Volume 2, Issue 6, page 9

The ABERREE, October, 1955
Nations Symbolize Their Future
zero. Lashed by the wind, the
lashes lashed Don Quixote, who in
turn lashed the lashes. Lash
against lash is like killing like.

The story of the Dutch boy who
staff. At half mast a flag is diagonally could plug the hole in the wall (well)
wilted. that could stop the material waters from
Liberty and Union or Freedom and overflowing is significant.

EgiA7ity is freedom from the leash (apron Hitler besmirched the
strings) of the mother, base and in goal Chinese swastika, the pluswith the lash of the father apex, in which
all are created equal, and all are likes cross of matter and of forin the likeness of God. tune, by turning it X-wise,
The Jack of cards, said mocking up his own demise.
to symbolize the Christ, is
the X-ing, is the Knave that
steals the physical body.
Thus, the Union Jack is union
and division.

The fleur-de-lis is a
floral phoenix. Heading from
the point above, it has X-ing
wings and legs, anchoring up- teriality. The fallen masculine hammer
turned claws and fanned tail and the risen feminine sickle are akin to
' the lash and the shepherd's crook -- simulfeathers, all of which are taneously building up and cutting down --
bound by a body. molding and shattering -- suckling and
The fasces symbolizes authority
and punishment -- union and division.
The common glyph for all Egyptian
deities is an axe -- an X. Division is
multiplication, is wrought by an axe,
The shamrock, a Malso soul tese cross, shows the sham of
materiality. Adam saw the
sham and was ashamed. ) \~
Canada's maple leaf is an
X-ing 1-ing formed by its petal
and venous structure. Fallen
leaves shrivel up, again to

Spain's diagonal spaces,
ered as a lingam per se, but as a symbol set in a plus, are showing the
of all the maledictions the world is heir physical lions (lines) going
to, and the homeopathic method of killing down to the left as the pyrthe body to save the soul -- that is, action amidal towers tear into the
against action, brother against brother. black sky.
Flags are flagel- The mills of the gods
latex. To lash is to grind slowly, but they grind exceeding
flog, is to flag, is to fine. That which exceeds fine is
render flaccid. Straps
are stripes. Our stars
and stripes are a fallout, a lash-out from the
phoenix or the zero ball surmounting the
FRESH plucked olive, so
black and bitter,
To stand for Peace, no fruit
is fitter,
For every Pax must wield its
On sweet physique,
may quit her.
eace, so simple, yet to follow,
Is a bitter pill to swallow.

The symbol of the lash is a
stiff staff, divided against itself into positive and negative
streamers. Although the lash is
phallic, it should not be considi.:'