Volume 3, Issue 10, page 16

tarily duplicate or repeat or we want to kno
sustain beneficial, corrective feel the need of
bionuclear image patterns long aries, I would
enough to produce results because if a man knows
what is required is an actual re- enough to convey
versal of the specifically injur- old, he then kn
ions bionuclear energy flows. 3ut if the man h
These must be reversed first on to the 10-year
the mental or psychical level; if give the 10-Y
sustained, the reversal will knows, he does n
eventually occur on the 'physi- jett.
cal' level. "While I don'
The electropsychometrically all the details
personalized Sleep rape achieves ed, we did as
the prolonged involuntary dupli- the last six mo
cation or sustainment of benefit- all the time we
ial bionuclear energy patterns on tence. We're g
the psychical level, with event- qos, Fairhope,
ual powerful physical impact.
"So, now you can put away your The reason
darned drum! A Sleep Tape is a wrecks in the
bit more on the order of a nucle- days was becaus
ar reactor." -- Volney G. Mathison succeeded in t
Los Angeles, Calif. to read "Safety
"Zounds, man, how CAN You be
undecided about interplanetary
flight and beings on other planets any more than about radio,
T-V, or the atom bomb -- and accepting these as only the beginning!!
'Now, you can correspond with
the Admiral and get some firsthand data. (Clipping enclosed of
a statement by Rear Adm. Delmar
S. Fahrney accusing the Air Force
of stifling facts on flying saucers).
"Yours for extended horizons." Written on
-- Earl hushes. White Plains. N.Y. Rrocessing
From cove
"We have signed two contracts readable,
for radio time over XEDM (1380
kc), one of them runs for nine
weeks of 3-minute spots five CREATIVE
nights a week and the other is the treatme
for 13 weeks of Sunday night 15- potent in
minute spots. All of this to get anxiety, or
people to buy our 'Living Faith' "A burst of
courses... Dr. Paul Be
"Then, on top of all this came
our. annual trustees' meeting and
I"was given the green light to THE SECR
begin writing newspaper columns An inspiri
for dissemination of our material physical he
thru newspaper syndication. We ment can be
are going to produce about 45 to contains pr
60 of them as tests before going 38 pages,
after the newspapers on a nationwide basis. SUPER V
"While I am disheartened about
Synergetics, I can only say that etry. Step
many people are expending a great stress, fec
deal of unnecessary effort to 90 pages.
teach that which is not necessary
to teach. A verbal framework of THE POW
any special type is an indication
of creative effort and it is by evil, sini
means of that verbal framework ment of
that people do their creating. naturalness
Flor others to learn how to create
THRO a specific framework, they SLEEP T4
have to spend the time tc learn procedure.
it. This is what makes the difference between a doctor, lawyer,
or Indian Chief. Our own effort HOW TO
has been to strip away superflu- instructio
ous verbal superstructures and
bring the language of our work
down to the man in the street THE SEC
leVel. Evidence of the wisdom of flub-dub.
this has been shown in. the fact
that our growth has ta'en a very
strong upward spurt. Creating Return thi:
special verbal frameworks is not check. cos]
necessary. We already have more
than enough words in the