Volume 3, Issue 9, page 10

earth is the responsibility of the Combined
and United Religions of the Earth, and none

The next most important reason why peace
on earth has not materialized is because
people, not being supplied with factual engineering and specific data, would not and
have not paid the price of peace. Yet they
have paid through the nose for wars, hell,
death, and ignorant destruction.

Peace costs money, but it's worth it.
Wars cost money, but they are not worth it.
The price the people pay for wars continues
long after the big "boom-boom" stops.

Perhaps the next item of importance in
the analysis of why religions have failed
the peoples of the ea'rth, to bring peace
and a workable brotherhood of man, is the
lack of trained personnel. A whole army of
generals, captains, scientists, and engineers is a must for the CURE organization
if it brings peace to this earth.

A large number or persons is laboring
under the false idea that the City of Dawn
Plan for the proposed CURE organization,
the Combined and United Religions of the
Earth, is some kind of fantastic impossibility to bring about a "one-world religion". If this article serves no other purpose than to straighten out this blundering, false idea, then it shall not have
been written in vain.
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