A Concept of Totality

The Study of Man is a study of relationships, and these r ( in Scientology, have been divided into eight segme
called Dynamics'. These make up the known whole of Infinite C
tion—which Dr. and Mrs. Walsh herein refer to as The Concept
Totality'. To the extent Man limits himself by setting up barr
of not—knowingness between himself and any of the dynamics doe(
divorce himself from his birthright. Some of the processes by
Man can reintegrate himself, discovered by the Walshes during .t
years of recent research at the University of Scientology in
Angeles, are being printed for the first time herewith, and 1a will appear more fully in a book now under preparation'.—The
A Concept of
PERSISTENCE is re-creation on a
constantly re-created cycle of
explosions. The universe and
all its components are being
re-created, moment by moment, by Totality (you) at a very, very, very
high rate of speed so that it gives !'
the illusion of being there. Each
particle is re-created (exploded into existence) in a different location, thus giving the apparency of
motion. A motion picture projected
at 24 frames a second produces the
same effect upon the body eyes. The
solidity of matter requires a much higher
(faster) frequency of vibration or re-creation.

The structure of the universe and all our
problems follow this pattern:
CREATION: By Rostulate -- deciding to do as
Totality. "It is.

RE-CREATION: A repeater mechanism held in
place by a postulate. For example: a body or a

APPARENT DESTRUCTION: Two re-created force
fields such as a wall being knocked down by a
battering ram; a rearrangement of the re-created particles.

REAL DESTRUCTION: By postulate. "It isn't."
Accepting the problem back into you as Totality. As Totality you already own it, so this
implies a necessity for responsibility and
thus control.

Within our vast recurring universe, everything follows this basic pattern of explosions. This is true of our thoughts, emotions,
and efforts as well as MEST (Matter, Energy,
Space, Time). There are perhaps other universes built on other patterns but we are in this
one and it is necessary that we become aware
of how to handle it in order to become a free
"operating" Being.

All structure and activities in this universe follow this pattern of outflow and inflow, attraction and repulsion, of the explosion.
"The Kybalion", a book of ancient teachings, expresses this very beautifully: "There
is always an action and reaction, an advance
and retreat, a rising and sinking, manifested
in all the air and phenomena of the universe.
Suns, worlds, men, animals, plants, minerals,
forces, energy, mind, and matter; yes, even
the spirit manifests this principle.
"The principle manifests in the creation
and destruction of worlds, in the rise
fall of nations, in the life history of all
things, and finally in the mental states of
"And thus it is with all the things of
shape and form; they swing from action to reaction, from birth to death, and from activity
to inactivity and then back again. Thus it is
with all living things; they are born, grow,
and die and then are reborn. So it is with all
great movements, creeds, fashions, governments, nations, decadence, death...and then
there is new birth. The swing of the pendulum
is ever in evidence."
i S Wh h nand f, y s
oof and JOANNA WALSH, Counselor
ich •
/ /fir
In daily life, we find that our
existence is broken up into cycles
of action which have a beginning of
an outflow of activity rising to a
apeak and then an inflow or completion of the cycle. It is of the utmost importance to become aware that
we are the creators of these cycles
of experience. The more we become
aware that we are Totality and that
our experiences are occurring and
recurring within us, the more our
daily problems become exciting and
amusingly simple.

It is important to know that you as a spirit (thetas) and you as a body are merely expressions or recreated manifestations caused
by your own decisions within yourself as
Totality. These decisions are skillfully hidden and buried amidst an infinity of awareness
also created by you. But, the use of the explosion as a technique exposes these postulates and conclusions of the past. The postulates are hidden in force fields of energy, a
vast number of which are your own facsimiles
or engrains. Problems or force fields can be
exploded, over and over, until the considerations and postulates come into view and you
can change your mind about them and accept
them back into Totality.

As we develop our awareness of being Totality, we break our identification with things.
We become aware that we are the creator rather
than that which we have created. We are thus
not really anger, we are experiencing the
anger vibration which we have created. As Totality, we are the Observer, the Chooser, the
Creator, the Recreator, and the Destroyer.

To become aware of being Totality, postulate that you are Totality. Decide to do your
processing and thinkingness as Totality. That
famous saying in Scientology: "The answer to
the problem is the problem", is very true. The
answer to being Totality is to be Totality.
You do this by deciding to be aware that you
are Totality. Awareness is the key word to use
that keys in your certainty. All the processes
of Scientology are merely methods of increasing ing your certainty of being Totality. All the
processes of Scientology deal with inflows and
outflows or parts of the actions of the explosion sion pattern. Processing is the game of becoming aware of that which you already had. Silly
isn't it? The fact that you can never be anything but Totality increases the absurdity.
However, your unusual total ability as Totality to pretend unawareness makes it necessary
, to use processes to rediscover your true self.

A basic cognition process is:
Be aware of being Totality.

Be unaware of being Totality.

This is not run as a dichotomy. It is run
with your entire thinkingness to the fullest
extent of your awareness at the moment focused on first one of these commands and then the
other. Do not place one of them on one side of
the room and the other on the other; that
would be running.a dichotomy.

The kav to mina tha eanlosion as a process