Volume 2, Issue 7, page 2

laid end to end, they mould be getting only what they deserve.

Anyone who has followed the trail
of Dianetics from one city to mothNOVEMBER, 1955 `P Voice of "The Infinites" for Vennus, Pluto, er knows has ineffective this "mine

" icy has been. students who
VOL NO. 7 Barth. Mars. Saturn, and Zydchuazruskehen. colpaid
*goo for earlier Dianet is courses and vere awarded "degrees" were
given to understand they were miditors -- that they had the data necessary to go out and help build a better bridge. Six months later, their
data was out-of-date. Today, there
are new in the "field" who have had
their courses "retreaded" so often
they hardly hare time between courses to earn and save enough to pay
for the neat "retread' coarse rlat
is just around the corner.

If Scientolo were pendent. weryons connected with it might rims=ably be aapected to be descnstrs,ting its perfection. The fact they
don't leeds to the obvious conclusion that a lot more reesareh is
necessary. And who is sere aspable
of this research than those who hive
been trained -- if the training for
which they paid large as is caapetent, usable training?
Bead !Presidia discovered electricity could be contacted; ffichsel Fara
day's researches made possible today's electric power; and 'Simon invented the incandescent lamp. Bed
these researchers set up autocratic
proprietary fences around their discoveries, what part would electricity be plaayyiinagg today in our electrified civilisation?
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