Volume 2, Issue 9, page 21


eyed confident that by knowing this half ounce of- truth they
could lick all creation. Hypnosis was. for most of these
CTers something now. and Most Of the philosophy expounded was a
now, fascinating revelation ... I think the
avera CTer is more taken with


philosophy, and its glib acceptance ox miracles. than with
anything else in the Fleet

kit AYour usual CTer is happier talking about therapy than in
practicing it. (Does t h i s strike a responsive chord in Qtber

"There is a slightly higher
level C T enthusiast which
bought Fleet's offer of a DOC-
roup is usually the success-
ful, moneyed bunch that figured they should apply what
they learned. They bought E-
meters, took lots of courses,
repeating many of them to get
the 'hours credit' needed for
the big Doctorate degree and
special honors in all CT camps.
Some of these folks are already doctors, of Chiropractic
or 0 Osteopathy, etc.

"Some of the D.C.'s (chiropractors) who went wild on CT went a
bit wild on the chiropractic profession, also, when

they tried to combine Fleet's injunctions with Palmer's. Fleet in
so many words told them: Chiropractic' routines are plain
magoo. What really cures the patient is the change of concepts.

"As a consequence, when these boys who had spent months learning
to work special tog

les on the human spine tried to tackle another spine after buying
the above dictum, there was Nst not enough of the old
confidence in the adjustment

and business fell off in all directions. Even if they only half
bought Fleet's idea, and only half lost their own chiropractic
zeal, the doubts and confusions planted in these boys has been
rough on them. The money spent buying E-meters, taking
courses, spending

weeks at the San Antonio ranch is as nothing to the cost of
having just a wee bit less faith in
the miracles they lased to work with their hands. "Now, Iamnot
knocking chiropractic. I once thought every dianeticist
should have a D.C. and that may still be the best and fastest way
to develop a profession. And I do not say that Fleet's
concepts are wrong--most dianeticists be

lieve in the idea or changing concepts ("postulates"), have
seen success when this is done, whether dianetically by
erasing the old concept and freeing the associated mental energy
of the person, or by using the now concept as an implant
and sealing off the old, disabling postulate.

"The trouble rises when men whose success with a manual therapy
are brought to suspect that some unknown factor was
at work, that their hands did not do the job but mind power was
to be credited. The two sy stems are not good riders on the
same horse. One or the other gets thrown...

"Fleet, a former chiropractor, has worked largely with
chiropractors in CT, and at one time limited his courses to that

He still feels a kinship (See any FIREM) closer to DOCTOR Soandso
than to any MISTER. Perhaps i n
years to come we may say that no MD ever dealt DC such a blow as
did C T." --Lee Lockhart, El Paso, Texas.

I would like the whole series of Aberrees from Vol. 1 No. I to
Vol. 2 No. I inclusive. If you can send me what you
have and invoice me I will. shoot over payment. The Wall St.
control boys have made dollars almost a thing of the past in
this country but if you sing out laud enough and pay high enough
for them you can get a few. Maybe Infinite 20 could
unlock now.

"The Aberree is first class. Have you had any articles by A. L.
Kitselman? I haven ' t read any of his stuff since his book
E-Therapy was published in 1963. How about some articles from
J.W. Welgos? We like his writings very such.

*Best wishes for Easter. (I presume I am right in that the
December Abe be the Easter

Boyd Neely, Christchurch, N.Z.

"Saturn being my planet-
will have to ask that you don't
use it be pay me a license...
Rate, 1 1/28

cents per
annuality. You old Debbil."--Dean Callman, Dallas, Texas.

:: .; 2:

"I sent you MAD because 1 felt like it ... a n d because you I re
slightly mad too...

.I think I told you of my technique which is to ask: 'Tell me a
lie', and for anything which the P-C states Is the truth,
'Say the Opposite'. or, 'Now, make a lie out of it' for hour
after boring hour until one bores right to the heart of the

"I give a great deal of credit to the Gestalt group workshop I've
been attending for my most recent advances. Fritz Perk
is quite good and the experience of active group participation
with everyone bearing down on me at once has


With this ad, I say goodbye to the Aberree. Sincere thanks, ye
editor and ye publisher. for many courtesies in connection
with my 'neatening-up'.


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John and I used to tell people to picture "Sauve qui peut"
arched over the HF door. This
universe is the maker's con game. In connection with it, theta
(thought) is the effect of its
rules, which contravene the nature of theta. You are theta. If
you intend to stop agreeing,
to get off the survive-is-pleasure/succumb-is-pain treadmill,
page 8 can be very useful.

THIS WAS SCIENTOLM. A definitive resume . . . . . . .


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