Plowing Up the Field

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Plowing Up t e Field
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lA year ago, we changed the skiing enthusias
size of The ABERREE. On the anni- don't spell tha
versary of this change, we give pounced), he wri
our readers a new "new" look -- but joying Denver
it isn't quite as revolutionary. summer...IThanks
We've merely adopted a new type of Quebec, Canad
face which is a bit larger than to Natural Fbod
the one we've been using -- and in is an organizati
addition, in the mechanical pro- turn life to the
cess of reproduction, we are re- soil can return
ducing our printing plate only 20 We don't know w
percent from the original copy further "our" or
instead of 25 percent, as has unless we plant
been the custom during the last cherry orchard --
year. Of course, the change elim- you do with comp
mates 184 square inches of read- ing to tell of
ing matter -- which makes it a bit hunt for compo
rough on Ye Editor, who likes to Pub. said "Don't
spare his blue pencil when he's and then refused
preparing letters and articles we had said to m
for publication. But there are ular tirade. But
those among our readers who can't the planting se
see so good no more -- and their swing, we'll wag
protests at the small type we've will start hunt
been using finally became such a or plants, or wh.
din that we had to do something get to add this
for them. Mid this is it. We hope ity to your farm
you like it... (While most (fir
IBob Arentz of Denver. with scenes of snow
whom re used to co-audit back in tels of Detroit
1952, and in spite of which we're tan on their a
still friends, dropped in on us Haiti and the Vi]
one recent Sunday, just in time seems that Ken
to find George Montgomery, grad- bit of skin diva
nate of r rifi Clinical course, be a good trick
sounding off about the wonders of case the "angeL
the new techniques which are now right, and the
being taught in Washington. Grad- its axis, spread
nate George was on his way back large section of
to Phoenix, where, after a bit of pers say belongs
financial recovery, he plans to l Lae to Dunba
return to Washington for later underwen a ma
instruction. All in all, it was November, but sh
quite an evening -- and Bob and Y e netic processing
Ed (not DeVere) even found a few her rapid reto
moments for reminiscing, as we nothing provinc
R ART COULTER minority of Proj
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Project Nucleus bers were strop
`i+ will come to an end on March its continuati
1, 1957! were not interest
The end came with remarkable In a democra
suddenness. Don Purcell, who had rules.
been acting as, general manager of This does no]
Project Nucleus and doing most of the end of Syner
the work, found the increasing
demands of his businegs made it Actually, th
impossible for him to continue. shows rather d
He asked to be relieved of his has been apparent
responsibilities by March 1. The simple fact
I immediately sent a message ics suffers from
to all Project Nucleus members, gese; and the man
them of this. I asked for this is Art Coul
a vote on the question, "Do you Synergetics has
want Project Nucleus to contin- adequately comm
ue?" who were able t
The vote showed that, while a fog have found,
1.1 'IP L U
an a an sg on c e i r i an t n u a
herry orchard un- Mathison, we understand. With all
ll moon... lEver TEE—alities of an Electropsyens to former HAS chometer factory at his disposal,
e Petersen, vice- as well as we don't know how many
2, now has 10 em- gross of magic crystal balls, he
Phoenix printing was one of Dorothy Lauer's first
ich is five times psychometry customers, after we
en he was doing carried her forecast in a recent
ting for the old ABERREE. And now that he has his
es, he has a new future in line as well as his
equipped with 12 past, there's a grapevine rumor
(which has noth- that he'll be moving to Hollywood
he fact he has 10 soon. It seems that the movies
are taking kindly to this busi• will have com- ness of wiping out your aberra nth tour of duty tions while you sleep...¶The last
engineering job number of DIANOTES was a combined
e time this sees September, October, and November
be back in Wich- issue, due primarily to a fire
ince Norman's a which Editor Bob Collings report t (Note to typist: ed "disrupted'-Things a bit. Bob
t like it's pro- also boasted that this issue was
tes he's been en- No. 60, making it the oldest mag both winter and azine in the Dianetic field. How to H. M. Jaquays ever, from what we've read in the
a, we now belong last few issues, DIANOTES is just
Associates, which about as "Dianetic" as is the or on hoping to re- ganization in Washington...
soil so that the ¶If some western-bound choo life to humanity. choo wonders what happens to its
hat we can do to stationery, we can tell them that
ganization's aims, some of it found its way. into our
compost in our mailbox -- with a pointless "Ha",on
or whatever it is Page 1, another "Ha" on Page 2,
ost. We were go- and so on to the last page, which
our unsuccessful broke the monotony with "I mean
st seed, but the Ha!". Although it was unsigned,
be ridiculous", and mailed from Los Angeles, our
to explain what knowing level pointed an accus erit this partic- ing finger at Phil Friedman, our
come spring, and only acquaintance who can afford
son hits in full to man a desk only four months of
er that even she the year (in Pittsburgh, Penn.)
ing compost seed, and spend the rest of the time
tever it is you enjoying esoteric material at his
important commod- winter home in Florence, Ariz. If
ing operations... we, too, "think nothing of it",
istmas cards were maybe some day we, too, can send
d ice, the Pos- letters to our friends with "Ha"
sent out pictures scribbled on each page...IRay and
utumn vacation to Marie Scharpen and Charles Urube
gin Islands. It —all-moved into a new 1—Tome AGAIN
and Karen did a out in Albuquerque. In a note,
ng -- w Uff might they tell of a lot of unopened
to learn, just in boxes stored in the garage, and
s of doom" are hopefully, every week or so, they
earth tilts off peek to see whether room has been
ing ocean over a made for their car. But nary a
what legal pa- box has disappeared. And at that,
to man. they're lucky. We've got the box r of Los Angeles es, but no garage, no attic, no
or operation in basement -- and hardly any closets.
e accredits Dia- Right now, we're not even sure
for an assist in there's anything in the boxes --
very... l There's with the tax assessor due almost
lal about Volney any moment...
ect Nucleus mem- tnusiastic reports, that Syner ly in favor of getics does work, that its tools
, the majority are extremely powerful; they have
ed in same. found that the synergic mode is
y, the majority an exciting experience „and share
with me the belief that It may be
, however, mean one of the greatest boons mankind
etics. has ever known.

For the majority, however,
s event simply Synergetics has been "just words".
amatically what Those of us who really know
for some time: Synergetics will now establish a
s that Synerget- new basis for it to go on. This
too much Syner- new basis Will take the form of a
responsible for fellowship,' The Socratic League”.
er. As a result, Its members will continue to make
ot been, to now, help with human problems freely
nicated. Those available to all, in accordance
o penetrate the with the ideals and principles of
ccording to en- Synergetics.