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This is the second of two articles by Mr. Mathison on
energy flows, taken from his new Manual of Electropsychometry, 'Super Visualization'. In this book, a total
of seven energy flow techniques are given, but only two
of them are reprinted here.—The EDITOR.

IN THE BOOK, "The Power and Glory of Sex",
there is an abridged disclosure that all
life on this planet apparently originates
and is sustained today by an inflow of titanically powerful cosmic ray radiations from unknown reaches of the Universe. Like all energy
radiations, cosmic rays are practically unseeable, so far; we perceive their effects.

That the inflow of cosmic ray energy is the
power source for the achievement of living
cells, and therefore is essential to the
existence of all "life", is only now coming
into the area of human conscious awareness.

Whether the intensity of the inflow of cosmic energy is uniform or varies from time to
time has not been ascertained. But two things
about it are certain. It continuously streams
in upon and through one's physical body. Further, its intensity at any moment is greatest
out under the open sky.

Wilhelm Reich appears to me to be somewhat
in error when he states that cosmic ray energy
can be stopped by the physical materials of
the buildings in which we live and work. Cosmic radiation is not stoppable by any thickness of any material, except possibly by the
strange and massive remains of decayed uranium
-- which is metallic lead. But experiments have
disclosed that while x-rays can be about 1.00
percent stopped by less than one-half inch of
lead, cosmic rays can pierce nine-foot thicknesses- of that metal, and still produce perceivable effects inside that barrier.

Hence the intensity of cosmic radiation impinging upon one's physical body probably cannot be brought to zero by the interposition of
any physical substance between one s body and
the open sky, but it nonetheless can be more
or less seriously reduced thereby. Therefore,
the more time one is outdoors, the more of
this energy one receives.

A more serious resistance to the effective
action of cosmic ray energy within the body is
apparently caused when one sets up negative
counter-energy flow patterns through the mental phenomenon of accepting and activising the
disease-creating concept that the human physical body is a base and carnal object. And also
as a consequence of counter-flow-systems generated by fears, anxieties, pains, and the
like. Such counter-flows or negative energy
set up, or at any rate create the "as if" endeffect of setting up, a barrier that deflects
or reduces the effective intensity of inflowing cosmic energy. This may at first seem a
bit fantastic, but that's the kind of stuff
that these energy flows are made of!
What this means is simply this: One must
first reduce the intensity of one's psychical
negative radiations or "vibrations" by applying the negative energy outflow technique previously set forth. Then one should be consciously aware that powerful radiations of incoming, constructive, life-creating cosmic
energy is flowing into one's physical body
from unknown reaches of the Universe.

Be consciously aware that this cosmic energy is always flowing into your physical body,
to a degree, except when you generate counter.a.

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energy flow patterns that neutralize it. If
you neutralize it completely, or nearly so, for
any length of time, YOU DIE! If you can, on
the other hand, become aware with a total certainty on the conscious level that you are
flowing this energy in, completely unimpeded,
you can achieve a so-called miracle" healing.

From the standpoint of the instructor, the
application of this inflow technique is simple. The instructee simply has to be made
aware consciously that cosmic ray energy does
flow in if it is not stopped or diverted by a
negative counter-flow. This cosmic ray energy
is always arriving upon this earth. It is not
cached away somewhere waiting to be called
upon or supplicated for'by some arrogant peddler of religion, to be dispensed at a price.
It is actually flowing in upon you every second of the day and night.

The amount you receive into your physical
body does depend to a certain degree upon the
amount and the kind of material interposed between you and the open sky. So that when you
are outdoors, or, that is, when there is no physical substance between you and the open sky,
you will be in the field of the greatest
available flow intensity.

Hence a devotee in a nudist camp perhaps
receives the highest degree of' cosmic ray
radiation. This is not a plug for nudism. A
handkerchief or at least a G-string probably
won't stop any appreciable amount of incoming
energy. Dead organic material seems to block
or to absorb cosmic ray energy to a greater
degree than any other substance. Therefore
clothing, which is made of non-living organic
stuff, does impede the inflow. Nylon passes it
relatively more easily.

All this should not be construed to imply
that one would be better off under the open
sky in midwinter at 30 below zero, rather than
in a warm room under a massive roof. The human
body exists successfully in an extremely narrow temperature slot; it cannot be at an optimum much below 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit or over
100. Further, cosmic ray energy flows, to a
degree, through ANY interposed materials. The
main point is that IF the outdoor temperature
condition is favorable, then the outdoor application of this technique is preferable to
working it indoors.

This concept of the inflow of cosmic ray
energy is forthright. One consciously images
the inflow in a symbolical form and perceives
it, FEELS it. This type of energy flow may be
symbolized as a great ray of extremely fine,
transparent particles, or of slightly tinted
flowing particles —usually of a light blue

If an instructor and an instructee can work
in an open patio, in a studio with open skylights, or even in a room with wide open windows, temperature and weather conditions permitting, this will be helpful. At any rate,
the desirability of exposing the skin of the
body to the open sky can be disclosed by the
instructor, and the instructee can practice it
later under favorable conditions.

What this amounts to, in the final analysis, is this:
1. Get outdoors once in awhile -- in shorts
and bra. 2: While outdoors, be consciously
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