Volume 2, Issue 7, page 10

10 The AR, November, 1956
an inscription saying, in essence, "Cursed is he who enters". Change "cursed"
to "coursed" and we can understand how
the human nervous system, naturally
coursing down, is suddenly and strongly
reversed and coursed up in the anti-gravitational pyramid.

The effect of pitting likes against
likes -- that is, turning energy back upon
the nervous system -- is deadening. The resultant evil of living backwards is a
mummification process and could have been
the causing of the paralysis.

While reliving past incidents, we
often fall into a state of anaten and
feel mildly paralyzed and mummified. The
face becomes taut. Reliving the incidents
of the day upon retiring As soporific.

A rabbit hung head down is soon dead.
Peter was crucified upside down. A Yogi
becomes passive standing on his head.

Paralysis is generally caused by a
pinching or blockage, resulting in a reversal of flow. The tonsils are safety
valves. To cut them out creates a deadened dead end. The current epidemic of
paralytic polio and the 80 to 90 percent
link between the incidence of paralytic
polio and tonsillectomy, may be explained
by the spiraling-up effect that-11m . Xing
stage of our tilting expanding planet is
experiencing in these latter days.

Some of our recent earthquakes have
been found to be upsurging spirals and
people in them reported experiencing a
flash of blue light.

Those who have lost their two-way
surge -- that is, have dead-end tonsils --
cannot withstand this terrific ultraviolet
upf low. They cannot live backwards pyramidally and survive. Those who cannot
express themselves up as well as down are
emotional dead-heads. Many borderline
psychotic cases have been pushed into
deeper psychosis by requiring them to
live backwards, in the face of their
already overstressed blockage.

This non- and all-directional Indian crow is a Chi Rho.
Pyramidal wigwam living has
rendered the Indian phlegmatic
and partly mummified. They
discharge, in reverse, through
the X-ing feathers they wear
in their hair. Scalping, or
blocking the tflow, is their
way of punishing the unworthy.

Walking under a ladder
can produce harmful effects.
:Jacob was paralyzed wrestling
with the forces of the angel
(angle), the pyramidal spinal
ladder. Perched on the ladder is the crown, is the
crowin' cock, with overflowing mouth and tail feathers.

Superstitions are superstations.
Stationed in a vacuum, water boils at a
low temperature. At the focal point of
the sun's rays, objects ignite. Over
uranium at absolute zero, a bar magnet
levitates. -In a zero medium, a mockomp

Image + Zero = went. This is why a
vow is performed while the right hand is
raised pyramidally in space -- why parties
in Cornwall bind their contracts with
hands clasped through this pyramidal hole
-- why a thought of friendship is made together with a handshake, which are two
posittve ,hands forming a zero by repulsion -- why Abraham made his covenant with
his right hand on his loin and why, today,
the Bible replaces the loin -- why wishings
and blessings and ceremonial magic are
performed at the zero point of lighting
and extinguishing candles -- why a child
wets its finger, stamps it on its palm,
and makes a wish as evaporation takes
place -- why we wish "Gesundheit" at the
zero point of a sneeze, when all the positive forces are-so violently expelled --
why, for similar reasons, a blessing at
the moment of total immersion in cold water makes baptism work-why telepathic
communication is so' ef:ective at the
crossing point of death -- and why we wish
upon a star as it twinkles on and off.

George Gamow relates heterodoxic science with orthodoxic dogma by saying he
world was made in the twinkling of an eye.

Charles Littlefield, 50 years ago,
placed a drop of salt water solution under
his microscope, surrounded it by glasses
of the same solution, and projected
thoughts into the drop under the microscope at intervals over a period of 28