Volume 3, Issue 6, page 4

stillness that is you as Totality. Then be
still and be aware of the motion within your
awareness. From the Vedic teachings on down
through the ages in many esoteric schools,
there has been one serious mistake made. It
has been taught that Supreme Intelligence of
Being is "Light". It is necessary to go one
step further for the ultimate truth. Totality
is the Supreme Intelligence that creates Light
and Darkness. Many seekers of the "truth" become stuck in the beautiful white light and
never truly become aware of being Totality.

Each-of us is an area of Totality expressing in a very limited fashion as conscious and
unconscious awareness. Totality has the ability (total ability) to be aware or unaware.
Totality in its native state is fully aware.
Thus, unawareness, for Totality, is a postulated, pretended state. Our areas of unawareness
or the subconscious is therefore within Totality (you), being maintained (recreated), as a
pretended state of unawareness for an infinity
of reasons. These relationships of awareness
and unawareness within you as Totality is the
well-known game of life, expressing (being recreated moment to moment) on the spirit-body
combination levels known as homo sapiens.

Totality creates both Nothingness and Somethingness. Nothingness is the assignment of an
area of Totality within itself for the purpose
of creating a Somethingness (energy pattern)
within the Nothingness.

Nothingness is a postulated assignment of
self as totality -- you as Totality acting as
cause. For example: You as a body exist within
an assigned area of Totality. Totality creates
all things within itself; therefore Totality
is also within all things.

The discovery that Totality is within all
things is the common denominator that makes
all processes work and makes the solution of
problems completely possible. You as Totality
can become aware of the true relationships of
the visible and invisible aspects of the many
dynamics of our universe.

Some time ago, in Professional Auditors'
Bulletin No. 12, under the heading, "The Cycle
of Action of an Explosion", it was stated .
"Rgsic-basic for all cases has been discovered
and. is being delivered into your hands to be
run." A truer and more exciting statement was
never made!
Totality, in establishing dimension universes within itself (you), set up a basic action
pattern of motion. This action pattern is best
expressed in terms of an explosion. (Refer to
PAB 12 for a deeply penetrating analysis of
the explosion up to a point.)
The explosion is the basic pattern of the
universe -- the pattern for all action and
apparent inaction (solids- -walls, etc.) This
includes thought, emotions, and efforts. A
thought explodes into a state of Being out of
you as Totality.

Using the explosion as a process speeds up
our ability to become aware that we are Totality. Using the explosion frees us from the
energy patterns of our engramic past which are
recordings of explosions. Being free from the
energy patterns, our postulates, or decisions,
to be unaware come into view and we can then
change them if we choose. This means an extension of our awareness such as outlined in the
wonderful extravaganza, "the first book", Dianetics. In fact, you will discover that such
claims are a modest understatement of the potential possibilities. For those of you who do
not believe this, be sure you resist the idea
well, for what you resist in this universe you
eventually become.

Explosions run on the body level achieve
certain beneficial effects. When run as a
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1 '~
t By. ln.iAiteai Bakal:*

good for solving problems and repairing the
havingness (energy) on the body. However, when
the individual learns to experience the explosion as the Eighth Dynamic, or Totality, it
becomes something other than just an explosion. This pattern becomes the "open sesame",
the "secret of the golden flower", with which
you release yourself from all MEST attachments. The explosion is the "key to the kingdom" within God, or Totality (you).

The anatomy of an explosion is as follows:
Nothing -- white