Volume 3, Issue 8, page 15

S who accept in tote the Theta theo
of Scientology — while not barred
will probably "find a more co
climate with the HASS than wi
Dr IDS". Scientology, he said, has n
rowed its field to a group of met
' D physically-minded individuals
for one reason or another, earn
accept the orthodox religions,
who who feel that they "need" someth
its Van Vogt estimates that more th
her- 1,200 aix tors have been trained
be- the six years of Dianetics, and th
now three-fourths of them have withdra
from the field. It is the IDS's ho:
Defenses Bri
!iced aers
an MAKE it hard? One
al ing her heart out t
,er- anything she attempte
red. when she was a lit
n- children who really worked
has anything got the praise and
arly was more value in the effort
wdy complishment, so she learned
and her life difficult.
We are making the search
mum, clear, integration and
tic, cult in so many ways. We ha
xm- ties by defining the goal
finer themselves need more defining
tie. An optimum or Integra
who is no longer defending.
the direction: One way to r
be to analyze how we defend
can find is through a set of
tense up to be ready to spri
the slightest real or imagfi'
them all and be clear. How do
what we are defending, remov
it. Find what we are defendi
We find it no longer exists.
are defending, and then don't
How do we defend? (Who la
method of discovering how
watch the method currently in
er, tears, sullenness, stubbo
pain, sickness, giving or
these and the muscles and
underneath and activating
become apparent. In fact, the
may become so strong you wi
two parents, fighting bitter
you reach this point,
likely to meet our first lin
fending our defenses. May
pears, too many muscles in
each other, too many brain
them to do it. RELAX SOME MOB
till the pressure in the he
ized -- right side or left side
or back. Location of the bra
indicate the level of think
anced. Generally speaking,
pressures will reduce throng
or education. Central area
duce by body manipulation -- ex
so forth. Pressure in the
will reduce through emotional
balancing. This is usually t
can use help or guidance
( tage. When the pressures are
point of localizing to one s
t all you have to do is move it
ante the pressure on both si
laxation has been carried to
fort -- that is, all the press
-- the total response or defe
alter and the pressure will
antes. What a relief!
Try this exercise for
"mad" you were yesterday wh
.— DECEMRFR. 1956
a wh b in n K l o h r
ro v t e o n n n d t l REL b t a p t a f e
ry that the interest of many of these Angeles. The to

can be aroused anew. 7089 Hawthorne A
al The International Dianetics Sect- Future location,
he ety is being formed as a non-profit of the Society wi
r- organization of "people interested the membership at
a- in a scientific and non-religious c
o, presentation of Dianetic theories,
at methods, and claims". It is open not S)ME RUMOR:

ut only to professional auditors, but
lately Ino underst
g. to book auditors", those wanting
an their own cases "run", or those the A.M.A. hell
in "just interested". Annual membership Eisenhower's can
at fees for founding members is $1. tion so that t

wn Headquarters — at least, for the their medical exr
e first three years -- will be in ips at Government exp
g on Your Tensions a]
ERING yapped excitedly at you and ;
ovely girl, work- was going to bite you? You bit

exist, could do didn t ou? "That blasted li

d to very easily bit me!" you said to anyone 1
he girl but the Now, take a look at that cut(

ard to accomplish dog coming bounding up to
ecognition. There Swell day, isn't it?" What wt
than in the ac- to his offer of hospitality?
to make her work Did you say, "Hi!" right bt
friendly fashion, or did you
for truth, opti- of my way, you mutt! Git!" an
so forth diffi- the go-by? Remember how tens(
e added difficul- ably very tense areas in 1
in terms that in head, near the neck; maybe ti
. Simplify a lit- into the neck -- maybe even f'u'n
ed person is one you defended your ill humor 1
This points out friendly little dog -- blamed h)
solve this might bite you. Do you think he'd
urselves. This we when he wanted to be friends?
muscles which we ceited?
ng into action at Take a nice, quiet, hone:
ed threat. Relax disposition of yours and yoL
we do this? Find projections and examine careft
e the value from present. How long have you hac
g ourselves from. maybe even heaviness, pressure
Find out how we at times? What do you do to ci
do it. but you, could put that pai
id that egg?) One tension in your body? We didn'
we defend is to HOW do you do it? Under wha
use. Is it ang- Why do you do it? What do you
rnness, lethargy, value do you place on it? Kee
ers? Stop doing together until you know how yc
nerves that were of tensions -- how you have beer
his conduct will and for what purpose. What do
pressure of them whether you want to keep it.
11 think they are read any further. If you do
y. Could be. When it, see what you must do to ch
AX. Here we are low through actively using th
e of defense, de- Be friendly with the little
e a headache ap- him and enjoy his show of f
he body resisting frisky moments, the shine of h
cells directing defense! No "mad"! No tensio
E. Keep relaxing pain!
d can be local- Really simple, isn't it?
, front, center, better already? Fbn, isn't
in activity will people are almost as human as
ing to be rebal- One of the interesting thin
the frontal area discovered is that the envi
h rationalization Yes, it does! The THINGS we
ressures will re- against cease to occur. They j
ercise, rest, and any more. If we use this meth
back of the head disturbing things and do it
or glandular re- will find that we always br
he area where one ourselves. As we accept, thro

o the best advan- ing, that we always do this, t
resolved to the were too large keep getting sm
ide of the head, er.
across and bal- As questions arise in the
des. If body re- ing with this and the answer.
the point of com- coming, start looking for he
re is in the head who has had some experience
nse pattern will guidance. But remember these
vanish as it bal- You built it, therefore you c
it works; and (2) Keep it si
lit! Remember how could build it, a big strong
n the little dog able to change it! If he wants