Volume 2, Issue 9, page 13


Most people, entering into

the field of theta practices, whether through Dianetics,
Scientology, religion, mysticism,
spiritualism, yoga, or any other field that looks beyond MEST for
results, ran into some
problems that are not easily recognized and actually confuse the
seeker in trying to
satisfy their desires.

The prime problem is one of terminology. Being accustomed to MEST
words and their usages
and the fact that authoritative definitions and references can be
checked for specific
meanings, it is maddening to students in any fie 0 find that this
is not so In their searches.
Result is goals are hard to formulate and even harder to achieve.

Hubbard's coined terminology 7 seems brand new to the beginner in
the field, but in
checking around, after a good comprehension of Scientology is
mastered, you find that he has
not cornered any market on knowledge. Hubbard merely has brought
about a modern approach to
an old field to make acceptable to modern minds and thinking a
field loaded with archaic
terminology that has minimum meaning today. Truth is truth, and
cannot be proven or disproven
except on an individual acceptance level.

In order 'to reach a goal, it must be mocked up in a clear
fashion. To become a "clear" or
an "operating thetan", it is necessary that you, as an
individual, develop your

personal concept of what such an animal might be, do, or might
not be. To accept Hubbard's
definition without having his understanding of what is involved
is useless (practically)

for a pre-clear. is accepting Ing authoritativeness and
other-determinism. You must flit
ure out for yourself what

would be like, what advantages and what disadvantages are
involved. Remember, life is a
dichotomy and for every potential gain and advantage, there is a
counter-reaction from MEST.
Being a "clear" can be fun and rough. Being an "operating thetan"
can be heaven or hell. It
all depends on ABILITY.

What is a "thetan"? The word is merely a title as are all words.
"A thetan is a the


tan" is a true and proper answer, but to know with understanding
you have to see, experience
a reflection of theta as apart from MEST and all concepts. about
it, and then you begin to
understand. In appearance, It looks LIKEapiece of living energy.
The pulsations or
impressions from it speak for itself. It is life, motion,

From that going down to MEST, we have all kinds of random states
of beingness, with and
without form, with and without apparent motion.

Theta is quintessence in itself, but as a whole is stationary.
Like an automobile engine,
it has motion within itself, but moves only as the car it is In

The difference between an "operating thetan" and a "thetan" is in
horsepower. Both have
the same basic abilities, but an "operating thetan" Is one who
has the knowledge and ability
to be creative and destructive to a higher degree. and knows
It--and Knows how to keep itself
throttled down to proper level. It is like the difference between
a kid in a souped-up "hot
rod" and a professional race driver still is common to both. but
the professional driver
calculates all factors for a definite purpose whereas a kid does
it only to the degree
necessary to nave excitement and no particular purpose or gain .
It is a matter of degree,
like the tone level. The kid in his activities is more likely to
injure or cause damage than
the professional. Likewise in the-field of theta,

To gain from Scientology, do the things which you understand and
from which you get
results. Set up a space of your own. How? Pick a room in your
home or with a select group and
mock it up as personal, private, and isolated from MEST. Keep
mocking it up until you can
enter this space and know that it is exclusively yours. Perform
all experimentation in this
area and reject all attempts to use other spot$. Scan it
occasionally to see if others have
put in anchor points or mock-ups of entheta--theta-wise and
MESTwise. Maintain it as your
experimental field.

If you mock up any minor goals and experiments, do it


as planned or un-mock them. This way, you eliminate uncompleted
cycles of action to bog you
down. Do not postulate beyond your ability to handle

ersonally. This eliminates
losses and failures which drag
you down scale. Practice not-
thinking until you can think
and not-think at will, for
equivalent periods. This will
clear your mind. You cannot
look, listen, and do things as
efficiently while thinking as
when not thinking. One is a
mental action that uses a lot
of attention units and is a
process of planning, whereas
actually doing things mentally
or physically is creative in
mocking up or handling mock-
UPS. Thinking is like rifflIng through a file cabinet ma-
king notes and observations on
data on things already accom-
plished. Mentally creating
mock-ups is the act of setting
up goals on either MEST or
theta levels. A mock-up once
created persists until dupli-
cated, at which time it un-
mocks and becomes a matter for
the "file clerk", either in
the success file or failure
file--or, in other words, good
for further duplication or not
desirable for future applica-

As you do as you think, you become clearer mentally. As you fail
to do as you think, you
create inverse vectors in

our mind and become less clear. It's as simple as that. The whole
purpose of processing is to
locate and correct these inverse vectors on the thought level.
Necessity level reactions
achieve terrific results because you do not stop to think. You do
and do until the pressure
is off. So practice not thinking.

The reason many have trouble achieving proper results even when
they know and have done as
indicated above is due to the fact most people do not reckon with
outside interference of
MST. If a thousand people around you reject the idea of theta
abilities, you as an individual
have to either build up enough potential to overcome their mind
power , which is
unconsciously directed to hamper you, or you have to use a
shielded area or universe of your
own to block off this interference. At a 1000-to-1 odds against
you as indicated by the
illustration, YOU can see that it can be a problem to keep
bucking them and yet maintain gains.
Ergo: a shield around you so MEST can paste their mock-ups of you
against it and be content
to think you are as they think.

If and when you find it necessary to pop out of this shielded
area, you will be potent
enough to handle more

MEST than NEST cares to have handled. Why this works this way
will be covered in future

January-February, 1956