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istence; it leads to 'illumination ’ and deeper and closer relationship with that which we call 'God' or ‘life’. All things are good; would God have it otherwise?" --Ken Hart, Rickmansworth, Herts,, Bigland.

Here is the first and only book of its kind ever published in the English language.

Sleep Tapes

Contains step - by - step instruction in two parts.

Part 1 -- How to make an el ectropsychometri c assessment for a SLEEP TAPE.

Part II-- H o w to make SLEEP TAPES. In eludes many examples of affirmations that have worked.

91 pages, 84 x 11 $3 postpaid


7 - page Electropsycho-metric charts.

This chart contains all the questions and tests required in making an electropsycho-metric assessment for a SLEEP TAPE. It has columns for noting meter surges, sensitivity settings, and tone-meter shifts.

A separate chart is used for each examinee. Price, 5 cents a set, postpaid. (Minimum order 10 sets.)

SLEEP TAPE WARRANTY Every SLEEP TAPE made on the basis of a personal examination at our office is subject to the following terms:

If, after 6 months of use, you feel that the SLEEP TAPE has not helped you, return it, together with a notarized affidavit that you have listened to it 200 times, and you will immediately receive a refund of the money you have paid for examination, SLEEP TAPE, and notary fee.

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PROBABLY Africa’s witch doctors have a stronger hold upon the minds of the natives than the medical doctor has upon the minds of the average American. However, the American M. D. has a decided advantage over his African counterpart. He has the A. M. A. And the American Medical Association is so powerful and has so captured the thinking and emotions of such a large percentage of our population that other groups look with envy at its success.

One such group is the American Psychological Association. The APA, apparently envying the AMA its monopolistic control and legislative protection, is conducting a campaign to outlaw other than a very selected few psychologists from practice. Their apparent aim is to include as psychologists all persons engaged in various types of psychological work, Dianetic and Scientology auditing, counseling, advising, psychotherapy, and the teaching of these subjects. The legal definition of “psychologist" becomes more and more inclusive and restrictive as the APA campaign continues. Their argument is that only a person with a Ph. D. in clinical psychology from a recognized university is qualified to practice. All others they label “quacks", getting their diplomas from “diploma mills".

By such name calling and no doubt strong lobbies, the APA has succeeded in getting some very restrictive legislation in a few areas. New York state is the latest with such legislation that went into effect only a few months ago.

The California State Psychological Association (the California chapter of the APA^ has for several years been attempting to get the same type of restrictive legislation enacted. They have actually succeeded in the cities of Long Beach and San Diego, and attempted it in Los Angeles several weeks ago.

The CSPA program would, if adopted, throttle much that is new and unorthodox in psychology. This includes, of course, Dianetic and Scientology auditing. Some believe they will be able to avoid the ban by calling Scientology a religion, but several good legal minds are skeptical.

In Los Angeles and the state legislature, the CSPA has met the determined opposition of the potent American League of Consulting and Applied psychologists. This organization feels that the need is for more, not fewer, psychologists.

For the last six years or more, the CSPA has been attempting to eliminate competition by legislative action, but the ALCAP has blocked every move. How^ ever, it has been a true stalemate, as ALCAP has at the same time been unable to get liberal legislative action. The California legislature, in its 1957 session, will no doubt be the scene of the continued struggles. As this is being written (December, WSS’I it looks like this may be the crucial and deciding battle, as both groups are making an intensive drive for more and stronger support.

At present, the ALCAP has most of its membership in California, and represents about 85 percent of the state’s practicing psychologists. However, it feels that the battle with the CSPA is not a regional one, but undoubtedly will have far-reaching effects thrunut the United States, since California legislative action is often followed by other states.

(Anyone interested in joining ALCAP, or information on its activities, should contact Wayne Dunbar, executive board member, at 607 S. Kenmore, Los Angeles.)


DOCTORATE COURSE NOTES, from lectures of Dr.L. R. Hubbard . . . $3
CLINICAL COURSE NOTES, from one of the advanced training lecture series ... $4
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Working with Faith

is the title of a free book given away to all who write in asking for it (Please include 10c for postage and handling)
LEARN the principles of Faith used by our students, who have written us many letters, like:
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. to 'mimuXkvur&Iec. ( umi&aL 6 umU!"
'I reoJ*U,omtffiuit£ Mt4e>we.-Aa4Uiwg*luwt(* pu AiutiofftUit power.?’

Learn how YOU can use the power of Faith to do similar things In your life from the practical principles in this free-book

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