Volume 3, Issue 2, page 11

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• junket to Dallas
- "Tf1e Yen i
~~~ ~~ • ' his vow that he w Alt
course until t
"theta clearing
this quip from
,` J7 P— Nibs, Sr., sh
f 1 ;; stable clearing;
don't think, Jo r necessary to go
~i' coles. MeLem,
having a ....v.,- stable clearing
i I Sam Gasser, who
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EA' `.'M ti ~~ ed a furniture
. i~ ~', just trade our
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bed and stove...

Up the Field one time always
Plowing U ne in a park
The ABERREE has been beaten at sell a visual
its oren game! In March, no less Dr. ing r t well
old Thibodeau of Conway, S.Car., erstwhile mainE
;hoots a Christmas card—and we were HASI staff, has
rely starting to think about the is doing a bit
2aristmas cover for our annual July- her return to
%%rust Christmas number... The Jim seen so little
itruakmayer garage, which has been that we'd begun
the convening place of Scientolo- that Tulsa girl
;ist8 and DDii ticists even before to discuss myst
iubberd closed his dozen ar so "per- but when he brE
anent" offices in Phoenix, is about morning even beto expire. Attorney Jim is moving office, he admit
into anew hout§e shortly. Gradually, nnot
pHoenix becomes more and more once James Coffin,
elain sucker-bait for tourists, as wood, Calif.,
it loses interest in ergrams and ex- Wichita aircraft
teriorization... Jim, by the may, is BEE visitor,
getting to be quite an aviation en- dope. Got made
tbpsiast, and made his first solo infinity, too...
flight only recently... Another move lake picked
in Phoenix is that of the Burke Bel- t&irs big bliz
knaps who've sold the "old huw- more or less per
steady (they'd had it several David Westlakes.
months), and bought a smaller hose, were sunnerve
smaller grounds, and less desert... the little 8Dee and Bill Swvsart, who've been had to send out
selling bopls by mail to Dianeti- cards. The card
casts and kindred spirits for years, congratulate thE
and once were allied with us "squir- And while on
refs" as publishers of PIUS & MIME statistics, the
and ARC- (ST, have gone big-time, petted event. we
a book store in do+ntown Mi- arrived on 12
amid... mee Lockhart, Prom whom you was in Phoenix,
once could buy the most beautiful n't the blizzard.
Bibles printed, has switched to the Along similar
sale of addressing equipment. Ard so ert stopped on
have we, in a limited way. (See Can- exas, to write
mercials).... March, at Houstc
Ruth Yerks, of Butzbeck, Germany, zier—or vice v
who drops an occasional short note editors insist
to Ye Ed. & Pub., is scheduled to do they're both eI
a little traveling. First, her Anny but what this
husband is ending his foreign tour, rage we don't
and soon will be stationed in Cali- their romance
fonds.. Then she modestly admits, trodes rather
that since she won a contest span- do orthodox swe
sored by a weekly newspaper and the Seven of the
British Travel Agency, she's been the PAB's have
booked for passage on the first cam- an "attack" upon flight to Mars, scheduled to means a "theta
leave Earth in 2)) A And while means) could no
on the subject of Mars, Jonas Bigo, heed, we obti
our Zydokumzruskehnen agent, stopped it thoroughly.
on that "red planet" recently on his that England
way home, and has sent us a story we Commies (and
have been trying to find roam for, that the
but can't...not since the Publisher field is being
won part of her fight for a smaller or so (and we '
mAgazine and has the Editor barra- Scientology fie
ceded behind 16 ag . Henceforth, author of the
any errors you may fienrd in The AB R- medical system
BEE may be blamed on the fact she for someone he
doesn't see so pod through that helping, we co
sag look as she saw through the even resembled
look she had when we could print as course, we did
many pages as lve had copy, paper, "alpha rays" s
i i Kern
~l S ' h mol n . Days
t w bench a o i f bu e . Ma za p tMa e k t th e w n i w Aus r rc ol ud
. Joe Wallace, not
ent tycoonhe was n, -- to out-meter Ma- In Phoenix after a
orthY once labeled
tudent" because of "a '
d take every Hubbart /rfr,, -- -- ' /
ey made good on the
guarantee", sends us i!; r //
Philadelphia: "His
d see Hercules about
he knew, too." We U T
, that it would be ,m 1 y(
as far back as Her- , i
farmer knows, too, G
f stable datums on ;
..Congratulations to
has moved from Clay- ari ,„i,
ton, Ohio, and opentore. Now, if we can
railer for a house,
e can go for a new
Jul Eubank, who at
could be ? and withf By 1ii~~
or two of Hobbard f
aid rtedt ai dlodwa ~~ ~,\ Ph i I i p
t it.g~Carol Bums, Friedman ~'~
tay aeaM-F on Me
left Washington and "Suffer little children to come
of wandering before unto me." Suffering is sphere-ing.
Los Angeles... We'd We are the children, the cauldron of
f EarleCunard lately a divided world, and we must be
to fear he'Wmarried sphered to carie unto the Father, the
whose mother he goes zero fulcrum, where all zeros are in
ci.sm with so often, automatic union -- the point where the
ezed in one Sunday cipher must be deciphered in order
ore we'd opened the to be seen.
ted that it was oil, Women live langer than men beng him busy... cause they are cones spiralling up
formerly of Ingle- to an apex, and have, therefore, a
t now working in a greater capacity for suffering, that
plant, was an ABER is, sphere-ing
xchanging dirt and Men reason better than women bea registered part of cause they are exploding apexes, and
Pouglas Alan West- as such, can better decipher the
rch ZA, during Bos- cipher.
rri, to crime for a Suffering is a manifestation of
manent stay with the sphere-ing and sphere-ing is a maniAnd Papa and Mama festation of suffering.
d, apparently, that The Arabian word 'stir means
ound-8-ounce visitor 'wool' and wool is wale is weal. We
his own announcement are the innocent lambs who mast sufwas cute, and we fer to be shorn of our wool, our
little weekling.... periphery, to be woven into the
he subject of vital whole cloth. The Arabian Mystic
Victor Toorreys' ex- practice of sufi is to fuse.
s a boy, David, who We can't pull the wool over your
rch. And since this eyes for long. Our environment is
there probably was- collapsible.
the Westlakes had... lines, Mark L. Gal- _ Everbearing is overbearing.
his way to Midland, The greatest tension we can achof his marriage in ieve in our bodies is rigor mortis.
n, to Annise P. Etameet,
as the society At any given point, you can't
n saying gcitAnyway, tt ell synergy from dysergy no, not
has to do with mar- even at the corner of 42nd and
now, unless they get Broadway at high noon.
hrough holding elec- The seizable is sizeable.
an holding hands, as thearts... I positively think that a posi. subscribers to tive statement is positively the
ritten us telling of worst statement that can positively
us in PAB 74.
lear" (whatever that B
be stated.
f possibly campre- "Am I my brother's keeper?" was
ed a copy, and read omitted from the Auditor's Code.
Other than learning
s being overrun by an extra vowel and came out "alphia
e're not England); rays", but we wrote this off as a
tralian Scientology typographical error, of which even
uined by a squirrel we at times may be guilty. As for
e not the Australian atomic bomb radiation making people
ld); and that the insane, or untreatable by doctors or
PAB was adopting the Scientology (except by the very,
of "feeling sorry" very, very latest super-duper diswas incapable of coveries), it can hardly be much
d find nothing that worse than self-radiation, in which
an attack on us. Of one mocks himself up with such a
discover that the brightness that the body is left in
denly have picked up a "rather indifferent shape"...