Plowing Up the Field

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e the scenery. And one way to out of town—and
star might be to admit we've been the letter—that
elected a "son of a Witch" by the himself heading
Camelback (Phoenix) Coven of the P. on his way "east
T. A. (practitioners of the True short visit in
Art), andi have been given the title been a resident
of "Mediat". We're waiting now for antics fled We
the P. T.A. catalog, because if it's Asheville, N. Car
anything like sane other certifying already had prec
organizations, we suppose we'll have weeks. With his
to take sane courses, bndy a broom, a roof with everyth
black cat, and a few dozen other ex- (the fit was so c
pensive gimoicks that keep the top card same back is
"Sons o' Witches" in carfare... jAnd before he could
winile on the subject of Phoenix, self and his shav
Millen Belknap, another in the long in Enid for a b
string of ex-NASI secretaries, has test. Before he
proven to herself, her fiends, and Hilly directed hi
neighbors that when it cases to sma- and then turn le
ragdin pollexes she can out-green he understgod w
the thunbiest. On a small (2O'x 30') structions. lie
plot of Phoenix desert this year, he did—and six
she .raised so mich squash (mare than himself in the 0
150 pounds) and eggplant, she's had 150 miles on the
to hunt a market for sane of the nix...10ther visa
surplus. Add to this all the okra office during the
they can use, 17 muskmelons, and en- ed Mrs. Olie Mme
ough watermelons to feed her family, Okla., who was
a filching child who got the first few days with a
and largest, and accuulate a supply to move into a
of rind pickles. This was from a learned of the
late-planted garden, too — one that Berth )apg, of the
"everybody" knew wouldn't grow any- sinn, Wausau Wis
thing... j Others who seen to do the she was in ):hid
impossible with gardens in Phoenix her three childr
are Carroll and Pearl Bennick, who and RCi y —s
also have a cat. ,that has a cat to their car cool o
do with gardens? We don't know, but pull from cool Wil
we haven't got one —and neither' do Oklahoma weather.
we have a garden... their way to lone
1)i1n and Bob Gardner, Austin they have pins,
Texas, weather nan, spent part of W in his "City
his vacation visiting old haunts in 1 When a docto
Oklahoma, and during their stay with and a priest publ
paul and Jackie Ihm el in Oklahoma eta of the Church
City, Ye Ed and Pub joined the group bit more authori
for a buffet supper and a pointless rank outsider
discussion of nothing. We enjoyed starts tossing
both, however, even if no ane was fence. Maybe t,nm
able to cane up with a solution to a "kick" out of
the world's imminent suicide. Pres- AND AMERICAN LI
eat were the Gardners, the Ishmaels, Detroit (82013
the Harts, Carl Berenda, philosophy points out how
professor at iivvesity of Okla- Free and Bane of
hone, and F et.r Daim, whose char- victimized by
coal sketches were the most creative Propaganda. May
offering of the evening j The ting voices make
lie- lsm~nn ad in the September A$- right places,
FRBEE should have said: "We love by another "Boa
closed down cases, etc.," instead of more pretentious
"We have closed down cases", as it got a letter rec
appeared. We hope cur readers will L. Ron Hubbard,
d an F u a Da u i F oc f Beth ntopp ff e s BE Wo p b Amt e
ue recogultion to BEE", we sent it back unopened for
" instead of their several obvious reasons. } wever, a
d we apologize for letter addressed to "Scientology
y Mathison has fur- Center, U. S.A.", was found to cone old ianaeticists' tair an order for back copies of The
meter, from Scien- AffiBEE. After all, we guess that we
t the upper part of really ABE the Scientology CENTFR,
After "3", you *o although we confess that we don't
then "1-X", and if offer tIne same type of come-on treatrer", it's "X marks ment as some of our "branches" in
s writing, we don't Washington, D.C., London, etc...IHERE
ctor very well, but AND NOW, published monthly by the
promised something Science and Fiction Critics Club of
on it than "flying Boston, intimates they may open
men"... I Just be- their arms to out-of-town members,
y week-end, someone if they can figure out away to make
with a trip marked the proposition mutually profitable.
