Volume 3, Issue 4, page 16

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have fun, do, and if you can't, at impressions on
least get satisfaction. I got a let- other..."—Fred
ter from Art Coulter the other day.

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allow ta c:71cht.eve
Ait Evolved tiro electrop,ychical research
i e
This is THE BOOK on regressing to
past-life recalls. Deals briefly with
history and basic theory; then gives
precise, crystal-clear STEP-BY-STEPINSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PROCEED. In- t~as~
cludes fascinating, brand new techniques'based on years of field experience. Also, for the first time, introduces the new Mathison PERCENTAGE-OFCONSCIOUS-AWARENESS SCALE, a valuable
psychical test procedure.

Simply, clearly written; usable by
any two average persons. Techniques do
not require an electropsychometer. A crystal pend
not essential.

Book $1 postpaid. Crystal Pendulum $1 postpaid
Tape-recording by Volney G. Mathison, same cont
the actual procedures as they are used. ALSO incl
ing of an actual past-life recall, as conducted
$6 postpaid.

1214 West 30th Street, Los Angeles 7, Cahf
Other books by Volney G. Mathis
Creative c/`maffe lIte'tar
7h decrel of the

1.u.~e,JGt~rad a. /Z....1d $2. Ceetrat~~ye
The ~scesf pa•.LC e( the Ctrt,dt ALI. $ I . 0 0
All Prices Postpaid 7Ne /)wet t~~td (C
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compliment, though ••••••••••••••:
iment one can pay.

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mbats...Simple Game
said it before and •
Will Roth is poten- • i
he second-best aud- CO-OPERATIVE HEALING. By L.
Sorry there are • E. Eeman. In simple lang for first place. : uage, the author tells how •
I've played it... • human radiations can be used :
hemselveshis game make and each good • to cure disease -- your own,

and, Houston, Tex. ^ or in co-operation with oth^ ers $4.00 •
ublishing an journal." Hilllory - NOTESURON -aT T HE gEvenDOp OORATE •
ss. Hubbard in his "Theta Clear• ing" lectures. 200 of these •
• were sold at $7.50. but be- •
^ cause of demand and the importance of the data they •
• contain, the stencils were •
^ re-run in a limited edition. :
• Now, only $4.00 •
/ecaL G than 200 pages of notes •
• • from lectures given to stu- S
• dents of the $800 Advanced :
Clinical Course. Theory, and •
• 0 techniques
tails use echniques. of . . the . . . . $4.00
• ^ SCRUB OAKS, by Alphia Hart --
^ A 330-page novel of love, •
• hate, and intrigue in an ac- :
• lahoma oil town. Cloth bounc •
// • and printed to sell at $3.50. •
w to c4clL~eve • Special $1.00 •
dl ll •
CLES. byMax Freedom Long. •
• First of the famous Huna •
• books $4.00
G.l4,hso• • •
• Edition, in two volumes -- •
by Volney G. Mathison. DeE-Meter and •
^ how to use it in psycho- :
• analysis. Both volumes $3.75 •
lum is helpful but
• -- One complete set of the •
• 50 famous "yellow booklets" •
by D. Folgere. These books
• sold originally at 85W each, •
ext as book. Gives and many nolonger are avail- •
des a live record- • able from any source. $20.00 e
by the author. varrrc txcuinr rosTArv)
wnia • The ABERREE
n Z Box 528 - Enid, Okla.
• 1
, $2.
/ Special Christmas Offer!
Zp/yLeteLGj $3.75 ~,i one o'f R. a$iove
0 .&ooko., wfiP.n, accos4aasvi,ed
QCrei. e 'w on -to
99 a new o'I, ,ve n e ywa%
L'NTL ve Li.ad one—fiay
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tcy Sex $2. good tunes skat. I on )
1.Y—AUGUST, 1: