Volume 3, Issue 2, page 6

as v . vaaiy cam iv HGi uV Ua-~:v ...
you rearrange the particles in perfect working
order and under your ownership, responsibility,
and control.

The outer astral body is an extension of
the inner astral body and is a protection and
communication device. It isa radar-like screen
of particles extended out in all directions
from the etheric force-field. Its prime job is
to warn you of approaching objects. The more
fear there is on a case the further he will
have this extended. It reaches from a few
inches to thousands of miles. It has a certain
amount of reactive intelligence within it. It
identifies with facsimiles. It is the insidious little machine that puts everything back
after you run it out, as soon as the body is
asleep and the thetan relaxes its attention.
This force-field is a rugged survival mechanism. So you run something out; this is loss of
energy, this is non-survival, so it feels uncomfortable and puts back the pictures out of
the reserve store house of pictures within its
particles, as soon as it can take over during
sleep. The way to avoid this is to remedy havingness and to postulate that you as a thetan
will not lose control of the body structure,
no matter where you are, while it is playing
the game of sleeping. This cures elevatoritis
(up and down tone).

The body has physical control centers
built into its various systems. These are monitored as above from the thought-form levels.
For purposes of processing it is necessary to
approach the body from two levels -- cellular
and atomic.

The cellular level might well be considered the cellular intelligence. Each cell has
a function, design, position in life, and a
mind of its own. Each cell has an evolutionary
line of development, facsimile-wise, extending
back for eons.

There is more pain, shock, death, unconsciousness, and unlimited crud recorded on the
cells than on probably any other level. By
sheer magnitude of numbers the cells outrank
all other sections of the body in weight of
facsimiles. The power of restimulation and
subconscious control here is enormous. Each
cell functions as a small spirit.

Much wonderful experimental research
could be done by running a cell out of your
upper right molar but it would contribute very
little toward releasing you as a total being.

Within the cell structure are the basic
heavy electronic implants of the Desire-EnWhat a Big, Helpful M

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forceInhibit variety Thus we find here the
-. basic resistances to change -- because if we
change, we might get worse. With an awareness
of Total Source, all of these can be wiped out
and re-established as a smooth working ensemble.

The atoms are the building blocks of' the
universe. They are composed of light particles
in various assorted arrangements. The particles are arranged (by postulate) into photons
(energy converters), which in turn form the
electrons, protons, neutrons, anti-electrons,
anti-protons, and anti-neutrons, which form
the atoms.

The atoms are implanted with basic agreements to serve and to remain in position (location). In them are the basic agreements that
nothing ever changes. "The forms can change
but the particles never change" is the basic
agreement on this. The atoms do not have the
heavy shock charges on them the cells do, but
the basic resistance to change and everything
in life impinges upon this level. Therefore,
again we have sheer magnitude of numbers giving subconscious engramatic power to blocking
anything the pre-clear might do to better or
to change his "position" in life. Running the
atoms as force-fields of resistance cleans
them up very rapidly when you can approach
this problem as Total Source.

Thus we have a brief description of the
various levels of you which go to make up your
Total BEingness. Each one of these levels
feels, knows, and is aware on score limited
concept basis. The further down Tone Scale you
go the more "not know" there is present. For
every incident you have ever experienced there
is a facsimile in some related way on each and
every level. At Total Source, you can learn to
scan all the levels simultaneously. It will be
discovered that the entire game consists of
force-fields and as such can resolve related
material in various necessary categories with
great speed when they are handled from Total
Source. It also will be discovered that the
part of you that is consciously doing things
right now is Total Source. Your present-time
certainty of awareness is Total Source. It is
only necessary to extend this limited awareness of that which you already are throughout
the areas that you yourself have set up as
limitations. A refocusing of attention as
Total Source is the key to spiritual freedom.

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