Volume 3, Issue 10, page 8

light of understanding in their grasp,
Omniscient asp.

She had this written down when I returned home, and had no least idea of what
it meant, because it was addressed-to me in
answer to some thoughts I had been entertaining.

I had that morning been thinking that I
would warn our readers that I did not know
whether our experiences could be duplicated
3r not, as many persons whom I had seen
experiment with the ouija board -- if they
get anything at all -- had received wishful
thinking and dream-stuff from the unconscious.

Clara is a high-fidelity receiver.

Now the Dynamo corrects me with the
lictum that such emphasis should not be
placed on perfection, as all who achieve an
understanding of what they are aiming for
will receive.

Which reminds me that while I myself can
et nothing at all on the Ouija board or
l airaudiently as Clara does, I can and do