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in your magazine is Dan G. Purcell. blessed. More
Keep him going, please." -- Stephen tion to someone
Gargilis, Boston, Mass. such stuff. 'We
"Your &ndeavors (in The and 'ju didn't
APEIEW) were the reason for my procuring rfine just
Long's 'Secret Science' volumes, Al- ours!!!
exander's 'Creative Realism' tome, yours!!!
has b Eeman's 'Cooperative Healing', and a lately It s
volume on Edgar Cayce (from the news 'seek and ye stand), so I am retmnhg the favor. shall be give,
"Recently released is a work it shall ne
(Auto-conditioning, the New Way to a rapidly that s
Success Wet by Hornell Hart, Pro- of a shock. I
fessor of ociology, Duke [Yniver- your effort to
siV -- he's a pal of J. B. Rhine's— Lure by ps cia
Parker Publishing Co., hglewood go look for yet
Cliffs, N.J., 1956, $4.95) that is scret, unless
almost straight out of Kitselman. It the data. is based on the principle of Iglhlgg you really wan
to yourself mentally! (Mock-ups? it arrivs in
How about a review of it in your Schroe el, Hanoi
columns? Sorry, I personally can't
do it. Sure would like (ED. NOTE -- "Congrats on
Maybe someone else who has read the tate to say mo,
book might wish to send us a review.) medium's promis
"By the way, I have never seen Albuquerque. N.
mention of Claude Bristol's 'Magic
of Believing' in your columns, eich- "After er. This book (Prentice-Hall, 95) of the Aberree,
ran into gg printings between March- to delve deeply
April, 1948, and June, 1951. Brie- Dianeties'
and r4
tol's research on what he calls am t onion
'Mind-stuff' and Kitselman's work on Totalit~ I'm
'E' could be as close as 'kissin' sort ofyas a tex
"Seems to me, as time goes on, stand l completely
that the great weight of all the ev- ained from Jim
idence, as more and more research g Iria11a n lore? I
workers start to plumb the terra in- high hopes but s4
cognita of the humn mind, is begin- ure nonsense.
nines to bear on the Kitselmmn side
thing? If c
of a tree as opposed to the side learned that Sci
presented by Hubbard in his 'Dianet- Scientol ists
its'. (And isn't Hubbard, too, in as° a bi
his hater years, what with Theta- thune that pm
BEST and now hybrid Scientology, be- into too well
ginning to lean toward A.Z. K.'s th~ a little side?"-'-!N,.B,A.Perlmctn, Baltimore. "By the way,
Mathisoh's nega
"There is a lot of Scientology and found it h
activity in Chicago, but I'm Sn Nancy Lang, Lone
touch with it only by long grapevine. Carl Warner ard another have "Your Aberree
moved the church of Scientology to my portfolio of
Sheridan Road. There are some cour- sides giving new
ses going, and I understand that the splinter groups
affair is supporting itself, which Hubbard's once
is a change from a lot of past mock- lowers, your
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come my way. under totalitarian leadership.
iurndi~ si , but rnoott a "Scepticism and iconoclastic kun
ethods — onnmmyself. the debris, to
I may try them on building a newed 3886 Greenwood is the true scientific attitude
in the absence of useful hypotheses.
if., is trying to "Axioms are not controversial hyup of people inter- potheses which would require wordage
1 abilities -- theta of argument to convince an openmind
—and would like of their truth. Axioms are self evimission of messages dent truths. There have been too
It should be con- many tenuous and frothy suppositions
educible and con- presented as axioms.
na, however, same- "There has been in many quarters
or demonstrate on an attitude of contempt for the
he'll have a lot of methods and achievements Of orthodox
science, especially in the field of
ur form of commau- psychiatry and medicine. If some of
dable than any oth- these critics will read 'have against
but wish there were Hate', by Karl Benninger, they will,
w' —what questions if honest, have to revise this downhods hods did what to grading :with respect to this great
human" tarian and scientist.
the most effective "I have yet to be convinced that
get agreement with anyone can cure a psychotic against
ut what is wanted. his will, or that anyone can cure
flan Player games him except the sufferer himself
mown as para-Scien- through the will to change and acand therefore den- cept responsibility for his plight.
the 'gifts of the "The therapist's problem is to
ns, and therefore persuade the self-victimized man or
an• And when I men- woman that he or she might possibly
heir attitnde about be the cause of his or her troubles.
didn't say that', After that, with the proper guidan it'. looking is ante, he is on his way.
as you do it tiara er has used the time-Yennot thru his or ored me of surrounding the patient with love and kindness, thus
winning his cooperation in the ps to operate an the chytical approach, which is the
l find -- ask it
and kernel in the meat of successful Dinto you — knock and antic techniques also.
ned' principles, so "My wife and I have developed, or
times it is a bit rather have been presented with, a
note with interest new method which so far has not been
et data an the fu- published, chiefly because we have
tr y. It ain't don't only been working with it four years,
and have not yet achieved the stayou yourself block tore f 'sainthood'.
se you put down what "The method may be called 'Psy-then duck—before chic Response'. In our experiments,
your lap " -- Harold we contacted a mind vastly more comCrest, 111. plete ard integrated than the con' scious waking selves of us, and he
a fine issue. Hedi- has been prodding us along little by
e in view of that little toward a state of 'love' and
es." —Lee Lockhart, 'wisdom'.

Mex• "The method of communication was
actually developed with an ouija
g the October issue board, but soon switched to a clairI decided definitely audient reception by my wife alone.
into Scientology "A blunt statement as above problated subjects.I ably will elicit chiefly derision
out of "A Concept of and ridicule in the beginning. Which
using the article is only natural. The value of the
thook. method must rest upon the material
lust don't under- received.
but hat was to be "Any particular theory as to the
Sertley's article on nature of the mentor is not compulegan reading it with sory. He could be the Spiritual
on saw that it was principle as described by Dr. C. J.
Or have I missed Jung in his lectures at Yale lhiverurse I have already sity, published as 'psychology and
antology (or rather Religion'.
is lookir>g at every- "You may postulate a super-duper
g joke. That's one file clerk, capable not only of camafraid I won't fit puting but of gently nudging the
because I look on mind throue]u cryptic epigrams which
more seriously... are only understood days or weeks
I've tried Volney later.
tive energy outflow "He could be an uncarnate being
ihly successful." -- dwelling an another plane. The imlol f, Okla. portant thing is does the stuff
work? Does it inspire to construeis indispensible in tive action? Does it implant vita.
reading matter. Be- and recreative ideas in the mind?
s of the multiple of "The answer to these last queswhich now comprise tins is most emphatically yes.
goose-stepping fol- "I intend to present for publicaazine is growing in tion soon a preliminary survey of
ch issue and is be- the teachings of our 'Mentor', as he
l point of another has been prodding us to place the