Volume 2, Issue 6, page 10

Russia's pyramidal bear bears on which she whips herself to the Satan's

In an examen of the court trials of
witches, we glean the followings
A witch cannot cry. Crying is a
feminine upflow. Men have few tears to

A witch wears red shoes. Red is
positive and a man's positive pole is at
his feet. A .witch is usu°Jly depicted
with a profuse turned-down nose, chin,
hairdo, and hat. She is skinny and boney
-- all masculine features.

A witch can change a field from one
side of the road to the other. This is
her ability to change her magnetic field
from negative to positive -- feminine to

A witch can change into a wolf. A
wolf is a dog, is a positive type.

A genuine witch has a point on her.
At her trial, this mark of Satan is sought
on her body. In her masculinity she has
pointed the void.

A_ woman is a witch if she sinks in
water. This is quite correct, since she
has changed from the lightness of feminine space to the heaviness of the point
of masculine matter.

Joan of Arc (John of Arc) was a boy
of girl witch who refused to shed her
boy's attire, even though it cost her her
life. She rode her horse even as a witch
rides her groom.

The punishment of a witch fits her
crime. Like a phoenix, she burns at the
stake, She is given the "hot foot" in
order to repel or redirect her flow back
up again. Retributions, like diseases,
are corrective measures.

A witch is a wick, is a wicked woman,
is a malefactor, isa which. A male witch
is called a warlock -- a man turned woman --
a Satan.

A witch derives her magic power by
living backwards, reversing her flow of
forces, pitting them against themselves.
Likes cleaving likes form an augmenting, catalytic zero, an "open sesame"
(sames) for images which she may mock up
in it.

Another aid to a witch's power is
her familiar, which is another similar,
which is a black cat -- a feline S line)
species. Wishing witches will their wicksicking

Japan ChiNa Nniva
In Japan's radiating circle, there
are an infinite number of angles, yet only
one angle of 3600, yet it is no angle.
Angles are angels and an infinite number
of them can stand on the point of a needle, concurrently. The angles or angelic
rays project out from the center until
they meet their likes, and the archangels
or arched angles are seen at the circumference returning back to the center. An
outburst is an inburst. Japan's sunburst
is a daisy. It is our Great Seal in plan
-- the greatest story ever told and the
only God story that can be told -- the selfsame story that varies only in the set of
symbols employed to live it.

South Korea is a Chi-Rho
of the male and female yangyin. Tilted against odds it
is a pawn for the Gods.

N Greece was a plus nation
that accentuated the importance of the perfect body.
The Greek discus thrower
shows that each must man
his own disc and discipline
(disc-ipline) or head his
own zero. The disc-ip-line
is the spiral line the disc (reece
travels to reach the apex.

The farther out it is thrown, the quicker
the prodigal disc returns, after hitting
rock bottom.

The Confederacy and many
of the Southern states X
rayed themselves.

T h e infinitesimal
drop of secretion that
the doctor presses out
from the breasts of a newborn infant is called
witch's milk. Obviously,
witch's milk is NO milk,
because a witch is a woman, masculinized. Her
right face is showing going down to the
left. Her broom is her new-found groom