Volume 3, Issue 4, page 15

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for instance.'.- Bob Areatz, Denver. Tier 88-008
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"The articles by walsh are excel- Have nickels
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fluous, excepting that I feel that germ, ana '';,o
this is the way Scientology should body give me
be presented. Clear-cut ard inform- "lbw about
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"Burks in his efforts rates high- ner merit a h
est praise for the application of outstanding es
using his knowledge and training to- field with
ward a real dome-to-earth present- lightful pub]
problem in society. ]fore power lent can be
to . "Purcell, at a practical level of those outside
ing afraid of
instructive information, is doing a joe 2ubris, Db
wonderful job of presenting guidance
in logic -ard inderstardirg that need "We have
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hands in the field but never stu- an open-air
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"Likewise with Bev. Weighs. Arne- ently sometime
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"Volney, of curse, demonstrates stand aside,
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that are needed in the strtrtt~,l1e to "Further
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'Donn [Mee. comes up with basic on (words to th
Dianeties a Sciemtoloa dictionary sig
with the game.

lately is
Published by the faithful
Australian Psychology Centre passivists, a
296 Pitt St.. dney. Australia but the exper
vists are a g
This most helpful book of 156 pages pretty wellcomprises a series of six lectures HASI goes off
by the President of the Centre, mr. weird kicks,
E. O. Hoes. It has come to be recog- cently, our to
nixed here as the most helpful and tions elsewhe
simplest publication on Freudian selves otherw
psycho-Analysis, from which Hubbard sells house-re]
mainly derived Dianetics. Send $1.00 old Cohn has
for your post-free copy. furniture stnr
Lorenz Aare
jazz combo wit
To all our
,~- Readers of T
wish you one
314 sincere !ferry tt ~~ r- : To all who
it Ye Pub.

JULY-AUGUsT. 1956 The A
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ken the minds of men
ghere. continues to CommercialIN
he terse, concise yet Advertisements under thi
phrases ch o efforms head : 2k a word, in advance
l. Keep it U. .
port by Jonas Bigo of SEVEN "Spiritual Healing" exercises l
ydoktmzruskehen. Hope Arthur J. Burks, to be used in cot
er soon. junction with Mr. Burks 's "in absent ii
ur description of pro- sessions, from 10:00 to 10:15 OhM
—scr D.Scn., vnightly. These exercises, to be used or
d ten, very Always a night and then repeated. will be set
to any who contribute $5 or more teen
ow how a D.Scn. of la- Mr. Burks's Foundation for research int
n line processes oper- what lies behind disease. K. & S. Smitl
'll try to dig up 800 Box 301. Harrisburg, Penn.
lower Slobovian cur- FOUR power-filled words. "Teach me TI
ke a course. I find I Holy-Wisdom", restore God to Man at
erdaricy to be logical. Man to God. There are no "walking. dear
or parking meters and in the Engineer's lans for "The Ctpp
oWn grape-rafts-wheat Dawn". Write: Engineer, Box 326. Loa
.d love to have some- Wolf. Okla.
crystal ball... WANT to do something original? Creativi
something from left- ty and Inspiration. $1: Creativit
11 get stale if you report. 200. Are you skeptical? Sell®
, her, or it... tics and General Semantics, 200: Booby
eyeshade and his part- traps of Everyday Language -- Abstrac
ned Oscar for their Nouns, 250. Like to roam universes wit
or Ssoupppp the Aberrologists? Journeys Through th
Tforts nesupilyi d the Uncr scious, $1. All postpaid from Iva
hell a eg. 1280 Exposition Blvd., L o
cation that any recipe Angeles 7. Calif.
proud tO ShoW it tO YOUNG Artists - who have outgrown dim
the field without be- store coloring books, but who stil
being called a nut."— enjoy coloring - would you like to hel
rchester, Mass. create abook of more original pictures
If you have any ideas or suggestions
a kindof hi toned lease write Aunt Alice, in care of Th
n over at the amnon— Box 528, Feid, Okla.
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l isa meek typed school ]late rettarded children () . Sc
a " r ~ end joy' it goes. Most of us continue to audbstrt it ourselves, each other, and our
at could they do but ' fria ds when it seems appropriate.
e semantic equivalent Of our two inactive, but Ann l with
nificance of) o alon is reported inactive, but still with
_Alma Hi, goo Hill. No further data. Crystal Gull(vige, HCA, BScn., D.Scn., D.D., Exstaff auditor HASI, etc., has retired from Scientology 100 percent.
in. I can't speak for She now believes everybody and evfollowers, hopefuls, erything is just awful...As for any
rid ggrroois e-clears organized Scientology activity in
imentalists and atti' Houston, it may not be dead, but it
erally competent and sure isn't breathing...
ntegrated lot. When "Verbiage anent the June issue:
on one of its (his?) "Editorials: Ridicule -- Mr.0 seems
s more frequently re- quite capable of making a buffoon of
cols turn their attea- himself with a mini mn of help from
re and occupy them- his friends and antagonists. Cancelise. Like: Will Roth proof Certificates -- Since the cerair-contracting, liar- tificates are mainly to impress the
just opened a second clients anyway wery not give them to
e, Clyde Marshall and the clients? Suggested line of cerare developing anew tificates: Dianetic Release, Ilianeth new style (rhythm. is (M8~T) Clear, Data Clear, Theta
Clear, Homo Superior, Operating Thetan—with from one to six signatures name in ,
friends, and seal,' incorporatirgldinte~ aed large
tre ABERREE, we angles, a silver cross with'points,
and all a ana eight egold balls. The lower
hristmas! grades would be on paper, similar to
an HCA certificate (cancellable in
re not readers case of disagreement). The upper
we wish you'd echelon documents would be aved
on clear plastic and would glow in
the dark.
"We're Rhen Dumber Than — All
things are possible. An event is
r, , d possible if its probability is great~,',ygt,~y1/ er than zero. How many zeros to the
re Ed. right of the decimal are you willing
to go before you reach a significant
digit for the least likely miracle?