A Concept of Totality

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Lion—enrich Dr. and Mrs. Walsh herein refer to as 'The Concept
Totality'. To the extent Man limits nimself by setting up barri
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tears of recent research at the University of Scientology in L
hnneles, are being printed for the first time herewith, and lal
vi11 appear more fully in a book now under preparation'.—The EDI
A Concept of
PROBLEM of clearing is not
A/~ to run out everything. The
problem is to get control of
and assume responsibility for
awareness of the areas of unawareness. There are many special areas
in this lifetime which you can run
as explosions. For example: Class- ,
rooms with teachers, your job or office, bankers and money, religion,
politics, relatives, etc. Your life
can be cleaned up across the eight
Dynamics if you are the systematic
type. For those of you who wish to_
"go for broke" and become cleared, there are
FIVE basic explosions of importance to consider. These are the explosions for:
Your Childhood Home
This Lifetime
This Universe
Your Home Universe
The human body has a basic hunger for energy which these recurring explosions during
processing satisfy. The body also is rigged
with circuits that say it shall complete a
cycle and die. The body knows inherently-within
its subconscious areas that it is expendable.
These recurring explosions actually represent
tremendous forces which in the past have meant
destruction to bodies. Explosions repeated
over and over during processing satisfy this
hunger for destruction, which is engramicly
implanted in the cells and other body areas.
This desire for energy on the body's part is
the desire for impacts (communication), emotional and physical, which eventually leads to
its own destruction. In other words, the body
is a survival machine designed to knock itself
off gradually by its own compulsions.

Explosions remedy this hidden hunger for
impacts and raise the body up tone scale to
where it is above the "havingness" level -- the
level of having to have impacts. The body will
come up to where it was originally designed to
function—up to where it can begin to handle
problems. You will need to give tice body problems. Running "out"or accepting too many areas
back into Totality will cause the body to develop fears that you are going to destroy it.
It will reach a point where remedying the havingness will not satisfy it because it has
reached the problem level and it is confronted
with what it considers the problem of you unmaking it. Thus we find the body continuing to
turn on somatics (pains) no matter how much
energy you give it.

What you must do is give it the problem of
repairing itself. Throw verbal or thought commands at the body to get busy and realign the
control centers in the nervous system and in
the many body areas. As Totality, endow the
Genetic Fhtity, solar plexus body center, with
enough life force to get busy and do the job
it's supposed to do. The G. E. is a specialist who is not happy unless he has something
to do. This must be given with kindness but
very firmly as a command. Keep the G.E. real
Ta... am
and JOANNA WALSH, Counselor
cn •
er Ia 4 ,
busy removing emotional and pain
111 . blocks from various body areas. The
body is gradually made over completely as you begin to operate directly from Totality.

As you create an explosion pattern within your awareness as Total0/
ity, you will find that it ceases to
be an explosion. As the action blossoms out within, you will find that
you are pulling it out. This is attraction. As you push the black side
inward it will be repulsion. Thus
you get into the true action of the
forces of the universe. You will discover
these to be just the reverse to what we consider attraction and repulsion on the body or
viewpoint level. Relating this reversal factor
to your problems brings out some amazing reversals and scramblings on human behavior that
begins to make sense for the first time.

As you learn to handle explosions as Totality, you will discover there is no effort involved. There is a smoothness of occurrence
that produces the effect of flowing; thus we
get outflow and inflow. The speed and suddenness of occurrence as you postulate as Totality leaves one often with the feeling that
nothing has happened. You may have to create
the action over and over several times to be
sure the problem has really disappeared.

Explosions are a means of focusing your
attention as Totality upon areas of unawareness in the basic patterns of the universe. As
Totality you can cause the vanishment of any
problem by focusing your attention on it with
that intent.


The many preliminary processes of Scientology deal with the inflows and outflows of explosions. These are organized in steps that
lead you to where you can handle the explosion. The explosion is considered the ultimate
in "Black and White" processing, or the handling of energy. Anyone who can create and destroy a mock-up (mental image) can handle an
explosion. The occluded case can do just as
well by knowing that the action is taking

The overall picture of Scientology broadens
out into the full scope of this tremendous
science as the techniques for the Eighth Dynamic are presented. &plosions are directed
toward handling the Sixth Dynamic, or MEST.
The Eighth and Sixth Dynamics are the most
difficult to master, supposedly. Fortunately,
there is the usual MEST universe paradox here.
As you become more and more aware of being
Totality, problems get easier and easier and
advancement more rapid. The development of the
Totality concept has advanced the acceptance
level of Scientology markedly. Channels are
now opened to communicate with metaphysical,
religious and various business areas of society. The cold mechanics of previous techniques
now assume a personal meaning as their true