Volume 2, Issue 6, page 3

The ABERREE October, 1955 3
Who Do You Think Are?
You create Thetans, To Know Scieritology,
Bodies, Viewpoints First Study "Thetan"
~r HODA WALSH. HD-. B.Sca., HU, Ph.D.

THE course of the playing of the
games of the physical universe involving Matter, Energy, Space, and
Time, the pre-clear has made mary agree- tans", for it is with theta and thetans
scents about the rules of the game. He has we are working when we apply Scientology.
created many Thetans and through them ex- As a carpenter is presumed to have some
perienced many spirals of beingness and, idea of what wood is before he begins to
countless activities. The Thetans have learn how to use his tools, we should
many different classifications of magni- learn the characteristics of thetans and
tude of operation. They are, however, all theta before we begin to find out what to
projections and creations of the pre-clear. do with them. Also, it is in this basic
The Thetan is a unit of IS which is heav- field that we find many of the points of
ily endowed by the pre-clear. It can cre- difference between Scientology and other
ate and destroy and endow and disendow "isms" and "Logics".
life force and function with great magni- The word itself, of course, is taken
tude of operation on its own. Thetans are from the Greek letter O. The symbol is
further inversions of IS, postulated into used in mathematics to designate infinity.

BEing by the pre-olear proper. They con- which is how long a line is when it has
tain inherent within them a postulate that no end, or how big a number gets when it
gives them mobility. They have a further gets bigger without end. It can also mean
downward shrinkingness from IS which gives "time without end" or "space without end"
them a further illusion of vastness of or a number of other things.

Space. Thus the Thetan is a symbol or a Now, this isn't exactly the meaning
relatively slight facsimiTe of the pre- in Scientology, although Ron has someclear who operates from his Orientation times talked as though it is. Really, a
Pointe pre-clear is not a Thetan, but thetan isn't necessarily infinite in any
is a The of far vaster magnitude o respect, although it can be infinite in a
p- number of ways. But is a handy symbol,
erative power. He is a creator of Thetans and bounds very scientific and precise,
who in turn create and operate Minds and which is the impression Ron was trying to