Volume 4, Issue 4, page 3

Mad Leader, with Our Cobalt Bo
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'Great nations -- The United Statesn
Great Britain, and the Soviet Unio
currently engaged in "russian roulette" with H-bombs, and the newspapers printing only such information as is released by the military
censors and propaganda agencies, the dangers from such tests are apt to be overlooked by a public intent on its own
choice woes (such as raising taxes to pay
for the bombs).

Military leaders say there is less
danger from the atmosphere they are poisoning than from the war they are mocking
up; 2,000 scientists, including three Nobel prize winners, on the other hand, declare that the entire planet is threatened with destruction, and, at the least,
its occupants' lives shortened if these
irresponsible tests continue at the present rate. It's quite apparent that someone is lying -- and one has only to look at
the motives behind such conflicting statements to guess who has the most to gain
from their prevarications: the scientists, who at the most can garner only a
few minor headlines, or the military,
which -- if it can play the proper chord of
fear and safety on its atomic
guillotine -- stands a chance of
maintaining the biggest, bestpaid murder organization in the
history of the world.

For those who shrug off the
tests as dangerous only to the
few hundred animals being used
as "guinea pigs" during these
blasts, the following report, ,!r
appearing originally in The
Wells Newsletter (152 Madison
Av., New York, N.Y. )might prove
enlightening, if not eye-openfrig:
Dr. George Schweitzer, atomic scientist of Oak Ridge and ,
active Christian layman, has
prepared the following outline
of the history of atomic power,
revealing how recent have been
the astounding discoveries that
are destined to change life on ,,
this planet. This is data that r,ri