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Against, Racial Disintegration Threat

We KNOW very little about anything,
but we know least of all about that
which matters most of all--life it-
self. Though evolution may seem to
promote the "survival of the fit-
test", we wonder whether survival
is really Nature's object or whether she mere-
ly uses life as a means to a more important
end. Some even ask whether Nature has any
purpose whatever, or, in fact, any mind. Bat
we do believe that "health", i.e., the adapta-
tion of individuals and species to function
harmoniously in their environment, is Nature's
way to fit the living to survive, whatever the
purpose of survival may be.

Though it is natural to seek health. our artificial civilization
makes us pursue it along such unnatural paths that we are
moving toward racial disintegration, for, whenever a substitute
takes over the work of a specific organ, that organ first
loses its skill, then withers, and, in time. becomes vestigial.

I hope, in due course, to offer what I believe to be the first
strictly objective and scientific proof that the injunction
to "heal the sick by the laying-on of hands" rests upon a
natural, physical emanation or radiation. By means of a technique
which I am using, a .camera records photographically the physical
effects of the radiations of human hands, including part
of their healing action upon human bodies. These effects can be
recorded immediately after the radiations have been
emitted. I would like to emphasize. however, that this technique
does not prove that what Is known as spiritual or psychical
healing is unreal, or that it is essentially different from, or
more or less I'divins", than healing by any other methods.

I fIrst discovered that hands (and feet) radiated healing energy
In May, 1919, but I sow realized that although
my conviction rested on sensations that were as real, specific,
and repeatable as those of the warmth of sunshine and the
cold of ice. and although a few friends confirmed my
observations, the results were purely subjective, and so did not
to a scientific demonstration. Clearly, an objective proof mast
be found of the physical reality of the healing radiations
which my friends and I sensed so clearly, and I have been looking
for this proof ever since. As the years went by, I hoped
that if it were ever found it might help to reconcile religion
and science upon one of the many differences--a desirable
consummation, indeed.

There are, speaking generally, three main schools of thought on
the question of "healing human radiations":

(1) The Relif Priests of different religions, not only Christian,
believe in "healing by the laying-on of hands", but
not in physical, healing-hand radiations. They teach that the
Lord sends us a spiritual healing virtue only through their
privileged ministry.

(2) MA Medical: Doctors agree that healing may follow the
"laying-on of hands" but they deny that there are any
physical, healing radiations. They affirm that the gestures of
priests and healers are merely symbolical and that they
promote healing only by sugestion when they induce in the patient
the "faith"

0 By Z. E. EEMAN

which releases the vis medicatrix Naturae, or
the natural healing -a "force", be It


(3) Tha Natural: Advocates of natural healing admit that (1) and
(2) above may operate on occasions, but they
believe that there is, at all times, a material force which
radiates from hands (and feet), and which plays a fundamental part
in all healing. It functions not only in the "laying-on 0 a., but
even when 81) and (2) above are operating. dreamt of

Often, since May, 1919, when finding one day this elusive proof
of the reality of hand radiations, I have felt that if I
could get the kind of thrill which Marie Curie experienced when
she discovered that sealed photographic plates. had become
fogged when accidentally placed near pitch-blende in a drawer,
would be near the end of my search. Now that I have all this,
and more, not only the proof that these radiations exist but that
they really work and heal--now that I can help many others
to prove this in themselves--it all seems so simple and direct
that I wonder why others did not think of it years ago.

For many years, I had noticed (and friends had confirmed my
observation) that when both hands, completely relaxed,
had been kept for half an hour or more on a completely relaxed
patient. thus making through him a closed circuit such as
that which the two arms of a horseshoe magnet make through its
keeper. the fingers, and sometimes the whole hands. left
on the Patient's skin unmistakable silhouettes of themselves in
hyperaemic patterns that would often remain distinct for

Unintelligently, I allowed years to 6.0 by before I realized how
much more defined these images would be if one
applied the hand to badly bruised and discolored areas of the
body. If -the area was large enough to take the whole hand,
with the fingers spread widely out. then the silhouette of the
hand would show in hyperaemic flesh on a background of
multi-colored braises. It worked the 'Irst time I tried it, but
it was a long time before I realized that if I could multiply
experiments and take photographs (preferably colored) of the
bruises, before and after each test, I would have evidence
which, if published. could not long remain unconfirmed.

I believe that a dozen pairs of *before and after" photographs
should constitute a body of evidence sufficient to induce
science to investigate the phenomena involved. To obtain these 12
pairs of photographs, valuable help could be provided
by patients who believe in "healing by the laying-on of hands" if
they will ask a healing friend to lay both hands on them,
with one on the discolored area, for half an hour at least, with
both healer and patient completely relaxed. It should be noted
that if healer and patient are both either right- or left-handed,
the healer must sit on the right of the reclining patient,
resting his hands on him with his left closer than his right to
the patient's brain, and vice-versa if one is right- and the
other left-handed. "Before and after" photographs should be taken
of the discolored areas and sent, duly authenticated and
certified by both healer and patient, with relevant details to
the author at 24, Baker Street, London, W.1, England.--

Reprinted by permission from HEALTH FOR ALL, rdon'.

4 The ABSUREM 1966