Volume 3, Issue 1, page 11

to the trucks
but did not sa
3 indigestion. I
thought, to sai
when I would. I
"The next
j~lAo ` breakfast, we
I tients, and wh
' :; had me come i
i aii J tfcally nude.
+~ women patients,
wrG over the vital
v. .. 1 its, one at a
+~ .n. :` q1 a the limbs and f
raVe;,,\ I " 'feel'' of massage
;,;•y+mot 4 tissue softened
-~ was quite thril
''g-Wh ::n*i,yti cued feeling
' w ti? ,, were men patien
did not help
~,' , = who did not dis
' ' !1 onel was busy
stairs, I gave
Scientology do
geea A~
that this group
• Thoat even'
• went to a so
"I wish to thank the Falter of about midnight
The Aberree for accepting for pub- of aple.pi-aT
lication articles from various
authors that have to do with heal- to bed, did not
ing the mind and body. I am refer- did I have
ring particularly to 'The Man With may, I decid
Red Hands'—Colonel Arthur J.Burks after some con
December issue. ' to the Colonel
"Toward the end of his article, indigestion...
the Colonel mentioned that physi- would not have
cians and osteopaths could ocean- have not had
plush a l o t more if they combined "The highli
their therapy with his type of that I was ins
ability. However, I mus
"Since I am not a physician nor nunen I was t
an osteopath but an auditor with an course in Ph
open mind, I wrote the Colonel, Indigestion le
asking if it were possible for me back_ a month
to learn something of his type of New ork, and
healing. Whereupon he immediately At this point I
replied and invited me to Paradise, gave me a pall
Penn., to spend a week-and and vis- condition was
it with him the various patients he ever, it became
was treating. a malignancy, h
"While we were driving to his blood crystall
home from the train, he mentioned reading of wh
that his wife was having for din- what was wrong
ner, country pork, corn, sourkraut, after this
and apple pie. here was a pro- Paradise.
longed silence on my part- -I love "I kept the
country pork and sourkraut, but at doctor made sev
that particular time- - last Decem- ly, in order t
her, 1955- -I was not eating this of the blood re
type of food. Finally, I spoke up inconsequential
and said 'Col. Burks, I really came beth e'gas
o visit with you mainly because I had want to learn something further of the same as
the art of healing. It has only oc- I related my
enured to me that I have a peculiar who is very
kind of indigestion which doctors things. He was
have not satisfactorily handled -- had been helped
but this is secondary'. He said to read Colone
nothing. serial form,
"We arrived and sat down to din- magazine.
ner. I was hungry and decided to "I must say
eat pork and everything else. Due- that I was not
ing the meal, Col. Burks said 'you ing took place don't have indigestion but a kind been when I fe
of constriction'. Later that eve- for several min
ning he was scheduled to take his said I 'would
family to an Ice Carnival, to which tion any more',
of course I was invited. About lOpm nor in any way
he excused himself because he was kind of mental
giving silent treatment to a host tion. Do not re
of people. He returned in 15 min- faith. It
utes and turning to me he said, reached an IS 'Would you like to feel the hand of "After a
a healer?' I did. It tingled and I telling friend:
felt a low electrical charge. as a consequent
"That night after I retired -- 1 people got togg
was not aware that their home is an came to New Y
a highway, and trucks rattled back mission. Every
and forth every two or three min- ino to their
utes. Needless to say I did not each one besleep, neither did I have indiges- I also was onE
tion. The next morning I referred ceive further
d e una ind in gtoe u that th s ed Ima N f ds e ia ing
and my not sleeping, 'called microscopic conditions. As a
y anything about my matter of fact there were simwi
t was too soon, I slight pains in the lower intes anything, and just tines. These have since cleared.
did not know. All were impressed with this man
ay, Saturday, after and want to see him again.
