Volume 3, Issue 9, page 2

vua run -Hly'ulie wuo oe- Viugaes", -ism:
Al LOOK AT OUR lieves l i k e you thin thread th
BELIEF IN MAN should be burned found in the prs
at the stake," the those who sell
visiting preacher said, returning from the pulpits.
to us a copy of The ABERREE he simple that a In
had "borrowed". want to make caul
"How do we believe?" we asked, of everything pi
just as if we didn't know, accept it—but
He looked at us with such hor- does not make i
ror and contempt that we quit factual.
grinning. 'He wasn't joking. The This is that
smell of burning faggots (at taught simply MU
least, something smelled) was in form or other,
his voice as he replied: "That otherwise is at!: is IN man." ish, etc.) IS
All of which caused us to take is "ALL" -- not ju
a few seconds off for a bit of has the churches'
introspection. What do we be- val. Man is part
lieve? What ideas are we trying whole-sand since
to sell, if any, through the col- "part" of anythi
umns of The ABERREE? And what is nite, each and e
so dangerous about those ideas actually ALL, to
that we should do a Joan of Arc? decisions, limits
We can't in all truthfulness riers give us th
say we have no ideas -- because at feeling of being
times, we're about as opinionated closing our eyes
as a human can get. And in spite beingnesa does
of an editorial policy of "Take ingness -- nor make
nothing seriously", those ideas real. It just de
and opinions do creep into the scious participat
magazine. But we're not trying to This limiting
"sell" them to anyhody, %hat we gone on for
believe now, we believe because lifetimes that i
we are convinced those ideas come impossible for
closer to answering the universal awakened state -- t
query of "Why are we here?" and chain of agreemen
"What is Life?" than any answers forced on him flo
we've ever had. We won't even say dies to countle
the answers are right -- but we do even, maybe, from
feel that they're right for us -- to countless c
NOW. And as long as we feel that parent that no
way, those beliefs probably will happens to Man a
motivate all we do and say. If we existence in a
have evidence later that points though there are
to another belief as being more try and tell him
acceptable, you'll probably see course. There al
the new belief wielding its seep- will sell him a
ter in the columns of The ABM- even though he h
REE. that probably is
As those who have been with us mum and spiritua
since Vol. 1, No. 1 know, The AB- than any that can
ERREE was started as a pro-Scien- Therefore, sin
tology publication, with but one NOW, and we have
aim: sell Scientology, and at the shroud our future
same time, puncture some of the ulation, and ffalse balloons that were inflat- aims, and actions
ing the organization. Gradually, are the Sum tots:
as Scientology abandoned more and ence. THIS is our
more its touted aims, The ABERREE we are immortal -
began to branch out, until we had maybe, but as coextended our sphere to where we We can't say
were quite willing to puncture we believe -- but
balloons in any dogma that seemed point we wish to
to take itself too indispensable, this auditorial.
During this metamorphosis -- to use buse any reader o:
a cliche—one thread of what The ABERREE is Sc:
seemed to us as "TRUTH" wound its anti-Scientologic
way through the skein of all the of the ideas ex'
' -1010 . JANUARY-FE
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Gth AL s n v no p ma Ma ra m - s ma fea:
t B E e Ra
", and "ics" -- a Dianetics and scientology -- but we
at can even be cannot accept the sales bulletins
gmatic sermons of that this "science', any more
fear and hatred than any other belief, will make
The idea is so an free or help save him from
eople trained to his own destruction. Nor are we
licated problems Synergeticists, Roman Engineers,
obably can never Rosicrucians, "E's", "p's", or
its unacceptance "Q's". And especialy are we not
t any the less Catholics, Baptists, Adventists,
or anny of the other creeds which
OD (which Man is incubate sin with their powerful
ST exist in some and constant imaging of a sinful
and to believe world. However, if we find anyeistic, heathen- heathen- thing in any of the million or so
L. To us, "all" isms that we think may help Man
t a segment that to see himself as more than a
stamp of appro- body enslaved to a material uniof that Infinite verse of "thou shalt not" chains,
one cannot be we're just as likely as not to
g that is infi- use it in The AWAREE. After all,
ery one of us is we do have to print something, we
o. Only our own suppose, to mess up all that
tions, and bar- pretty white paper every month.
e appearance and OD
otherwise. But "EVIL" IN MAN One of the basto part of our IS PUT TRERE is teachings of the
t erase that be- BY—GUESS Web sundry religions
it any the less is that "God is
rives us of con- good" -- and man is not God. Thereion in it. fore, to follow this line of soof ourselves has called reasoning, man isn' t good
ny centuries and because he isn't God and-only
t is practically God is good.
n -- even after an yet it's amazing how many pero erase the long sons actually are shocked to dists that has been cover their preachers, priests,
m countless cra- and "authorities" to be not above
ss graves -- and lying, and cheating, and some of
countless graves the other "sins' of man who isn't
dles. It is ap- God and therefore isn't good beone knows what cause only God is good. Since
fter he gives up preachers and priests, too, are
ortal body -- al- men—or reasonable facsimiles
plenty who will thereof -- their iniquities merely
- at a price, of mean that they, too, have learned
o are plenty who the lesson their churches teach.
y of life, too. If they were good, they couldn't
as a way of life even be men -- not even reasonable
much more opti- facsimiles.
lly evolutionary Isn't it ridiculous?
be said him. 00
ce we do have a VICTIMS NEED This time of
let do-gooders LONG HOLIDAY year, many harassed
in fraud, spec- TO PAY TAXES business men will
-- our desires, appreciate the susof the PRESWIVT gestion that all business and
1 of our exist- industry take January and Februeternity. Today ary off, with signs on the closed
- not as bodies, doors reading:
existent beings. "Closed while we make out Fedhat this is all eral, state, county, city, and
it's the only other tax forms, obtain necessary
get across in licenses and tags, pass a driving
We want to disa- test, get our kids immunized and
f the idea that registered for military service,
entological -- or etc., etc. Durned if we're not
al. We like some getting fed up with midnight oil,
ounded in both ulcers, and high blood pressure."
RUARY, 1957 VOL. 3, NO.9
Recusant Voice of "The Infinite." for Saturn,
Earth, Mars, Pluto, Venus, and Zydokun zruskehen
V. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART, I-2, D.D., D. Scn. ,
B.Scn., HDA. et al ad infinitum ad nauseam.
take it so damn' seriously. the infiniteness of
not reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxes,
rts" who offer to sell him what he already has.
reserve the right to change our minds from issue
, or even from page to page, if we desire.
: Each man has the inherent right to be his own
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f you don't. Payable in advance. Copy must be in
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