Dear Editor (continued)

clay-- and that the charges for teaching and publications are unconscionable fbr anyone claiming to be the benefactor of his fellow man. Cite the Bev. Jim %Yelps to your Boston correspondent. It might be the eye-opener he is bound to get if he is a truth-seeker.

"It was good of you to give publicity to Edward Milligan. His kind ahead have encouragement and support. I enclose $10 which you will please forwartifbrhis auto license." --Earl E. Hughes. White Plains. N.Y.

"If 'Curve of Fate' is as good as A .B . says it is, I better read it again. Bryans is not original and neither um I. His paradoxes are cammon among mystical writers. The Gitas and Lao Tse and Zen have it also. So do 'Ilan writings.

"When I read L.B.H.'s Axiom that life is basically a static, I immediately went to its opposite and came up with dynamically static, and statically dynamic. When I opened 'The Curve of Fate ,to review it after same 8 years, there was the exact expression. It may have been a spontaneous incubation of a crysto- psychic implant...

'Thinking and Destiny' is probably the best and most comprehensive book I have ever read. Don't let the size scare you. (Ed. Note-- It did! 1200 pages, but the part we read is fascinating! Only a humorist, or incurable egotist, could contend that intelligent thinking masn't born until 1949.) The introduction is a good summary of the mhole...

"Examen of June Aberree: Cover design, very good. May I suggest that the pyramid be truncated, because the zero apex is, at once, there and not there. Also, please understand that you have drawn the adverse side of our Seal, the death state, the integrating side. Our divided living is the KA% material side, the phoenix, which then completes the whole cyclic picture.

"More power to hate because we hate it. The ridiculous we tend to ignore, and by ignoring we stop thinking on it and therefore its beingness vanishes. In ignorance there is bliss. The ignorant are safe from their thoughts.

"Are you Jonas Blgo? Clever article.

"In your drawing of the earth mother, the concept of the hemispheres is good, but I'm worried whether you have them properly righted and lefted.

"In The Editor Gets Processed, the faces on the '0' and IP'letters is a dichotomy. 'G' is down in the mouth while 'IP' is up.

"Kenneth Hart smacks of Bale Carnegie. 'If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic'. Just some more implants to plague us later. We can never attain to greatness by acting out the virtues. But when we attain greatness, the virtues are straightway manifested...

"What applies to Kenneth Hart's emotions applies also to Don Purcell's abilities. If we develop greatness first, Abilities are automatic by-products.

"'Globicides' is a glob of good humor.

"lh 'Naught but Nothing', title Should be rugamanted by the one word 'Positively ,.

"After saying what a great metalinguist I was last year, Hand hands asan absolute semantic blank. He is right about 'Am I my brother's keeper?,Which you goofed on. Should have been 'Am I my victim's keeper? was omitted fromtheauditor's dode.' Hand's letters are dila& fall of good dope.

"I consider Jackie Ishmael's letter the best contribution in this issue. The spiritual things, like spirits of alcohol, art, churches, sunsets, and all the noble aspects of life, are intoxicating. They are toxic. That which tends to -x -in the body is a toxin, and the body rejects it if it can in the form of dis-eases; otherwise it just leaves a hole in you.

"I hope your readers don't miss your comercials. Yes, what we need is more space. Bombs we have pier', ty."--Phil Friedman, Florence, Ariz.

"It's no use telling you you're a good bloke, because, no doubt, you,ve been told that before. (E1). Note: We don't mind THIS type of du, plication!) The 'Ab' gets terrificer and terrificer. I'm surprised you can cram so much into this magazine empared with others of the same price.

"Fie. Vol. 3, No. 2: Scientologists, dry your eyes. I called on Mac about three weeks ago and mournfully mentionedthe death of B.D.R. But Mac said B.D.R. was not dead. Indeed, he had reached page 10 of the next issue. It would not surprise me if he was well on the way to page 11 now. I asked him when we should get it--this year, next year, or some time. He has been very busy during the last four months. Plus the fact that the communication level of the field (I'm no exception) is very low, especially in this country. These factors add up to yet another BEIR before the turn of the century.

