Volume 3, Issue 2, page 12

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"Your letter ...forwarded to this words, I do not
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office refers to the pamphlet 'Brain- auditor anpare
Washing published by the Hubbard data and, yet,
Di.anetic Research Foundation. itor result-wise
"We have no information as to the ton, Texas.
authenticity of this alleged docu- "I see Irres•
ment and have had nothing whatever
to do with its publication or circuthis t
lation. Our only knowledge of it was hichthe
when a copy of it was mailed to us wected tyh ke
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subsequent to its publication. I laim do well
might add that we have no knowledge ag,odo wellce
of Mr. Charles Stickley nor of the air the note
Hubbard Dianetic Research Founda- read
tion." -- kill B. Davis, manager, Com- quite wince incensed a
mittees on Publication, First Church andse and all s
of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Mass.
position to H.R.
"I read theAberree avidly word did, I did a li
for word every time and am disap- the bill and i
pointed when I come to the end of finally came to
it. It gets better all the time. I were avain tal
like all the diverse opinions and to hats. I ve just
know what others are doing. Everyone H Ifor the their fir
seems to be still enthusiastic about Protest some 'ism' or other, or are these men"Now s —
the only letters you print? I'm won- ma
dering if there are any others that sense st use o allow to be
have fallen by the wayside, so to
speak, and are wandering around in Pause'?) before
'No-man's-land' too. Or does hope ton. If the bil
spring eternal in most people? I've on before the
either had not enoi h processing surely like to s'
(I'm sure the Scientologists would People read the
agree with this) or too much proa- angry, foolish 1
essing, or dabbled in too many sys- later regretted.
terns~ -- Monica Macomber, San Diego, Portland, Ore.

Calif. "Now that y
"Herewith my appreciation for a'aphs, why not
good job of editing my article. Had Hubbard himself
hoped to stir up a few comments re- like to know w
garding it, but, so far, nothing enon looks lib
specific has turned up. t was par- pictures can be
ticularly interested in some dim- of the HASI
cussion regarding the 'analytical seeing him in
mind' being just another 'machine' As you probably
or creation. The questions included Dublin, accor
a few 'sneakers', too, that I felt fran the HAS of
would jar a few comments from your this didn't have
readers. -- E. T. Robins, Lo
"This lack of response may be
reasoned indicatively as being due "I am for cr
to: (1) No one read the article; as important to
(2) 'All' the readers 'knew' already tology. It is tr
that that was the way things are; get too big for
(3) the readers did not understand as we all make
any of it and therefore, could not look at the n
comment: (4) The article was not throwing any stet
worth commenting on. More 'reasons' anything hasn't
may easily be 'figured out', but of pros and cons.
then maybe some readers may yet sup- different and
ply some. rank beginner,
"Contrary to Wel os's opinion, I but a year ago,
feel that group activity is worth- than my money's
while. This is particularly so when and so am not
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ingness. Same om t t fe i e ti o e r m n b p imead ai a L [jina m al h w s
1. luuo.11~ 8ivc acacia spent, aUuuL U ii xiuis sL liig 'or n.
ti ti CAd HAA Ad
eacono varous.. an...lreay have seen
other states of be- the constructive results from my own
f the theories and efforts in helping others and no one
e precisely as out- can tell or show me that the science
is not to say that doesn't work for everyone of the
plished. billions of humans on-earth that
recently participa- need it. But go ahead and tell the
ological 'intensive' world what you think. Some can't
wo consecutive week- stand criticism, so they will have
Sharpe, our local D, to change their consideration and
ditor and chairlady. get down to reality and like it. In
ter' IQ and person- this way is progress made. The shorgiven. I feel that ter cuts that Ron has doped out are
s case, the cost is working worderfally well and better
n, considering the and surer results are due to come as
actions of the par- more reality and certainty will show
ime and effort are up from the improvements that are
led. coming along rapidly." -- Bill feel,
I believe is a well- Yonkers. PLY.
in regard to this
ning both group and "I take exception to one statevity. I believe an mert of Mr. B r s's that anyone ma
duce results almost have such a child as he describes. I
ct ratio to his own would ask first of all whether there
nce, and only coin- were any overt abortion attempts and
elation to his ver- 2, whether the child was unwanted by
ere data. In other the wire." -- Bernie Ross, New, York.
feel auditing can be
mechanical basis. An "How late can I possibly be? I
tly can 'know' the was just finishing comments on the
ea mighty poor cud- March issue when the April issue ar. Roth, Haus- rived... Let an just say that I enioyyed and got a lot out of the last
ans-Ability is at it sh, especially the Burks, Purcell,
e raising the roof and Roth pieces. I answered twice
Mental Health Act, the Roth questionnaire with minor
ather obviously meg insights. Insights, fran all evi• The HAdI would, dance, are always sudden and occur on
to take a little of every level of processing. Cogni: IAOK! When I first tions' is Hubbard's term, 'insight'
in Issue 24, I is from the Gestaltists. Same deal.
bout s whole thwas ing It always means a restructuring of
t to wire Senators the person's actuality. The reality,
rger, stating my op of course, stays pretty mauch as it
Tic, But before I was. Hubbard hasn't yet imported the
the looking, read two big insight techniques from &dts amendments, and dhism, namely: Roan (insoluble probtihneg conclusion they lara whose answer is Satori—burst
fYn3sYnedthroun their o o of insight, lookingness), and Mon(unanswerable stion) whose
st time in Vitto answer is also an might -- knowingrresponsible state- ness. An example of Mondo: Teacher
holds out to the pupil a stick. The
I had g eno teacher says, 'Tell an what it is.
long comm. lag (did Do not say It is a stick" for that
called a 'cortical would be affirmation. Do not say,
writinm to Washing- "It is not a stick" for that would
1 hasp t been acted be negation. Now, without affirma,next Aberree, I'd tion or lue ation, tell me quickly,
e you suggesthat dak!' Keens The permit coran-lag;
bill before writing the dos forbid it. Apparentlyetters that might be these processes would break ma!
" chines. Perhaps 'Be three feet back
-- Jon R. Skinner, of your head' is a Roan. ley own contribution: 'Moin a person is talking
oucan print ota- to himself, with whom is he conversprint once ofIR. R. ong?' may need some refinement. It
? Many of us would usually elicits confusion, evasion,
hat the MEST phenom- or distress, ~b but nt answers. '
a. (ED. Note —Such okletw Frem
found in almost any Your , the •: •'I e , which
dvazines.) I missed seems to be the Psychopolitics'
ondon unfortunately. I've heard of, sands like a rehash.
know, he is now in I recop~nize one component of the
to a recent paper text. ine material about income tax." (ED. Note -- And es, conscription, etc., is directly
his picture in it?) out of V.I.Isnin's 'State and
Revol- ution' which I read much earlier in
the little Lenin library' edition.
iticism of anything I've read the Marxist literature
S thoroughly, ard talked with Commmue thant some folks ists in iscussion groups, etc.,
their britches, and many times. It's my well-grounded
istakes, one can't conclusion that who a most Commu next guy and start ists I've met are sincere, well-inies. No advance in tentioned people, like the followers
had its full score of most religions, their goals are
Scientology isn't very disparate from mine and their
though I am but a structuring of reality is not mine.
aving heard of Scn. From the purely personal viewpoint,
I have gotten more RI life expectancy in a Commnist
orth in my own case State would be well under a yearn
orry that I have and death is unattractive to mee.