Volume 2, Issue 6, page 19

light of his article, probably in-answerable theological quibblin~
but unless one has a purpose in
parting frcm All into an identity
part, isn't living futile? If All is
stasis, questing forth is for what,
to begin with? Thus. could not All
be a growth process of adding completed unite? This seems a more
natural viewpoint in rclatieashi
and the goal of perfecting oneself
to me, since it adds incentive rather than a feeling that one merely
returns to one's starting point...
Oh, well...
"I disagree thoroughly with a
point in l:athison's art cle...l'athison menticns,in his article on 'Four
Rules of hirecle Foaling', that the
'kind and good' heart specialists
mostly die of-heart failure. at he
fails to inquire into and to inform
his readers about is the BACIGEGUIM
WHICH CZ= SR T !ted TO Bly E
PLACE. One ai it suspect that such
a career goes beck into emotic