Volume 2, Issue 9, page 18

pleasure (to me) by filling the columns of various newsletters,
I offer in grateful
acknowledgment this thought: why spend hours and dollars I
spotting spots I when by planting
fruit pits and nuts 'round and about your community and making
frequent trips to see what
nature and natural calamities can do with and to them, you keep
your mind off your mental and
physical deficiency (if any), learn some startling and
disappointing facts, make some new
acquaintances, and gather new material for communicating which
I'll eagerly read.

"I was greatly attracted to Dianetics because I respond to the
sensational. I regret no
moment or penny paid for thrills, but for an hour of intense
therapy procure a few rolls of
pale, bright ceiling paper and boxes of different size Dennison
stars and refurbish a clothes
closet. The stars? They're for covering blisters and wrinkles
which must be cut to
straighten out, tears, fingerprints, and other smudges-- in
short, to cover defects."

"I can't say these--or any .one activity--will permanently raise
your tone to 20, but each
and all will make an easy chair and an Aberree seem like a just
reward."--John Carey,
Atlantic City, N. J.

11 was amused to find a comment ABILITY issue 16 made that you
should be congratulated on
the new look of the ABERREE. That is really quite a concession to
start the ball rolling.
It's time you both got together as I am sure you will eventually.

"I had 25 hours of intensive auditing at the Guidance
CenterinWashington in August. I did
not exteriorize with any certainty but the trip was worthwhile
for the auditing I received
and for the information I picked up. I was anxious to see how
the, then, new processes were
being handled. I tentatively plan to take 50 hours more sometime
between now and the 15th of

"On my return from Washington, I gave Irving (junior) 40 hours
with the new process. I
started in at the very bottom of the tone chart and the scale
from 'know to mystery'. It took
me about 25 hours to run him from the lowest to the top and I
feel he has acquired a great
deal more emotional sta bility than he has ever had...

"I am still doing considerable of the snap auditing that I have
written you about several
times. I marvel what the techniques will do for


others who have no knowledge of what it's all about. The least
they are told the faster the
processes seem to work. I have my own case where, on a
consideration basis, I turn off any
physical pain and any facsimiles keying in almost instantly."
--Judge Irving W. Smith,
Niagara, Wis.

"This last letter again reminds me that your decision to restrict
Alphia to editorials ha:
deprived The ABERREE of it most succinct author. I think that
along with the 'Letters to the
editor, Or, there should be another column yclept Letters to
the Editor Is Friengs and

"I also think I'd like to cast my vote for a standard front page
feature on dianetics or
scientology each issue by Alphia Hart replacing the art work. Not
that the pictures aren't
interesting and revealing, but with space at a premium, and your
own cc

kept out of the 'innards', why use all that space for pictures
instead of data history or
personal ramblings?

'Let them as wants pictures turn to their own engrams in the
bank--though Hubbard called
it 'mock-UPI, he wasn't foolish enough to catch himself in the
trap he set for others-you
know, what he says, just gabbing, and what he puts his name on in
print are frequently two
different things. Hence about 'mock-ups' and 'inventing mock-ups
he wrote, 'the Preclear will
pick his (engram) bank completely clear before he'll invent

"The new format-_ it looks great to me. Surprising that It should
produce added copy

but anything Ugat will cut down production labor should be as
welcome to us as to you." --
Bob Arentz, CenterVille, Utah.

"The night was plenty hot in the Four Ships eating place where
the Rev. John (Farrell)
spoke for about an hour. (On Saturday, December 3.)

"He started kinda nervous with plenty of opposition from the
movie traffic outside. John
told us our Port hills looked pretty much like California; that
even if he didn't look like a
minister, he sure was one, and just to prove it, he drew our
attention to the collection
plate on the table. He stressed the fact that unlike most
movements to help mankind,
Scientology originated on an Anglo-Saxon basis. After he finished
talking, someone unkindly
was heard to say, 'When does the lecture commence?'

"Then the 50 people present had some processing. John, after
warning us that he might try
some highly experimental stuff with uncertain results,


fooled us by having us do some good old hullos, locating the
ceiling, walls, floor, and
members of the opposite sex. Some of us kept locating a blonde in
the front row.

"Supper was highly eatable.

"Someone then twisted John's arm a little to make him go on to a
get-together at the North
Beach Scientology group and between refreshments (not communion
wine, either) the Rev. John
accepted on behalf of L. Ron the plaudits of the disciples, and
reserved judgment on the
somewhat different remarks of the deflated.

"The cost of Scio Farrell's Ilecturel trip to N.Z. was 100
pounds, which was met by
members of the N.Z.H.A.S.I."--Your Down-under Correspondent,
Christchurch, N.

"I want you along
as your December issue has a

wealth of information in the

"it is a real benefit to know about the experiences and ups and
downs of others who are
traveling the same highway and finding it difficult to read the
direction signs at times.

"Whether the Great White Father in Washington (ahem! now in
England) will admit it or not--
it is the old original disciples like yourself who have the
capacity to do 3=6 thinking of
their own--and keep prodding the hornet's nest-who keep-him alert
to progress.

"I hope you arrange to have a 'spy' at the Christmas Congress so
we can get an independent
appraisal of what goes on."--Earl E. Hughes. Yonkers, N. Y.

"An Open Letter to All Interested in Dianetics and Sci

entology, including L. Ron


"As has already been called to the attention of responsible
persons and L. Ron Hubbard, the
conduct of his associations has become intolerable to those who
wish to work constructively,
who have invested funds, time, strength, and honor in such
efforts, who desire and need good
public relations, and who believe in honest self responsibility.

"This includes persons trained by Hubbard, who worked hard and
well and made personal
sacrifices, only to find these certificates so changed and so
debased as to be more liability
than asset. It also includes persons who read the publications,
or who, encountering
auditors, become active in this work. They have rights which are
being equally abrogated. How
many people are now Pinding books in public li