Volume 3, Issue 8, page 10

Creativity of Man
Is Still Attached
To That of God r

~1(VFRY CLEAR thought in your min creates
something, however insignificant.

When you take a notion you would like
to go out to the farm and visit Aunt Margie,
you actually are setting in motion a whole
train of small events, which if not stopped
will lead up to that visit to Aunt Margie.
Some thoughts, no more important than that,
can become irresistible compulsions.

If you have no special reason for making
that trip, your good old common sense can come
to the rescue and remind you that you do not
have the money and cannot spare the time to go
clear across four states, even though you
would just love to visit dear old Aunt Margie.

So, you stop the creative effect of thinking about that trip.

Here, perhaps, another little thought
starts tooting in your mind.
"I wish I had a better job. I need more
money and less work. It hurts my feelings to
see so many other people, no more deserving
than I, having such good jobs with such nice
'fringy' benefits.
"Why, some of them even have their own businesses, and not as smart as I. You take Joe
Mother, for instance. All that guy does is
just write letters to people about their everyday problems and they pay him for it."
Now, why couldn't you do something like
can, when you find enjoyment in thinking how you can help people in their problems
and let them pay you for it. However right you
may be about Joe Mucher's small abilities, his
thoughts evidently are creative. He did get
people to believe he could help them and that
they would be glad to pay him for doing so.

To get those people coming your way and
using your advice, you would have to think
somewhat as Joe Muckier did. Be saw his need of
studying psychology, character analysis, social and financial economy, and other sciences
dealing with human reactions.

After keeping his thoughts and interest and
many hours of his time on the various humanitarian subjects, he felt that he could have
confidence in himself and his clients would
have confidence in him. Thus, most of his
thoughts blended together to set up the strong
pulling force to build his business around his

God began His creation by putting "His Divine Image" into all His creation. God is a
Father-Mother God, so He put the Father-Mother
idea into everything, from plants to mollusks
to fish to serpents to animals to man.

Since you are made "in the image" of the
image-making God, you too can use imag-I-nation. Some men have stamped their own image on
whole nations of peoples. Today, we see whole
generations of animals brought forth by clever
breeders, carrying the precise image of a few

With chickens, dogs, horses, apple trees,
and goldfish, man can hold so closely to a desired image that he can send forth a world of
specimens recognizable at once by anyone familiar with that line of production.

Now, get in your own mind the desired image