Volume 3, Issue 4, page 12

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"I en oy reading the 'Aberree" fled 7 s at itand I think it is getting better all people become r
the time. More inclusive. And the cannot bear to
letters are often very interesting them and out theand informative. ped of their
"It is good to see a publication words, their
that remains fairly stable and is FRee, RPA, Sout
not always full of staggering claims
and lots of ballyhoo. Although, mind "I was greatly
you, sometimes ballyhoo can attract (Bob Williams) 1
someone who otherwise would not be issue of the Ab
drawn to a study of religion or rosy- his experience
chology (or etc.) ! with Eeman' my
"last I heard of the B.D.R., the and would like
Bristol group were taddng up a study particulars. I
of Yoga. A good idea too. simplicity and
"Got any space left for another process when I
'Infinite'? -- Ian M. Logan. Glasgow. about two years
Scotland. the time to expl
"How about putting your consider- ities finish Seals 'unfJ
able flair for illustrative writing of gestalt psy
to use in concocting a series of ar- "Your editor
tites an everyday use of Scientol- devil, ye preside
ogy (outside of auditing). By avoid- anything but rid
lug the rather sticky institutional comas. lash,
NASI approach, you could be helpful
in applying some pretty good yard- "Like your
sticks to business, rofessional, or Like a cool b
social unctions. you might fill mosphere of perE
up a lot of white space at the same is only one
time. (ID Note—Waite space in The "Beason for
Ad ! ? I'll have to do something seven months Len
about that!) respondence
"However, I'll have to disagree valid. Had pl
with some of your correspondents on was OK before
IBH. He's irreeppressible, it's true, course and would
but he g.oes farther, faster, than 99 as any other, if
per cent of the world's personal- auditors, and I
sties today, without running out of '4ICA. Grand Ropi
gas. Fortunately for us, he isn't
cutting his momentum in order to "I believe th
please a bevy of critics. the Feman circus
"Personally, I move for an occas- hours at a stre
tonal vote of thanks to Hubbard, et reduced the welal." -- Ken Cline, Detroit, Mich. system on back
lowered it wi
"It is with pleasure that I send I've gane theor
you my third annual subscription, nes: dream, dre
being fully aware that if Hubbard leptic at times.
had bad his way, I, along with all the idea that we
your other appreciative subscribers, stage of delayed
would have been deprived of youm be one thing pleasurable and instructive mega- rectified, to ge
zinc. My thanks to you and your pub- what we feel is
lusher for your mighty and success- "Alphia, why
ful efforts for the Aberree during couple or sothe past year, and congratulations Becks at the
on your little devil child's cutting to the serious
of its third tooth. May we all be thing; a sick
around to see it cut its bill com- tally or physic
plement. ticu.ar patience
"In your May issue editorial, you and perhaps adi
head a paragraph 'Diantologists hog suggestions.
Should Weep at Loss of B.D.R.' Here cancer, heart t
is one subscriber of B.D.R. from its all that, and kan
12 The A]
i oi o ar i n ap prosp r( hin Seede w ai cho L i n rensour cetl gl t pa momp
end who is in sor- gotten interested in the background
It is a loss to D1- of what you people staid for, they
he fullest sense of would perhaps get interested aid do
mann of A.J.S.McMil- something. My own motto is 'look for
d qualities, whose the miracle , and it is just as
of Hubbard and his cheap a motto as something that
three years, should seems to be more logical, butat the
hreats, lies, slap- same time far more pessimistic. Reappalling. Scien- member, there are million of people
meant a great deal a-looking!" -- Bramwell Saywell, St.
ne thee, as indeed Thomas, Ont.
re of us, until weI crudely disillus- "I demonstrated last night some
rder. 'poltergeist' -type ink that Hubbard's using F.
qy -meter. I e.11an has some con- clear terminals with a pencil ne
,bard's difficulties on a piece of ppaappeerr and have the p-C
authorities. Nona- drink at the meter. Io and behold,
n country would be the needle motes.
i who slandered and "I found that results were table and respected formly stronger when the subject
with the intention turned his back to the meter, except
pear a criminal in for one girl who was able to push
people all over the the needle off scale in either
airection while looking at the meter.
ard's organization, Also, most people started out by
er and be great when moving it in a direction opposite to
other than little the one they said they were trying
headquarters? When to move it, and some people coul
proficient, he move it better in one direction than
share his nest with the other.
go, usually strip- "In addition, I ran into two peofeathers; in other ple who could Inhibit the meter by
nan dignity." -- Mrs. entering the room. Atone point, the
Africa. needle shot back to zero and stayed
there as these two characters en. interested in his tered the room where I was dm ontter in the June strating it." -- Bernie Ross, New York.
erre~g a case =
in a c"Enjoyed June Aberree very much. ognosis technique, Page 2 and Page 5 best yet.
to obtain further "Would like to go on record as
as impressed by the suggesting that in the letters to
selectivity of the the editor section the long letters
first ran on to it of personal opinions...be avoided in
go, but never took favor of short informational pieces
ore the possibil- like Jackie Ishmael's and Jim Welke the best way to gos' on Page 14. Perhaps my likes
nixed sit-nation's' ard dislikes have to do with the
logy. length of letters as much as the use
al was tops. 'The of the personal pronoun 'I'.' Fred
spirit', can resist Hand uses the word 25 times, Jackie
cule." -- W. W.Moyer, uses it about 13 times (9 times in a
report of personal data), and Jim
Welgos not once. How about more fact
nagazine very Ruch- and less personality?
ze in the hrd at- "After reading the Aberree I
act agreanent. There invested in a Build-a-mari Kit'. Goce ( cs3) . tag througtr this kit has certainly
i ICA, after soon proved most worthwhile. Believe me,
Hamilton's HU cor- they arego ing to get my check for eerse oaadecreed ii is which is the cost of 'Synerget then. It was a good "Wilbur Hull in Cassadaga, Fla.,
have done as good has read off several books on tape
I can believe other for various people. Among them Creacan." -- Robert Berg. tive Realism for Wes Scott of Cohanis,
is: Mich. bus, Ga., at the suggestion of Hub
omethirp¢ to William. Wes says that it is much
ere t, as I have used it easier to sit back ard listen to
Creative Realism at the end of a
tlt flu f vt ~' than to read the book."
~yypp~ee "Mute that there are two 'I's'
r "a 'k. Sleep ! in this letter which is atrocious."
u all the categor- -- Victor Torrey. Phoenix. Ariz.
amless, almost cats I have come up with "As a humble ard lowly person* I
can have a chronic want to encourage those who have the
sleep, and IT would initiative and intelligence to welte
hat would have to be the editorials and edit such a pal
t at the basic of issue as your May nether."
wrong with us. "Especially the editorial on loss_
don't you consider a of MLR. and the Power of Mock-uen
ges (apart from Art It is good to have someone putt
ent) to be devoted out a publication who sees the
side of this whole and can call the turns without eserson, whether men- ing perspective on the contributions
ally, is in no par- arni shennanigans of the greatest
with the lighter, living human or inhume?)
rent, type of heal- "The letter you published from
I have friends with one of the faithful in Boston was so
rouble, mental, and typical of those who still haven't
ow if they could be discovered that the idol has feet of
e. ea. — ee