went to see the pa- "Toward the end of the day we
n it was possible he remained for a few minutes' infer n the room with the mel talk before the Colonel took his
as they were prat- train. The Colonel mentioned that he
He passed his hands had only one instantaneous healing,
areas of their bod- and that was the boy he mentioned
time, and massaged in his first article in the Decem eet. I helped with ber issue of the Aberree. Whereupon
order to get the I piped up and told the group my
Very soon the hard story. The Colonel said he had for under our hands. I gotten he had healed me, and since
led and a great sa- it was instantaneous, then appar came over me. There ently, it is his second instantan ts also but these I eons healing.
with except one man "Again may I express my grate robe. While the Col- fulness to Colonel Auks and to
with the men up- Aiphia Hart, Fditor of the Aber an impromptu talk on ree." -- Fmv V.Corday, HCA, New York.
wnstairs- -the first ;; :; ;•
ever heard. "It comes as a pleasant feeling
g after dinner, we of trust in a ne's fellow man to see
cial gathering and that there are real realities un had a large serving derlying real realities. Please in nd ice cream -- all I elude me in your not-so-serious
e back at 2:30, went gr
sleep, but neither " wonder if formal Scientology
igestion. Next day, realizes how ridiculous they seem
ed to go home, and at times.
versation, mentioned "The balancing factors of your
that I did not have magazine have long been a need.
His reply was that I "Only half - laughingly."- -Dick
indigestion again. I Collins, Clem, N. Y.
digestion since.
ht of this story is "I am glad' Mr. Iuviberg has de antaneously healed. posited Scientology in his mental
t also acinit that refuse bin. There is where it be king the the auditor's longs. I, myself, would not car~sid nix last summer, the er Carl Jung a reliable authority
ft me. But it came on Buddhism. Nor is Zen Buddhism
after I returned to close to the Buddhism of the Lord
ontinued off and on. Buddha.
went to an M.D. who "As for the point of Buddhism,
iative, because the it is fourfold: 1. Suffering is the
nknown to him. How- basic evil. 2. The cause of suffer worse, and fearing ing is ignorance; the consequence
e suggested I have a of ignorance is desire; desire pro ization made, the duces action. 3. The cessation of
ich would indicate suffering comes when action is
. It was a few days curbed and eventually suppressed.
t I chanced to go to 4. The Eight-fold Path ends suffer appointment with the "As for Nirvana, I have doubts
eral weeks previous- that this state can be obtained
o learn the outcome without first completely oblitera ading. Among a few ting one's own ego. In my opinion
microscopic condi- Mr. Iu ndberg's article in the Dec.
nciple registration edition and letter in the Mar. edi ric constriction'— tion show scholarship and much fine
e Colonel mentioned. research, but they also show a lack
tory to the doctor of feeling for the utter simplicity
receptive to such of Buddha's message, a message sim glad to hear that I pie for even the simplest Indian
and he also wanted mystic of 2500 years ago." -- Vic.
I Burks's story in Torrey, Phoenix, Ariz.
appearing in Orion
"Since there seem to be little
in all truthfulness but out and out attacks on Hubbard
aware when the heal- -- see all copies of Aberree -- I
• -except it may have think it would be nice if someone
t the Colonel's hand defended him for a change. As I see
utes. Also, when he it, all controversy about Hubbard
not have this condi- revolves around three factors.

I did not question First—the obvious one -- the phrase,
interfere with any 'Humbly tendered as a gift to manor physical reserva- kind'; second, the charging of moncall even that I had ey for information about Scientoly have been I had ogy and the restrictions thereon;
OTHINGNESS state. and third, the constant change in
ew weeks, I began techniques apparently necessitating
of the healing. And a process known as 'retreading' --
e, a group of nine which of course involves money.
ther and Col. Burls "'Humbly tendered as a gift to
rk city on a healing mankind.' Okay, what's wrong with
one received accord- that? Seems to me as though the re bility to receive— cipients are, as usual, arguing
taken individually. about how the gift shall be given,
of the nine to re- and also if money is paid for it,
healing of the so- then it is not a gift. Yet if Henry