Mind Alone Can Direct Energy Flows

Mind Alone Can Direct Energy Flows

Greater Than Lightning, or Granite

This is the first of two articles by Mr. Mathison on energy flows, taken from his new Manual of Electropsychometry, "Super Visualization". In this book, a total of seven energy flow techniques are given, but only two will be reprinted here. - The EDITOR.

MY RESEARCH in the field of Electropsychometry has brought me to the realization that the only real thing in this Universe is something called "energy". This is the ultimate non-physical Power.

"Energy" is from a Greek word ergon--to work, plus en--in. To work in. Energy is a working in. A working in time-space. It comprises dynamic action, dynamic FLOW. So, herein, energy is spoken of as ENERGY FLOW.

The granite masses of the Rocky Mountains are temporary manifestations of energy flows, wherein the energy action is confined to circulatory circuits, called "electron paths", within the masses of the mountains. The energY of a lightning bolt is the same energy spiraIing forward in a different fashion. Cosmic radiation is a still higher type of energy flow.

The potential power of the energy flows in the masses of granite in the mountains, the released energy of a trillion lightning bolts, are as nothing compared to the potential energy flow of the human psyche. It has the duplicative, cumulative potential to do, to be, to achieve anything that can be visualized. The potential of a lightning bolt is brief, it spends itself in a few microseconds. The potential in the granite of the mountains is imprisoned, limited to closed -circuit pa Only the human psyche can unlimitedly select paths of energy flow. It is equally unlimited in its power to repeat or duplicate energy flows and the mental images which they comprise.

All my books deal with the law that the duplicating or sustaining of mental images leads to their realization on the physical level. Why?

The answer to this question has not been arrived at through speculative philosophy or arbitrary religious doctrine. It has been reached through nucleonic research.

For a long while scientists have been aware that all matter is a conglomeration of particles called molecules, that molecules are clusters of smaller particles called atoms. More recently it was discovered that all atoms are comprised of something that has been called electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.

Electrons, etc., manifest effects that are rigidly in accord with seemingly immutable cosmic laws, and were, for a time, depicted as "ultimate particles". But a "particle" must have a definite shape, or body of some kind-- and it has been definitely found that the "electron" has no shape! It is not a sphere, nor a.cube, nor a cylinder, nor a thing of any other conceivable physical aspect. Hence, electrons are not particles. They are the composite manifestations of non-physical energy flows.

The phenomena of electronics are, as said, immutable, predictable, workable, but what is observed are illusions of effects. The human mind is not yet highly enough evolved to "see" pure non-physical energy. I sees only effects that make it look as If electrons were fast-moving physical particles. No electron has ever been seen or located at any particular point in space-time. We observe only the effects of something called "electrons".

Now, since we have been taught that all matter is made up of ultimate electrons, and since electrons have been proved to be physically non-existent, then one arrives at the astounding computation that all matter is a transient effect of condensed non-physical energy.Or, perhaps, that the "physicalness" of matter is really only a manifestation of a heavy but temporary concentration of non-physical cosmic energy .

This concept should be clearly grasped. When this is done, it becomes evident that psychical or cosmic energy flows can appear in any "physical form", including incredible physical forms, as, for example, flying saucers and other things that we have rarely or never seen on this planet!

A second essential concept is that in the case of the human psyche, this flow of cosmic energy is superior to and is in control of all "physical" manifestations of itself. Grasp this concept and you can achieve a level of awareness that outranks all the "lost secrets" of the past, and which enables you to deal effectively with the present and the future.

This world, and everything in it, including lands, seas, living forms, and man, are all manifestations of applied creative energy. These energy flows are forever in action, whether in circulatory motions in masses, such as iron and granite, or in complex motion, as in an explosion of a stellar system. There are only energy flows in action in a trillion-trillion manifestations. But the cause is one --energy flow. At this time, on this planet, only the human mind is capable of being continuously aware of this, and of purposefully redirecting energy flows.

An energy flow in the human psyche, if persistently sustained in a certain pattern, manifests itself in a series of duplicated mental images. The mental image is a directive part of the flow itself. If sustained long enough and intensely enough, the energy flow is concentrated into a nucleonic deposit, and then one says that the "mental image" has now materialized into the "physical event".

But energy flows, it must be re-emphasized, can be misdirected.

Why is this possible? How can the high intelligence level of human super- consciousness ever misdirect an energy flow?

Energy flows are misdirected, or destructively concentrated, as a consequence of imperfect data or lack of accurate information. Or, as a result of misinformation, misinterpretation of information, or the receiving of deceptive, false-to-fact information.

Misdirected energy flows are the same thing as "negative energy flows". From the human viewpoint, they have destructive power. Misdirected energy flows, of which negative mental pictures are component elements, are the source of every kind of illness and disease.

Negative energy flows are sometimes difficult to reverse, without an Electropsychometer. Further, the conscious and purposeful application of a specific energy-flow procedure that is highly beneficial to one person may actually worsen the case of another person because of the extremely individual genetic or psych-