Volume 3, Issue 10, page 14

better if I 'KNEW'. I think it verse leaves me
began as a vague awareness that I that life is,
was not as happy as I might be, to be enjoyed
and I wondered why. Sort of a and nothing more
mental itch that needs scratching worry too much
too. Answers any mot
*From there on, the main turn- OK if it expl
ing points are either-or- Aristo- explained. Thus
telian. First, either life is a I am free to
function, an effect of cosmic ethics are above
forces, (in the physical sense) a "All this is
chance combination of molecules The thing that
that developed self-awareness, or the logical
it is something else. 'looking'. I dor
"The idea of a bunch of curie dogma, Sciento
ously configured hydro-carbon Scientology is
molecules posturing and gesticul- accurate descri
ating on an insignificant planet things are. But
circling a mediocre sun in a one- So I'm wrong!
of-a-million-like-it galaxy in a planation I've
universe heading pell mell to the less.
heat death of ultimate entropy is "Now that
peculiarly sterile for me. To say over, (three di:*
that this is the way it is makes tween this and
a simpler explanation, on the rather lean to
surface, than to say that life is entology should
something other than this. Leaves be right by def'
out all sorts of imponderables. studiously avoid
Makes the equations easier. Un- ing a dogma. It
fortunately, it necessitates the definition would
ignoring of much evidence, but ate description
that is easy to do these days. a-whole is cal
All one has to do is say, 'It's Naturally, ever
outside my field'. series of theor
"Sol take the 'something else' ted as the corr
road. Pure prejudice. May be able the workings of
to prove it later, but I can't I want Scientolc
kid myself that my original choice applied to wh'
is purely logical. Whose is? out to be right.
"Next question. What's the na- Ron has certain]
ture of life,_jt it's 'something toes in his se
else'? curacy. It is
"One dividing line -- either about 95% of
there are 'grades' of beings, or quite gets the
there are not. Gods, angels, dis- to recognize a
carnate beings, etc., etc., or an main points thE
anarchy. Assume a God of some over and over i
sort. Either He expects to be They are all ve
worshipped in a prescribed manner extremely hard
or He doesn't. If He does, stop For example, no
the world, I wanna get off. I times he tries
confess to being unable to choose not a body', y
the correct religion among the say, 'I'm send
thousands available, so I am al- and-so'. Another
ready lost. Mon the other hand, no-resistance.

He will not punish an honest mis- this very myst[ take, I am at liberty to be an cant. How can y
atheist if I am sincere about it. thing as an op
I therefore can avoid the dilemma tion, without p
of 'grades' of beings. 'rule to live
"From here on, Scientology has to their cell(
the best answers -- or lack of ne- tions? How can
cessity for answers -- that I've lishing a dogma.
found. Miracles are not impossi- "Here is an
ble in Scientology, and accept- should give sore
arce of Scientology does not ne- something to
cessitate the repeal of any of you choose to
the laws of nature, altho L. R.H. this. Maybe you
has questioned most of them from this, either.
the first law of thermodynamics connection, a g
on down, in individual lectures. arity, in the c
Scientology may say that the law ieance' as taug
of Karma, for instance, is only and 'being as a
an apparency, and does not extend taught by Chris
beyond the usual overt-motivator interpretation,!
sequence -- but it does not say tice that all
that you do not suffer in one significances,
life for your indiscretions of a one grows older
previous life. It says that it is cording to sca
possible to be not subject to the cepted from out:
'law of Karma', but then it is therefore fals
possible to be not subject to the not most, of t
law of gravity. It usually works cess is the
thataway in this universe, but these 'value so
not necessarily. I like this little child ag
freedom. At the same time, the substituted, in
discovery that there really isn't is to me one
any divine purpose in the uni- main 'points of
IA T L m S 1
j 1p f t ! [ e a h p o i P ' e
i l
cal and signifi with the feeling ever,teads to an undesirable
after all, a game situation, which is known as
to the uttermost, 'loss of havingness', when you
! I don't have to remove the 'solid ground' of
about the Right ridges that he has accepted as
e. Any answer is his point of view for so long.
!ins what you want The 'repair of havingness' pro relieved of rules, tess was the best solution for a
be ethical. True long time. Now we try to substirules. tute new 'games' in which the
quibbling, tho. pre-clear knows that he authored
has helped me is the rules. As is the case with
ustification for many Scientology basics, this
't have to have a won't process directly. It's like
ogy or otherwise. the snap - your - fingers - and-be more'n likely an clear deal. Theoretically possi tion of the way ble, but who's going to allow
what if it isn't? that much change that fast?" --
It's the best ex- Ralph Swanson, Orlando, Fla.
ound, no more, no
"I expected the 'arrears' to
I've thought it be showing up soon. I'm in ar s have passed be- rears on letters, too. But I do
the above), I enjoy every copy of the Aberree.
he idea that Sot- I like the larger type, too.
be considered to "Aren't there a lot of wonder.nition and should
any taint of bet words, the `~Y i