Volume 3, Issue 6, page 13

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a person has been knocked out,
drugged out, or has taken an anaesthetic way out, he needs grounding on re4' turning to his senses. His grasp of the
physical universe is apt to be quite shaky,
and if he loves noBODY, including his own, his
desire to return will be doubtful.

Ever process anyone who has experienced
what is called "being saved"? I have worked
with several, and they have greatly increased
my understanding of exteriorization, taught me
much Scientology not learned from any book,
and we have learned the value of grounding, so
have thus benefitted each other.

Our present approach in Scientology is to
not talk about exteriorization, but when I encounter one of these "saved" people in distress, and have established communication, I
"Ever have a mystical experience? Or felt
that you were out of your head, or body?"
They are apt to give you a searching look
to see if they can trust you, and then answer:
"Yes. What do you know about it?"
c"Well, in a way, that is the goal of Scientology. We help people to move away from their
automatic body and mind so they can handle
them better, BUT, we have found it very necessary to around them while they are experiening this state."
Then you don't think I'm crazy?"
"No. I don't."
"Just what is grounding?"
"Grounding is bringing one back into touch
with people, the environment, and things, so
one can handle himself better, and can handle
things better. The body is a thing, and it
requires things to communicate with to keep
its balance."
"How is this grounding done?"
"So simply that it hardly seems to be a
technique. See that wall over there? Is it
there? Go over and touch it. Is it real?" And
so on into SOP 8-C, not forgetting to include,
"Am I real?"

Five of these people have come to me, and
here are my findings as to what happens to
them, from a Scientological point of view:
In the first place, they have usuall,y
yearned for this experience of "being saved
(which in my observation includes exteriorization), and have established without doubt
their other terminal, Christ. Hence the bliss
when they experience it. As they dxteriorize,
they let go of everyTHING (which again means
to me, they unmock masses of guilt, engrains,
locks, heavy emotions, and are thus apt to be
left in the state of no-THINGNESS). The body,
being predicated on masses, becomes more and
more uncertain. The individual is apt to wish
to succumb -- get rid of the sinful body -- and
therefore does nothing to fill the vacuum that
he has created about him. He starts an immense
struggle with sin to prevent the return to
this vacuum of what flowed out of it. Not having considered himself a. creator, he does not
mock up live energy pictures having to do with
the material universe for his future.

These people, like all of us, have an urrncy to communicate their experience to their
families. Their band of communication is not
teati the

understood, nor wanted, so both family and individual are literally made sick. The individual wants to run a one-way flow toward the
family, but the family cuts communication in
self-defense, and at the same time attacks the
certainty of the individual. The material universe gets more and more shadowy, less and
less real.

The ones who get to us usually have been
more or less forced to come by the family.
When such a pre-clear finds any professional
who can understand what is happening, and who
can help him ground himself, his joy can be

Any professional who communicates with one
of these persons with the idea that he must
run this "certainty" out of them is in for a
revelation. He eventually will suffer from
what the family suffers from, because this
pre-clear usually can SFR true intent. He sees
people around him too clearly for their own
comfort, so they convince him he is out of his
head, therefore insane. He will quickly pick
up blacknesses, engrains, and other masses
about the auditor, too, and will recognize any
feeling of superiority.

What the pre-clear needs at this time is
the re-establishing of the reality of the material universe communication on his certainty, and a new to him) formula for communication with those about him. This is grounding,
and I entertain the idea that many now in
asylums for the insane would not be there had
society known more about grounding
In science itself, the most difficult part
of rocket projection is getting it back again
without crackup. So it is with humans!
As these persons become more and more familiar with the communication formula, they
recognize what they have been flowing toward
others, and what others have been doing in
cutting the flows, and what others have been
flowing back to them (mostly doubt). Once they
get this idea and start working with it, then
they prove that a word to the wise is sufficient.

They have to learn tolerance, too. One
doesn't say to a loved one, "Look, if you
change this and that, I will love you next
month. I will love you if you, too, are
saved." Lave doesn't work that way. It just
IS. Love is "now", not "I'm going to".

Whether a person has been knocked out,
he still needs a return to his senses