Plowing Up the Field

The ABERREE, Octobers 1955
Sid Twambly, o her address changing Schenectady, LT.. to the Arisoma capital. Lich defensive remerk seems to have some sort of significance, but we don't know what...
limns Farber of Los Angeles sent us
~~ /~ a -day group processing progsem
~%~• of his Forum of Let's Pretend, and a
new address. Why not a report on how
many attended and what results you
got, Evans?. The long. long silence
of A.J.S. Mddillan, intrepid British
-publisher. has been explained. He
was at Cornwall. mad "the best weath~` 4 ¢ er in years" voided his resolve to
11 7d 't~ 'r, j :' answer theflock"of letters he took
along...And while we're on the subp ect of gF~land. CIR!'AIHTT, published
C1~~-, ` +~ T ~'!~ '~ y the Leaden HASI. has been serialisingebmi1of "Arrival klar§§" lately.
For example: Vol. 2, No. b reports
"Scientology Comes to Stay". No. 7
says L. Ron Hibbard is ted in
Plowing Up thQ Field. London r -- and No. declares
ari—aiie re " e atly". W can
'hid has two daily papers. but it was was in Thur 's editiam -- omi an
hour after the tember ABM= had
been printed-4M we learned of
Dick ' daWUe's iaOn
IM—pre""M—us Sunday, to Mrs t
Belgreno Van roman, in
this is the October issue. it'll be
pretty stale news to Dick and Margierat, but our good wishes are fresh.
ssaa~~yywwaayy ..If Join Skinner ever gets to
Oklahoma, anT—the natives learn he
credited Abe Lincoln with the quote.
"I never met amen I didn't like".
in his ARC-AID, he'd better have his
shootin' irons oiled. Everyone in
Oklahoma knows Will Rogers authored
that statement -- not Lincoln. Ben
Franklin or Bill Shearspake..More
then two years ago, Detroit cops
Refs Pbstel and Marl Cunard
or tdeach— ng c en Colo® wl i~fioatfhe
license they'd been told they didn't
need. They were placed on probation.
and Earl moved to Oklahoma. where he
is now employed on a fara near Crescent. The other day. Earl. beaming
all over, was displaying a notice
from the Detroit Department of Probation. advising him that now he was
a free san -- and sin no more. And
the notice itself shows bow far out
of present time is the said Department of Probation. It was dated Oct.
15. 1951. but mailed Aug. 11, 1955.

Orlando, Fla. let him dawn. Clem
Johnson moans or whatever ITT
~•ste do) in h s latest issue of
u, (HOST -- so he. like the HASI before him, is moving. Henceforth. The
GHOST and Clem's school, Southeastern Scientology, will be housed in
, Fla., and Orlando will be
1 in the hands of Clam's former
classmate, Dr. P. D. &Pier, whom
Clem recommends very highly. And so.
once again Opening a (moving
from one spot to anotberjerases an
(such as a $75,000 libel
stat -or does it?...)Snlca Macomber.
who's left her haunts in rboen.x—"~' o
return to San Diego where her father
is seriously ill, admits she's committed the blasphemy of all time by
going to work as a nurse in= osteo,athic hospital. Worst of all,
she s becoming a convert...
"Well. I like Phoenix," writes
hardly wait for No.9, due shortly...

Rev. Jim Welgos has a new book on
"Satisfactory Sex", which discusses
the subject rather frankly and thoroughly, and the Reverend Jim hopes
through sales of the book to introduce many newcomers to what he's doing in Fairhope...And we're warning
the ReverenddJim that he can expect
to get pumped (but not about sex)
when he stops in Enid on the start
of his westward lecturQ tour. For
full details, as Dr. 1i-11-19 says
elsewhere, keep tuned to this statian•..Phil Fren i and his endless
word gane have put in the A=Aa&
class—but it's the A in Alphia-the
A in Alice-the A in Aberree. It's a
throwback to our dig-latin days --
mya adorns, ilpha -- with a 1800 vector...Jim Pink}.. who once
it over the pat..every lect re- kinged
for-posterity section of the
. has anew love -- an electric
typewriter-on which sane of tomorrow's ing fiction nay be incubated... rcus Toole opened a
"Scientolo® ea re" sydney, Australia. one of the local newspapers.
TH, gave him almost a full page
of free publicity—complete with his
picture, quotes from his literature,
etc. All of which may mean a complete new face on the Scientological
picture in the "land down under",..

Since we were asked not to tell
more than t• of our readers, will
the other wt please skip this next
item? After about September 20, it
will be Mr.and Mrs. Ernest Pbpe -- and
not Ernie an Marjorie pp.the
bridggroam- o-be informs us. For a
honeymoon. the couple will be housebunting in Wilmington. Del., where
Ernie is being transferred from Rossville, Ga. These two have been leaders in Southeastern Dianeties circles since the first bock—4th Ath
anassonlis of Cairo is tatnng a 3
week vacation at Mersa-Matruh, near
Libya. Ath writes to tell of a visit had with Charles Wallach, formerly of Oklahoma City, aw with the
London embassy, and doing quite a
bit of tray i~~__in the. East...
We see by ABILiTY MAJOR £ "that Tom
Jefferson has joined their staff=
producing covers. And we thought

Mail Course Will
Certify Students
Who Want Basics
A correspondence course
in Scientology, aimed primarily for those who do not
intend to practice as professional auditors, is being
inaugurated the Scientology Guidance Center of North
Wilbraham, Mass., according
to Dr. Walter L. Hamilton,
the director.

The lessons, one of which
is mailed a month, are primarily for processing, and
the student is supposed to
spend a minimum of ten hours
both as pre-clear and auditor before he can receive
the next month's lesson. A
charge of $3 per month is
made for the course, and
upon graduation, the student
will be certified as an HBA
(Hubbard Basic Auditor).

The HBA course replaces,
but uses the same material
as was contained in the HCJI
correspondence course the
Center issued prior to Aug.
31. The change was made,
Dr. Hamilton said, because
of more rigid requirements
for those who wish to obtain HCA (Hubbard Certified
Auditor) certificates.

Although the HBA course
is meant for those not wishing to use Scientology on
an action level, Dr. Hamilton points out that "after
a student has the knowledge
of his extraordinary abilities, they'll just have to
use what they know on others, or invalidate their
third dynamic".
the running of past lives was out of
date...But in case it isn't, we want
to explain that anT imperfections in
the printing of this issue are to be
blamed on theg inability of Bill
BLake andb-jan tfi to rthemselves w our modern printing
processes. Next month, we're turning the jO over to John Gutenberg.

To the 12-a- ear cnitZsier who camylained that there has been no news
The ARMEN lately from Venus,
Mars, or "Zydo", the three planetary
correspondents were fired when they
si up for jobs in the new P.John
flea-etc. broom factories, soon
to be opened, in their respective
areas... liens Stone is trying to
sell her Pasadena Center again..

EVenM. er is moving back o
Idaho 1 is time more or less
pe=manenyis , says.