Volume 3, Issue 2, page 5

(Continued from the April Issue)
J. NETWORK of communication lines coming
~p^ from the main orientation point of the
I Am will be found to branch out umbrella-like to various planets. Each
planet will have a small umbrella of communication lines going to several Thetans operated
Qy the I Am, which in turn operate a like number of bodies. These communication lines are
thought-forms. The pre-clear will have many
heavy agreements that he must never know about
these. Some I Ams may be in such bad shape
that they are operating just one Thetan and
one body. However, it has been our experience
that the game is large size and it's "bigger
than you think".

The problem of multiple bodies is an interesting one but not overwhelming in relation to
processing when approached from the level of
Total Source. However, to approach it dianetically or any way other than Total Source is
useless. When one learns to function as outlined in the Axiom given
previously ("When you as By HARDIN D.

Total Source become aware Dean, Scientology
of the Total Source in
the problem area, the problem area can then be
accepted back into Total Source if you choose;
Total Source is the ultimate chooser"), all
problems, no matter of what magnitude, resolve
with a most gratifying ease.

At first, the auditor is confronted with
a body. Eventually, the Thetan is brought into
awareness and then the I Amness. The communication lines eventually show up. At
this point it will be discovered
that to change one engram on one
body will cause changes in all bodies. To blow one ridge for one Thetan
also causes changes on all the other Thetans and bodies on the umbrella. This also
causes change in the I Am orientation point.

Thus as we blow ridges and rearrange
things for the Total BEingness that is really
the pre-clear, it is essential that we replenish the body areas and Thetans with good fresh
energy. Doing this enables the pre-clear to
maintain a steady gain, a higher and higher
position after each session. If this is not
done, the other bodies pull the body being processed back down the Tone Scale. Not necessarily from sheer orneriness but from the mechanical compulsive need for energy. The most
effective way found so far is to: Get the concept that as Total Source, you are creating at
the center of the earth and flowing outward to
all the bodies an abundance of energy. The
Bible says "it is more blessed to give than to
receive". So, try giving energy to all the
bodies on the planet; not just your own, but
to all of them. You will find the jolt wonderfully invigorating and uplifting.

The body is an amazing complexity of
spirits which reduce to a workable simplicity
when approached as Total Source. Each particle
in the body can be considered to be a spirit.
It acts like a spirit and has a certain amount
of knowingness. It is alive and it is aware
according to the limits of its agreed limitations for its position in the game of being a

The body is an elaborate sensation machine. It is created and operated by the Thetan. It is used as a mechanical device for experiencing and changing the game of Life.

Bodies can be considered to have four
May. 1956 T ia o S
'~I C
parts -- Outer astral, -etheric, inner astral,
and physical. These parts are composed of particles of light arranged in different degrees
of density. The particles are postulated

The etheric and astral body levels are on
thought-form levels not visible to the physical eyes.

On this planet, the etheric body is in
most cases one particle thick.

On other planets it will be 'NF1P to be inches thick, depending upon the damaging radiation from local suns, tant t h a t
etc. It is a loose eel- this defenlophane bag-like ar- sive force
rangement which is a field be in
pro tec tive force-field good working oroutside t h e der Some preinner - astral clea r s report
body and the that it is shot
physical body. full of holes and
It is impor- slightly ragged. Any preVAISH clear in real bad shape
ouncil will have this condition.

When the pre-clear can become aware of it he will be able to
patch it up by postulating it so.
Even if he cannot see it he can postulate repairs in most cases. This
force-field extends around the body
a few inches from the skin. For several
persons it is several feet out. It forms
a long teardrop-like sack that is hooked
to the gravity center in the middle of
the earth.

It has been reported that mystics in good
control of things can bounce the body downstairs on this force-field, stop bullets, and
such things. This is not recommended as S.O.P.
unless the etheric force-field is located in
between the outer astral and the inner astral

These "astral bodies" terms are used in
metaphysical and occult studies. They are an
extension of the physical body and as such may
be called bodies, but actually, they are
force-fields of energy. They have some slight
resemblance to a body in shape, in some cases.
They are the field of energy in which the
physical body lives.

The inner astral body is a force-field
which extends out some distance from the skin.
It varies, from a few inches to several feet,
for different bodies. It is composed of particles of energy arranged in vortexes. These
vortexes of energy are life force centers
which monitor the physical structure.

In occult and metaphysical terminology
these life force centers are called "chakras".
The inner astral body extends as a force-field
throughout the body and down to the earth's
center. Within this force-field and within the
body are the main chakras as follows: Crown,
above the head; Frontal, in the forehead;
Throat, at the front base of the neck; Heart,
upper left chest area; Spleen, lower left abdomen; Solar plexus, just above stomach; Sex,
lower spine area; Gravity center, middle of
earth. These centers control and monitor different physical body areas, nervous systems,
blood carriers, etc. There are many secondary
centers in the body monitoring different organs and systems. Each one of these body centers is alive and is aware within its own certain limitations; it functions as a spirit.
Each one is a part of I Amness saying, for
example, "I Am the Crown chakra". Each center
has inherent within it particles of energy, an
infinity of facsimiles of incidents. Out of
one of the centers you could run incidents for