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SUMMED TENSION STUDY, By James nearby beanery
Welgos, Fairhope, Ala,- _Around and ane like, this book, the entire training sys- project at
tam of Human Fhgineerirg is being of 'by an simple
pla 'Lessons Although it does ",Living°, tWere- l- low conscious.
gos explains, it can produce fas- You have
ter, if less permanent, results. The ablY below "lessons" have been reduced to bi- the tomorrows
weekly mailings rather than weekly. Ages ~~
Students of' Dianetics will recog- n
nize many familiar facets, although thth l-la
areas of unconsciousness will not be r
touched. They are not important, the n r
booklet states, and the student can choice "spicy"
deal with these periods only after hided to in
he is wining to accept responsibil- Isom ~kSity for than. However, the "snap Udoubtedfy
answer", the eutmination of past in- past-life, Mat
cidents and agreements until they ting the low
are understood ard re-evaluated, ard and the instr
development of awareness and control quite detailed
of the internal. structure will be maY complain
"old hat" to Dianetic am-Morn who but at all t
have not aligned themselves with the (Volney's ,ten
later and more covert approaches to "pre-clear") i
why one-is what he thinks he is. or she can gel
Simplified Tension Steyy divides kick his "co-o
people into two types: Those who "therapist")
wish to change themselves and those The main
who wish to change the a virormeit. to keep "the re
Most students, lgos says, must be him or her
raised from the second class to the fencing some
first, and than beyond that stage. to sleep on yo
To do this, eight basic tools are count "4" to
offered to the "teacher". These he don't come awl
calls the "four languages": verbal instructions—
content, actions, sensations, ard may think of
thoughts—within one's self and out- diabolical.
side of self. Mathison
Processing starts with a goal— the "stuck-inand this may be small or large. Only who brushes o
that which leads to the accomplish- example of
went of this single goal is to be symbolism". So'
considered until it has been wean- accomplished
plished -- no matter how long it may symbols, the
take. Anyone wanting to free the then, is "s
world, probably, will find it takes iron asks.
a bit longer than if his goal merely It should
is the eradication of hair fran the "haunted house'
tip of his or her nose. midnight. Try
The study of' etiquet, poise (and come up with
here "charm schools" get a pat on really did s
the back), physical culture, dieting, and even hypnotism all have a YOUR D(TEI,LI
place in integration, Welgos points EN I GY.
out. T D,S
hhe book is small (only 35 pages) This 8-page
to cover such a large subject as in- transcription
tegration, but this may be a refuta- Dr. Hamilton,
tion of those critics who claim Wei.- series of boob
gos is "too wordy". "Simplified Ten- up various
sion Sturdy" isn't. explain than
* * * not frustrated
find in the di
HOW TO ACHIEVE PAST-LIFE RETAILS, By In 'Your Vol ey Mathison, 1214 W. 30, Los Hamilton tells
Angeles. $1 — In this 66-page book- ly is — how
let, Volney makes the running of with pictures
previous existences (past lives) ourselves so
even more simple than backing your with old pict
cfr around the corner in downtown pable of see
Los Angeles at 5 p.m All you need present time.
do, he says, is get a co-operative place these
partner, concentrate, and follow the proper pers
simple hypnotic instructions to the emotional deEn
JULY-AUGUST, 1956 ^ is me A
d int somewha spruun th S oxrs bern Y arn a ca
s t uth do thso ta th n th ymbo b om (&1 W prophas s tedc In or in T mem
m't even need a crys- today's computations, I.Q.'s of 2A
one would help. or more are not uncommon in Seim
roductory, Mathison tology, Bamiltan states.
t the history of Dia- However, Hamilton admits, those
the Ins Angeles school with such high I.Q.'s often find i1
lit with Don Purcell necessary to become stupid againing of past lives, and just because they need playmates,
e credit for the part and to commicate with those se
Mathison Electropsy- much lower whom they want to help.
