up and was gorgeous da of its maj
for the two days (we've been Christian Ch
having 'unusual' weather --
drizzle - drizzle stuff . Particular t
Idella Stone, Sierra Madre, and Calvinist
Calif. Hoffer says(T
the enemies
"You ask whether I was jok- one's hatred
ing in suggesting that the pee one has w
Walshes be requested to con- been looking
tribute an article on the sub- R (Witchcraft ) Gardner,
jett of `spirits', analyzing
the word 'spirit'. No, I was ogist, is h
in good faith about it, writeprobably about the
"Then you comment on 'spirit', asserting the word has the inside .
different meanings to many tensively th
people, tion between
"Does the word Life have Witchcraft, o
different meanings to differ- "'It is of
ent people? the performan
"I used to write about Mass is part
things I did not understand of witchcraft
myself, and had no reason to Mass I under,
think the other fellow would blasphemous p;
understand either. I used to holic mass.
use the word God and the word nor heard of
Spirit, just as other people tion with th
do, and had I been requested not believe i
to analyze the words, explain one of their
what I meant by the terms , I'd "He descri
been right in the same boat craft is=- a
with the orthodox Christians. ably late S'
" I did not begin to go pia- with no conn
ces and do things until I historically
first decided to analyze the Christian reli
words Go d and Spirit, and both were i
found that my analysis did Greco-Roman m
nothing more than to increase is tied to th
the confusion. i then decided I t is concern
it was well and wise to reject moon, fertili
using words that meant nothing reincarnation
I could explain to my own sat- dates its pro
isfaction. ing the mat
"Ask the wise minister of about 7th to
the gospel who claims he un- C. (Since Jul
derstands the Bible to analyze around the 5t
the word God, and this is about this would
what he will say: priority, if
"'By a paradox which defies thing.) With]
the reasoning faculties, but practice magi
which is readily resolved in- witch power,
tuitively, God is Heid to be ently equival
apart from, and independent onic abiliti
of, the universe, and yet to Of course, b
permeate every atom of it.' it is ritva
"We are still in the dark , static, and
having explained only where so that they
God is but failing to indicate a lot of wast
what he is. Now suppose you unnecessary
try to fit something else into phenomena. G
that spot occupied by God and seems to con
see what we find. That is ex- practice gro
w t a r mT t e Bt.]
of. Hilton Hotema sendings (as the Buddhist cult
orks based on the T'ien Kai is reported to dos
of the Ancient and operate always in matched
d so if you have pairs, male and female. A coven
'The Mysterious is six matched pairs and a
it, read it, and leader. The number is 12 plus
he church got its 1 because that is the optimum
t he represented number of people to dance in a
ch adopted him." nine-foot circle. The English
s. Sebring, Fla. witches claim an assist in defeating Hitler, and before him,
mention of 'sa- Napoleon. Gardner reports some
9 last letter, I principles that we here in
Witchcraft has Houston have verified experido with Satanism mentally over the last three
biased propagan- Years. These include -- A. Emooradedrsary. the tion is the carrier. (The
orodv. and n witches think anger is best.
arches, Catholic Probably because it is easy to
thurman. Eric induce. Actually any emotion
he True Believers will do. Quality is irrelehe
wBethe of vant quantity is what counts.')
are harmless B. The witch power emanates
peo- from the body and is radiated

rouged. I've just from the skin. (The physical
thru a new book. basis of emotion is a psychoday, Gardner. G. physical radiating field which,
a Manx anthropol- in its primary form, decreases
imself a witch. directly as the square of the
first author to distance, being maximal at the
he subject 'from skin level level -- E-meter, etc.)
He discusses ex- C. Something associated with
imputed conner- the person communicated with
Diabolism and is needed. (A third point , refne comment going: erence pointer focusing object
ten thought that is necessary for telepathy.)
ce of the Black D. 'lb form this battery of
of the tradition wills, male and female intel