"There seems to be some controversy About the cover of the March issue. I feel sure the big portrait is most like thee...

"For the last six months I've been working at Towerleaze, Bristol, a nature cure establishment, Where I have been incorporating a bit of Scientology. It is very fascinating work. This is where people come to get cured after doctors and surgeons have amputated legs, heads, noses, rerooved skeletons, substituted drags for blood, tied reef knots and clove hitches in veins, etc." - -Dennis Smith, Birmingham, Eng.

"The goal of P. Friedman seems to as to try and become a complete and infinite ZERO, physically, mentally, and, I presume, also sexually. The goal I advocate in my books is, indeed, in the opposite direction, toward 100% of dynamic optimum, mentally, physically, and, of course, sexually.

"After casting around for a broader basic name for the activities developing here, we have finally decided on Applied Creative Energy, which will include Creative Image Therapy and Electropsychometry." -- Volney Mathison, Los Angeles, Calif.

"My sister... called my attention to a brief statement of an opinion by Thomas M. Kavanagh, attorney general of the State of Michigan.

"In it he decides that social workers, psychologists, and others dealing with counseling and other non-medical therapies are not practicing medicine in violation of the Medical Practice Act.

"This opinion is #2359, issued January 20, 1966. I wrote the attorney general's office and got a copy of it. It is very interesting from the standpoint of the definite application it would have to the practice of Scientology in the State of Michigan, although Scientology, of course, is not mentioned."--Jadqe Irving SMith,Si., Niagara, Wis., in Mid-west Communicator Detroit.

"Got a copy of ability presumably published sometime in April. It has an article entitled 'Dissemination', by Don Breeding. Now, titles like this stim ulate certain drainage areas in the citadel of my so-called mind. If certain overtones of this condition have crept into the dignified ad I enclose herewith to introduce you to one of the latest technological developments to came out of NoWhere, it would be unforgivable of me to apologize:

"TAPE PACKETS. Six hours on a single band-aid. Wrap it around a convenient digit and Just keep snapping your fingers. A complete course on every strip. No disoohnts. Your latest equipment for artful dissonination. Safe. Sanitary. Be-usable. Reproduction Center, 1812 Boom St., (NoWhere), Brainwash, D.T.'".. Millen Belknap, Phoenix, Ariz.

"Not much Diantology aweigh in this area. The Sci. gang after the usual drumbeatiag and great beginniog enthusiasm, sparked by the Farrells' revival meetings and the arrival of Kemp from Fhgland last year, eventually came to a dead end on selling "the new course" to each other; personal difficulties...inevitably produced by the hotshot 'Ability, approach blew the whole deal apart a few months ago. Some of the refugees have set up Shop over In Bremerton.

"It still appears to me that the great flaw of Sci. is lack of ethics except in lip-service. Solid application of old-line dianetics and most of its first-stage offahoots tended to produce a rise of ethical level whether the PLC liked it or not, as a sort of automatic by-product. Had Hubbard used his original material thoroughly on himself we would not have been treated tothe evasive succession of phantasies that are Scientology, tosaynothing oftheshameful record of MASI (etc.) in dealing with people and finance.

"Personal integration by any path lends the individual to face the subject-matterof religion. To meet this situation by offhand ORGANIZAr TION of still another 'religion' as Halberd has done indicates a great superficiality and lack of understanding of the problem. If there is one thing that stands out about Man's relationship to the Infinite (or use any other term you may prefer), it is that this relationship is NOT subject to organization. The existence of organized religion throughout history and much of pre-history is only testimony to Man's urge for power and his unfailing recognition of this vital and vulnerable area in his fellowman as a lever toattain that power. Religions have been organized About the teachings of the 'great teachers' (Kitselman's list, for instance) only 'over their dead bodies', LITERALLY. And how many have become 'completely integrated,or 'clear', etc., within these organized frameworks?

"Every couple of weeks or so a gang of us turns up at Manzell and Darlene Stedmans' for a free-wheeling 'session' a little along the