Volume 2, Issue 6, page 18

times Genetic Ebtity) are fourth order beings. Such a :person can be
called also a 'person'. The person
socially known as Frederic IT. Hand,
who I feed, clothe, house, exercise,
and otherwise tend like the domestic
animal it apparently is, is a fourth
order being. I now consider myself
a being of third order, bucking for
promotion to second...Both you and
Dr.Walsh can consider this an appreciation of the article.
"Hubbard seems concerned only
with taking preclears to the point
of stable exterior, which is less
than half way through. What happens
after that he does not say. Are we
supposed to guess? or stop? I think
it say yet prove a disaster for Hubbard twat he pitched his original
argument to attract research-minded
people. These are the sort who are
not locking for something to believe
in but for something to solve, to
find out. They will not rest at any
point until the whole discoverable
field is mapped...
'Ca,thison s article has a good
corrective for the overeweeping generality of "All -- is caused entirely by -- ". His description of theta
visio should be validating to those
who feel a little inferior because
their visio isn't as brt and
clear as they've been taught to expect it to be. Likewise the point
about the cumulative effect of duplication. hirch work is being done
and still needs doing on this sort
of thing...
'!Ruffles: Usually I can't understand Dianetic and Scientological
allegories. I understood this one.
"Higher Goal, Lorkheat: A fine
presentation and elaboration of a
point I've also made. It's this that
keeps people with ideas as similar
as Hubbard, Coulter, i