e metamorphosis of Di- The explanation of memory is well
cientolo His own done, and makes the pamphlet wel]
bbard followed—which worth ready. However, the statepartly to dangerous meet that AlLScientologists have I.
while running one of Q.'s in excess of 125 needs a little
lives". more supporting vidence.
can contact a past- In any event, itwill be intereste, you must take your ing to see what other booklets Mr,
the blonde in the Hamilton publishes in this series
, the price of coffee, and what success he has in rellin€
and concentrate on the material at 25¢ in a field that ha,
d. This is taken care been taught that knowledge is pretty
imaging process. dunned expensive.
ork toward a goal of * * *
awareness, and when ADVANCED PERCEPTION, Rev. James Weimead a figure prefer- gos. Human Ehgineering, Fairhope,
0", you're ready for Ala. $2—This may mark the begin nirnh
that happened Ages and of the end for the old 8ixll mimeographed booklets published by Hillel
ecdotes of regressing gineering. "Advanced Perception'
es are given, together is in a new size, 5x8, and printer
peutic value obtained. by offset, as other books of the
ourse, are mime of the list will be in future.
accounts used or al- For the changeover in size, Welme of the other Math- gos has chosevn the first of the ole
Eidetic Foundation books, "Occult
, the key to running a Aspects", for reprinting, and not
hison formula, is get- only has the size of the book beer
conscious-awareness, changed but the contents have bee
actions for this are revised and the book given a rueY
. There are some who title.
hat this is hypnotism, No matter what your belief, "Adhoes, the "instructee" vanced Perception", if you accept
n for "patient" or it, will shake your reality to
s enough aware that he toes. As Welgos points out, there
t up off the couch and but a single mind in the universe'
perator" ("auditor" or and everything is apart of that
n the teeth. mind. For us, then, to think of ouring, Mathison says, is selves as irdivideals, independent
turnee in action, keep from the universe, is possible only
ing something, exper- through deformed perception. We ser
ing". And if they go Only what we want to see, give realu, give than until you ity only to that which we have decome awake. If they Glared to be real.
ke, he gives you no Those who get help through andi tbut it's possible you log, spiritualism, and the millionmething clever and/Or and-one panaceas offered, get hell
only to the extent they agree they
kes a parting shot at can be helped, he says. As an examthe~med psychologist" plc, he cites the doctor who know:
ff "past-lives" as .an only how to treat broken arms, ane
e successful use of believes that all ailments can be
ce language itself is helped by treatments for broker
eo use of word arms. If his patients agree 'vita
ruanung of past-lives, him, even though they edght have.
lic of what?", Math- broken legs, they will be cured.

There is a lot of data acceptable
e fur—especially in a as truth in this little book—but if
" during a storm at one accepts it in tote, one can only
it. Maybe someone can come to the conclusion that he is
a "Bridey Murphy" who being a human merely because humans
e hing. are real to him -- and if you dissi* * * pate one illusion, you might as well
ICE QUOTIENT AND SCI- dissipate them all. In fact, when we
. Len Hamilton, D.D., had turned the last page, we weren't
Wilbraham, Mass. 25¢ quite sure whether we'd read a book
inted booklet is the or merely participated in a momenf a lecture mode by tary illusion.
• is the first tae oy, to us,the 000kt was thut
le ts which will take icant statement in the bo
es of Scientology and people do not want to know the total
o that the reader is truth; they seek only the solution
by words he cannot to an immediate problem, or probtionary. terns, and guard their illusions with
telligence Quotient'', their' life. And why not? Their ilwhat memory" actual- lesions ARE their life, are they
we surround ourselves not?
of our past, and get COCO
thoroughly hued in The "professional dry" is one who
es that we are Inca- seeks a law that he hopes will do
g anything clearly in what he can't accomplish by setting
hrough processes that a horrible example.
ory pictures in their 00100
Hman and remove the Few road hazards are more deadly
s of yesterday from than a so-called "safety campaign".