Volume 3, Issue 7, page 15

Mind and Rays \,
1:32511 \`
aware of this inflow of energy. The !l
conscious awareness of the inflow ~
does not increase the cosmic energy !
flow; it just decreases resistive
counter-energy flow.

In processing, an efficient procedure is to employ a combination of
the two techniques above. If you're arne
using an Electropsycnaneter, have ,,
the instructee flow out negative en- ltO,k A:,
ergy for several minutes, or until ‘rp~
the meter no langer indicates a rise 1/j,*+
ing tone. Then proceed with the con- w.. 0
cept of inflowing cosmic energy until
the meter needle again stops. Alter- plow,
nate the two techniques as long as
tone continues to rise.

One final comment: The main ef- 7Dnring the
feet of successful prayer perhaps is have been trying
that praying comprises the concept thunbnail pio
of receiving "power" from a Divine utors, which we
source. Actually, this power is an serts in their
ever-streaming, always-arriving ra- Iles in future
diation; it comes in with or without RSE. Some of
praying tut the praayyer deactivates retiring lot, or
the mental-image thought patterns sane must have
rreessppoonrnssible for the heavy canter- justice to a
rndintions or "vibrations" that ob- they sent us
street or deflect cosmic ray energy. these is Jonas
kehen. It's all
tien is a form of taking. uncurious if the one or
ttoe ~illes of worship is a result of issue look
taka g. Etc. more of them in
"As to why man is here, what he ane of Jonas.
is after, and where he is going, I squelch the cy
would say that deduction alone could heard of Woks]
answer. Happiness is, no doubt, started mxtding
heaven mere and hereafter). Misery therefore map&
and suffering are the opposite, or Perrier, long-4J
hell. Truth brings happiness, fall- specializing in
ity the reverse. And human beings was staff audi
are here to decide which they want— tim in Wichita,
to get out of 'doubt' (which is the des fran Phoen
maybe state of mind). It is a law vasota, Texas...
that no one can be happy as long as so from Phoenix
they are in doubt. So far, we have she and her two
bade combination of truth and fans- ing the "beach
ity here on earth. Coexistence in pictures on that sense. Hut, at this time, false the Solana
ity is practically everything. But suspect that
Mich, paradoxically, will bring on ogist in a cm light. Man is now having his stumble upon chance to get out of doubt'. He can they're mythic
soon decide which is the best, truth using of File)
or falsity. at last, he
"Human beings are not units to missi~ link bethemselves, they are parts to a lAst Cantina t
whole. As with a song, each note T Volney
plays a part in the time. ET then- chometers and s
selves, each note is merely a beep', ers of The
together they create a melody. If was raised
these notes play their proper role, when he heard
the air is a sweet one. But when offering land
falsely located, these notes form a square foot wit
of discord. his Hunan l~ngin
"Of course, to know something is "childhood hone"
one thing. To change it is another. and bit him (Vo
However, it does seem that people about the miser
get that they want. Since the small piney-woods dirt
h is the foundation of the pyramid says. And then
of humanity (which is reversed at estate deal of
this time), it is he who will die- square mile, he'
tate in the end. Men the mall pee- of the Pacific
pie stop worshipping falsity, they with a disco
will get the truth. Then they will 1,000 square mil
know the glory of order, the power pact Volney,
of "this happens, we will con- trading bott
tinue to go on in the manner of the or ',sleep to s" Anv
joke, where the party remarks: 'My bottoms,
mind is made up. Don't confuse me (Jules Ho ip tal,
with facts'. so I, personally, ex- who's beeh tnrnt
Mich ct ss l3uirhong beyond the happen of one pan scientology hiT
individual l number of ididivid- e neearrlly acv Arran
uals, which or will make conditions at iwndian
much different than they are at fore the winter..
present." —Ludwig G. &secrahs. Me- Wakefield, B.I.,
sa. Ariz. mite to ask re Go be gooc
foix co th Beachsum
Wh has
o th ~ A> near in
medley h maowho E- i i ho
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Wiicn should properly Burks, writing in the ORION magazine
nic who had never an Monitors", reports that a order
zruskehen before he well-known science fiction writer
The ABEHREE, and was a former well-known pirate in
is A aud...j. one of his previous existences. It's
me Dianetic auditor quite a story. Arthur, by the way,
prenatals, who once also has sold a story to Fate, on
r at the old Foinda- "Wisdom in the Sense of Touch", which
has joined the exo- the editor warns may br"a the auth, and is now in Na- or of "Hidden Childrein"a delzse of
'Millen Belknap, al- Kitselman, the "Papa"
sends a card that' of E-therapy, is opening, finally,
daughters are enjoy- his Pyramid lake (Nev.) Ranch, which
mbing" and painting will be operated as an integration
e walls of caves in project. There is roan for 27 guests
, Calif., area. We and a suitable staff, Kitselmen ree bearded anthropol- veals and the project is to be run
ple of years, may on a "cost-plus-your-generosity" hame cave cave sketches (if sus without profit... I, of
g like those we're Minneapolis, says in a tardy August
and proclaim that, issue: "...down Florida way, 'E'
stumbled upon the therapy...is coming back in use. For
seen America and the quite some time, a group in New Jerf Atlantis... sey was the only group making use of
ison, of whose Seep- these techniques to any extent which
natial T-8 men read- is non-good since these techniques
ARNE may have heard, really work. Possibly that is why
Fairhope, Ala., and they were brushed aside as the field
that Jim Welgos was scrambled around looking for the
that area for $1 a 'perfect' 'one-shot' clearing techh
which to finance nique. Since such has not appeared,
eering, the Mathison some of the older techniques which
engrains jumped up operate on a slow but sure basis
lney). "I know all will come back into their own —and
able nature of the people will start processing again.
down there," Volney It is sad but true that the actual
comes up with a real process of becoming 'CLEAR' involves
his own: For $1 a absolutely no effort at all—it is
11 sell you any area merely an acceptance of what everycean floor you want, one already has — and yet each and
unt to purchasers of every interested individual spends
es or more. We sus- more and more effort and gets pracadmits he likes to tically nowhere. The technique of
om of things, has the future will be one that leads
Meters, processing, the individual to the point Where he
to mermaids for sea can 'quit trying' and relax and be
want to be a duck? himself—it is just that easy. Too
fbrmerly of Boston, simple, isn't it?" And we'd like to
ng gold in them thad add our unqualified endorsement to
s over a large part those last fur sentences...
alf of the U.S. for jIf any of our freezing and rainw, has taken a cot- soaked readers complain that this
}locks Beach, Fla., column of "Plowing" is too short, be
. ¶Roby LaMarche, of advised that during the last marth,
is the second Intl- it's been a bit too hot and dry for
lennmunt of thom nh, muro, ,m ...oh 'lint in (Itrlehnn..