Volume 2, Issue 9, page 14

UP the Field

Norbert Hosev of Weir, Kas., a traveling salesman who has given
up visiting doctors and
nurses to visit farmers and farmers' daughters, dropped in the
office the other day to
explain held stopped his ABERREE subscription, not because he
didn't like us or was obeying a
Hq. command, but because he couldn't understand what we were
talking about. Well Norbert, as
a fertilizer peddler, there are those who say that's what we
peddle, too out since you admit
The ABERREE's over your head, maybe those who say such things are
all wrong... Bernie Ross,
New York, reports he has a new job "paying 50% more"--enough that
he now can lie when asked
"What are you earning now?" And it's getting about time for Uncle
Sammy's snoops to start
asking just such a question, too... Victor Torre (Box 136,
Phoenix, Ariz.) has a tape
communication plan of some kind in mind for Scientologists, and
asks that anyone wishing
further information get in touch with him. If you ever discover a
way to rePRINT the spoken
word without first transcribing you can count us in, too, lie..

L. Ron Jr. (Nibs), once
reported going to Ireland to
study medicine, must have grad-
uated real rapidly, as "Dr."
"Nibs" is now in New York/Wash-
ington teaching/auditing o r
something or other--according
to that dichotomy of journal-
ism, the ABILITY...

The "T-8 Men" have been visiting Volney Mathison again --and
accepting an assignment (he
claims) to take care of a matter. we thought already had been
taken care of. And if this
sounds confusing to you

look behind you because you I ll find us rowing the same boat...
During the last month we've
traded subscriptions to The ABERREE to Tido Churchill of Phoenix
for- baroque earrings and a
bracelet which the publisher is now displaying proud

1 and 0 of
Enid for cosmetics, es, which the

editor gets a whiff of now and

then. Which shows to go you, we'll trade for anything of value to
persons who admit they
enjoy The ABERREE. Anyone want to trade 100 hours of "Opening
Procedure" for a wornout sample
copy? ... Ruth Yerks, whose husband is part of the U.S. armed
military might in Germany, says
they'll be returning Stateside soon, and on his next assignment
abroad, she thinks it'd be
more fun to work for The ABERREE, even at "no salary". Sorry,
Ruth, but even at a salary of
$0.00, we can't permit our employees to make more money than the
editor and publisher...

To those getting only notes this last month instead of our
customary long-winded epistles,
we advise (if we haven't already) that Ye Ed was careless enough
to crush the fingers of his
right hand in the mimeo one night while the cold and static were
playing hob with smooth
production. ion. Being a 2-fingered typist, one left finger is
little better than nothing, we
discovered ... Dan King, formerly of Denver, Colo., and Port
Jervis, N.Y., can't make many
more moves east or he'll find himself in the briny. He. his wife,
and two tots are now
getting their ABERREE in Boston ... This is an item long overdue,
but it was news to us:
Wendell Johnson, who won the

1,000 offered by Ron Howes a couple years ago for his work on
"how to help teach children
think more independently," has had the material published in a
set of books, which already is
in use in classrooms. We were unable to learn the name of the
books, or the publisher , as
the Enid library hasn't added much in the way of new, titles
since they got their original
Carnegie grant...

Ivor Darreg of Los Angeles admits he doesn't like to mimeograph,
and the only reason he
does is because he has one. Which may explain why his

"Weakly Newsance" is so infrequent and irregular.

the The last
issue hit mails just in
time to join the Christmas
rush, and you could almost
smell the smog on it. To show
how infrequent the "Newsancell
is, his last previous publica-
tion was dated August. 1954.
That's even worse than another
infrequent publication we might
mention, but won't. Anyway,
we understand Clem Johnson,
who recently moved to Tampa

intends to revive his "GHOST& some of these days when he can find
the time and/or postage.
Clem Itis said, didn't keep

the 18-room house he first leased, but settled for more modest
quarters. He's now at 68-15
Orleans Av., N., Tampa, Fla., (just in case you want to write and
ask him what happened to
Scientology's "Third Leg") ... And while we're on the subject of
"funny" publications and what
happens to them

or doesn't, we're still awaiting "'WAD TWO" Curtis Janke of
Sheboygan Wis.. was going to
shoot after an HASI course in more able communications...

Burke Belknap is back in Phoenix--reportedly to set up another
church-processing operation "so
there will be some_ thing for Ron to turn to--just in case... 11
Phoenix DOES have magnetic qualities, which is more than we can
say about the
bomb target on the Potomac...

Ray Perrier, after a visit to

the Los Angeles area, returned

to Phoenix to report she was
quite impressed with the
activities of Hardin Walsh & Co.
out there...- The 0 es-

(Ernie & Marge) admit they' re loo King for a "castle" to take
over when their lease expires about 1 April
on the antique cottage they moved to in eastern Pennsylvania a
few months ago. The one they have in mind has stanchions for 30
cows but
Mar ge insists she can't ilai. and It would be a crime to see all
that space go to waste ... Earl Cunard, former Detroit auditor,
who moved
to Crescent, Okla., to be an undertaker and in turn gave this up
for farming, is now learning the oil business from "the ground
Already he Is a "rough-neck". no less ... Add Infinite Items: The
ex-Road Show gang is now part and parcel of registered infinity.
Cards to this
effect have just been issued Tametc. & Ted Otteson, Lee Burgess,
and Anton Agalbata, Lavina Timmins, and Norton hp Begelman,
members of their New York processing unit.

Hum-an Eggineering, Inc.. of
Fairhope, Ala., has a new bus-
iness manager--Herschel McGraw
--and already they -are opening
a branch office in Mobile, the
Rev., Jim Welgos writes. This
is the first of a hoped-for
chain. And with new printing
equipment, H -E, Welgos says,
soon will be turning out art
folders, artistic postcards,
and pictures to fit the frames
they're making to sell. Jim,
instead of showing fatigue from
his recent lecture tour, seems
to have picked up a lot of new
ideas and the energy to put
them into action...

To our many friendsand

subscribers who sent us greet-
ards. in December (of all
times), we bow in deep thank-


fulness, and humility. Comes July, we'll think a Christmas
thought to you, too, even if we do find it impossible to reply to
each of you
personally., And speaking of Christmas, as no one is doing now,
the C.E. Carnahans to for an hour* or two IV on their way back to
Ariz., from a holiday visit with the three children's
grandparents, in Eldorado, Ill. The youngest of the trio,
Clayton, we thought was trying to
mimic I'The Flan with Red Flands" until Papa admitted the boy had
been playing rather loosely with a lipstick held picked up...

14 The ABERREIR 1956