Volume 4, Issue 4, page 12

their numerous neurotics down to the pres
ent day of the fake "psychologist". Pine]
gives us much needed advice.

Art Coulter writes much of "mind.
dwellers". " . These are the cold fish, th
hair- splitters, those whose minds an
like concrete -- already poured and set!
The pedagog who can spend nine month:
saying nothing.

In Synergetics we use everything a:
information source. We listen with th
third ear. The mannerisms of a person reveal his whole history, and with compassion we help him to change. Words ar
cheap. The thing that is important i
what people do not say. The slip of th
tongue is very revealing. Indeed, slip
of the tongue led Freud to discover th
unconscious. We use what Art calls phase
shift. This is comparable to what Korzyb
ski termed changing the order of abstraction. Someone says, "I hate so-and-so"
On another level, this tells us he i
projecting something that happened tr
him. We do not defend so-and-so but of fe
compassion to the one who hates.

What about super-sensory perceptions,
These are on the "upper tracks". They ar
a part of the apparatus we all have. T
me they are not particularly important.
good meal, the companionship of a friend
are worth more than telepathy. There wa
a time when the situation was reversed
but that was before I knew about companionship.

Telepathy is no more strange than th
for our faults seems to be behind this
serious disease of the mind.

It is easier for the misinterpreting
group to find reality than it is for the
manufacturing group, since they have interposed less dream fabrication between
themselves and reality.

There is no such thing as reality, let
us repeat. External, physical reality,
The realities of other persons and their
rights and privileges, their human frailties, and other natural forces beyond our
control which the sane man takes into
consideration, when he plans anything.

The child or neurotic does not figur
the external realities when he make:
plans. His plans fail. Then he howls o
Mama's shoulder, or he blames fate o
God . Mama and God shouln't have l e t it
happen. Poor mistreated me.

That's what the psychiatrist mean
when he says "Face reality". He doesn't
mean "stagnate", or "Don't try to improv
the environment". He means face the environment. Which is the first step i
facing one's self.

The denial of reality (dishonesty) i
the beginning of regression. Honesty will
cure most of our troubles, if not all o
them .
1 s o s g e n t r., e sr t s t e n s 1
color of red. Both are inexplicable. Red
is a frequency of vibration and/or the
energy of a photon, whatever these no- tions may mean, and telepathy is a vibrae tion, or the union of two souls, whatever
e that may mean. The goal is how to live
well and do what one can for his neighs bor. Which may well mean leaving the
neighbor in peace, to keep the nation
s strong against an aggressor, and to fight
e the de-personalizing forces of the cul^ ture. These: Love of power, prestige, the
^ human anthill termed a factory, ridiculous ous T-V commercials, the father behaving
s like a brute to his helpless children,
e race prejudice, alcoholic mothers, sex
parties, narcotics, and a great host of
e similar forces are the enemies of Syner^ getics.

Others can help by forming small
- groups of three, or four, or five, and