gh Pueblo, Denver, This organization, former the Diantains through our netic bulwark in the "Hub City", now
cation spots of the does just what its name implies, apd Mesa Verde. We parently. Manuscripts, before being
Gabi Malleck of Pu- sent to editors, get a good goings dastardly tempta- over with yak-yak, pcdnting out
large printing jobs faults and weaknesses, and only when
urch helped us wipe a story has been passed on to the
ur lips and get to satisfaction of the critics, is it
save the map. May- sent out with the club's blessing
the roads still are andi united fingers crossed. We once
belonged to a writing group that
because we duplica- found this method ver-r-r-ry effectdons on how get ive in getting writers to write...
he followed then to 1 Invalidation of his first born,
John Robinson found Dianetics, by Rev. L. R. Hubbard (See
nto the setting sun P.A.B. 92, dated 10 J , 1956, in
" recently after a which he says it would be better to
hid. John, who had tell the pre-clear to "Shut up!"
f Phoenix since Di- rather than let him talk about his
hits is moving to troubles), caused Phil Friedman, The
., where his family AWBRFE's expert m Fothing, to re --
eded him by several mind us that more than a year ~goo,
car loaded to the he, Phil, said in one of his pei thy
ing he could carry paragraphs: "The smaller the dose,
lose he had to dis- the more potent the cure; no dose is
sues of The ABERRFE the best dose". Well, we don't mind
find room for him- if sane of these experts on the huing kit), he halted man mind alter their theories to
rief rest and gab- conform to axiomatic data printed in
left, we very care- The AIMEE. None of it's copym to "go two blocks righted...lMas orie and Ernest fie,
t", andi to be sure of Kennett Square, Penn. belatede repeated the in- ly report that Francis Silver of
a good pre-clear, Martinsburg, W. Va., Mrs. gag Cox
flours later found and daughter paula of Oak Ri
klahama Panhandle— Ten., and Mrs. Grace Stiles of Milway back to Anoe- lersville, Penn., stopped in for a
tors to The ABEBRFE couple days' visit after the Synerlast month includ- getic Workshop. Francis, who always
Hale of Bethany, has his trusty tank of 002 with him,
in Enid spending a plus an assortment of plain and fandaughter prepay cy vitamins, used the stop-over for
ew home. MMruss.n Hale a bit of chemically-assisted auditLONDE audit-and Grac... Fred M&nd
Words of life Mjs- whoo rreetun~ to full-time cass ,
es in
., and it was while psychology at Houstolihiversity in
that Mrs. Lang and September, has our thanks for a new
en —Nancy, Robert, definition: "The ABERRFE is a nnonthed to rest and let ly review of non-academic psychology
ff after a loonngg hard and experimental philosophy". We
consin to 100a-plus like this better than any of the
The Iarngs were on other bouquets (and bricks) tossed
Walt, Okla., where our way in the last 2 years... jOne
d "Icicle Ed! Milli- of our British readers, seeing that
of Dawn" project... a certain science fiction writer has
/ damns the medics, offered "free rights" to translate
icly takes the ten- the Translators' Edition of Scienapart, it sands a tology into any language, wonders if
tative than when a this also includes translating it
uch as The AJ RRF into "less aptnallBng Fh¢lish",...
rbsge gthe back Jibe current CADA [IGiEf7N warns uch THE HEALTH ADVOCATE pesch iloggg __no matt ter bye types e
RATOR, sent us from it is called or whether fees are or
odward Av.), which are not charged—is again rearing an
the ex-Land of the ugly head in California. It may get
the Brave is being to the point, if the A.M.A. has its
ressure groups arad way, where every corpse, before it
e if eaogn dissem- can be buried, most have a Federal
enough noise in the or State stamp, saying: "This death
erica will be saved certified 1Aga1 by the American Modon tea party" an a 'cal Association"... j We were going
scale... ¶ %hen we to end this column with a joke, but
itly addressed to we needed four lines and there were
editor of The ABER- only three lines left. So