Volume 2, Issue 6, page 16

tology, having always kept myself
very much on the fringe of both.
There seems to be no interest or activity here in Denver, or none that
I am aware of...
"I have spent the past 1$ months
testing some of the ideas of Mr. L.
E. Seman, also exploring zone thera-'
py, which I have found to be a useful adjunct, a way to help cases
move adjunct,
or to get them moving
at all. No engram can long succeed
in dodging my thumbs though the engramee often dodges as if the devil
was after him.
"As a result of work done, I have
come up with a system that is a
blending of the ideas of Seman and
Alexander. Among several virtues.
this one has the beautiful advantage
that no auditor is reqaired. Oh,
happy days: Results have been astonishingly good. It's all selfprocessing and I have been using it
to turn on the steam -- or maybe the
atom juice." -- Bob Williams, Denver.
(ID. OTE- Let's hear more of that
blending processing, Bob. Winter's
coming, and we may want to turn on
some steam down here, too.)
"The book, 'Synergetics: an Esriment in Haman Development', cones to attract interest despite
the fact that no attempts are being
made to advertise it. This is not
because we do not believe in advertising but because a rapid expansion
and development of the ideas and
tools of Synergetics is occurring
and we wish to incorporate as many
of these as possible in a definitive
presentation to the general public.
I am quite pleased to report that a
growing number of creative workers
are contributing to this development
so that the definitive presentation
will be a joint affair.
"A number of the newcomers to
Synergetics first learned of it
through your newsletter, for which
we thank you. We wish to state,
however, that a number of comments
and opinions are being made about
Synergetics by people who have not
yet read the book. As a result, a
surprising number of misconceptions
have arisen, which have been accepted even by people who are friendly
to our work. It seems to me only
fair to ask that people read the
book before forming an opinion about
Synergetics -- either pro or con...
"Project Nucleus continues to
move steadily onward. We are getting
more and more Human Study Groups,
but even more important is our drawing together as a conmunity. The
eexspperience of total contact with another human being is being felt by
more and more of us more and more
often, and it is indescribably delightful: For me, it is particularly
rewarding to receive reports from
other workers praising these tools
and expressing their enthusiasm...
"Recently, a development of major
importance has occurred. I refer to
'Operation Traverse', now being
applied in our Human Study Groups.
Operation Traverse marks anew departure in work methods. A lot of
The ABERREE, October, 1955
people have expressed the thought,
There are a lot of good tools
around but getting them used is a
problem'. eration Traverse is an
answer to that problem. In itself,
it produces no basically new tools;
its innovation is a Synergetically
designed program for using the
tools. My own experience with this
program -- and I have as yet only gone
one-third of the way through it personally -- has been that it has
brought me more insights in a shorter period of time with more reliability than anything I have yet
tried...The beauty of it is that it
is completely without Synergese. It
can be tried by the individual
alone, in coach-and-subject teams,
and in group work. For best results.
all three should be used.
"An added advantage is that it
can be used by an inexperienced
coach and will enable him to achieve
results as good as those of any professional in the broad field ofpin
tegration and psychotherapy...
"Synergetics.i.is still very young.
Our development will not be like
that of a psychological atom bomb,
the effects of which gradually peter
out. Rather, it will be like that
of living organism, quietly multiplying away by cell division, until
one day we will be mankind." -- Art
Cculter, Worthington, Ohio
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so a lot of us could afford it."