Volume 3, Issue 10, page 7

Clara Contacts the Invisible. athii
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Cnapter II
` ARRYING the load" was the cryptic name
later to be given to the second of the
seven steps. This clay be restated as
assuming responsibility for one's own

When we project our guilt by condemning
in others the thing we do not want discovered in ourselves, when we blame others for
a thing we are the cause of, when we criticise unfriendliness, refuse to acknowledge
ourselves as cause, and neglect our duties
in tie world, we are not carrying tice load.

On November 2, we began the session by
reviewing and interpreting the previous

Dynamo -- Wisdom lies in the interpretation thereof. Until the day of judgment,
keep yours to I-U.

Paul -- He is on a new tack. Wants us to
quit passing judgment on each other,
friends, and others.

Dynamo -- Summations are often defective
and shallow but charity is never condescending. Greatness is its own reward.

Paul -- Sort of an Aegean stable job you
have tackled, eh, Dynamo?
Dynamo -- Yes, and so, patience! "This egg
is gold," the farmer cried. He killed the
goose. Time was inside.

Paul -- Tine is true key to everything: material success, and the optimum condition?
Dynamo -- To them who know how to use the

Paul -- Should we put this into effect immediately?
Dynamo -- Practice! Practice!
Paul -- Clara ins more patience than I at

Dynamo -- Yes.

Paul -- Sometimes too much.
Dynamo -- Untangling I-U.

Nov. 4. Dynamo -- You have undertaken the
test or psychic response. See that you do
not fail to observe the universal purpose.
You are the instruments of unlimited knowledge. Defend yourselves against invasion of
privacy with a firm plan of adherence to
silence until you have strengthened your
foundation past the point of dissolution.
Jealousy is universal among the unenlightened.

Clara -- Notice he says "Unenlightened",
not "uneducated". (She was tniuking of some
uneducated people we knew wno nad good
common sense, and also tnere was one lady
school teacher wno, tao of course well educated, was narrow and intolerant.)
Dynamo -- Education by the unenlightened
produces confusion.

Paul -- Does he mean to leave them all out
including - - - ?