Volume 2, Issue 7, page 8

November, 1955
body, thea ,,how can it be so stupid as to turn around
and afflict the body later with diseases,
The explanation. with reference to the shelterdemanding regressive diseases. appears to lie in the

The computation heriincis_:tbat':.it-iL '. tends
toward surer prolongation of existence, to develop
baby-like illnesses and thereby get care and attention, rather than to go out and buck the rough, hard
world. In order to obtain this care and attention, a
genuine ailment is necessary, so the subconscious duly
provides it;
Why is one a weakling in the first place? The
answer to this sometimes must be sought in the area of
heredity, though, more commonly, mother is -- quite nnintentionally-=at fault. Lack of duplicated demonstrations of genuine love, care, and affection for the
infant or the child will lead that infant or child in
the direction of the regressive diseases. This is the
desperate bid of the infant or the child for mother's
love, care, and shelter AT Al! PRICE.

Possibly too much mothering sometimes produces
the sane efect. This is not always the case. hawse=
er; often the psychiatric patient who i.e smotherloved as a child discloses deep resentment and anger
because he was never allowed to go and do things on
his own initiative-under his ern stems.

The aggressive diseases, on the other bend, are
clearly NOT primarily for the purpose of obtaining
care, love, or sympathy. These -- the high blood pressure type of disease generated by blocked rage. anger,