Volume 2, Issue 7, page 17

bit slcppy...The Octobercview follcsst
"Auditorials: The attacks were
expectable. Only the delay is odd.
I see the validation of Scn. as a
job for the lawyers and for public
relations work...I suggest Hubbard
is following his own theory that
you've got to alter it to make it
persist. Stability is O.B. for a religion tut is ungood for a technology... "Who Do You Think You Are? I just
flat don't kncw...I gather Walsh
specified 'Thetan' as equivalent to
bbard's 'Viewpoint'. So taken,
parallelism appears in their respective positions. I think Walsh is a
little more explicit than Hubbard about Thetans. He seems to concern
himself more with the second half of
processing, Development, while Hubbard has concentrated on the first
half, Exteriorization and Stabilization. I think I'm in agreement with
Walsh in conceiving the Thetan as a
sort of general purpose sense-organ
for the Orientation Point...18-11-19
-- Is that his birth date? This is
good background material, well. suemnrized. In "Creation of Eurmn Ability", Theta, etc.,is treated en what
looks like at least three different
levels, not always clearly dieting
uished. Regarding memory and the
brain, if the brain structure is mechanically injured, acme facsimiles
become unavailable, and if the brain
is stimulated mechanically or chaically, some facsimiles ear without voluntary control. s implies
some functional relationship between
brain and m mory
"Cloud tati -- Rot having reached an
optimum operating level, the problem
of stabilizing at a given tone hadn't occurred to me, but I can see
its importance...I doubt a shielded
Thetan would not detect the dissolution of the planet. If it continued
to operate as described amid its can
analogues (in its own theta universe) would it not be a psychotic
"Mathison -- I have the dread suspician that V. Nathiscn is occluded.
So far as I know most thetan exteriors (I can) merely 'Look' at their
awn internal parts,and with a choice
of up to three aspects: anatomical
dissection, X-ray, or anchor points.
Some of these 'insights' have been
verified by later medical examinations. hathisou's observations on
cumulative AS-IS-ing, and pileup of
aberrative experiences, are valuable...To me and to most pre-clears
I've run or seen run on whole-track,
the 'past life' fac si.mil es are not
qquuaalltatively different in any wa
frcmpresent life facsimiles. Except
that they do have sharper boundaries. that,, to I' thiscn, is a 'ct bccnseious' sounds like a mocked up
entity like a 'File Clerk'. Or is
the Genetic Entity meant? He makes a
good point that physiological repair
usually is a process and not an immediate act.
"Friedman -- I have no quarrel with
the emblematic symbolism of the nations, which is after all close to
heraldry and properly symbolic in
The JBERREE, November, 1955

intent, but apparently Friedman has
met an entirely different class of
witches than I have. While none I've
met were practicing Satanists to my
knowledge, they would certainly have
been arraigned and put to the Question had they displayed their characteristics in the proper times of
history. The ones I've met were of
various classes: pyrotics, weather
changers, charmers of animals, casters of Glamors, speakers with the
dead. Only the last group (Spiritualist mediums) were as Friedman
describes them...I seem to have a
lot of natural APC with such people.
I fear Friedman has made the generalization the Inquisitors made and
it's as unfair now as it was then.
Friedman's work has finall suggested a tie-in with the Hubbardian
system on at least one point. That
is the harmonic sequence of the Tone
Scale, namely: Ridge, outflow, dispersal, inflow, ridge. Also explosions and implosions...
"Best luck to Hamilton on his
mail course. So long as students
realize Scientology is something you
do and not just something you believe,thezy'll probably be all right.
"Piakbam -- I entirely agree with
him on this. It is low-toned people
ho fear non!-o ganic perceptions
detlille's terms) not primarily because of something they went to hide
but because of their internal insecurity and lack of spiritual integrity integrity here meeting not
broken up, or scattered, etc.